Facing the Reality: Based on the True Story of One Woman's Journey to Find Love in the Age of Hiv/Aids

Facing the Reality: Based on the True Story of One Woman's Journey to Find Love in the Age of Hiv/Aids

by C.J. Greene


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The HIV/AIDS epidemic is quietly and quickly taking hold. It threatens to destroy our healthcare systems and the lives of ordinary citizens all over the world. Twenty years from now there may be more than 100 million people infected with the AIDS virus and Syphillis in our society. These are diseases for which there is still NO CURE, and whose debilitating effects leave permanent scars on the lives of the victims. The healthcare crisis that is on the horizon is not being taken seriously enough by young adults, and that is exactly the reason why C.J. Greene has written her book: "Facing the Reality."

We can no longer ignore the "in your face" realities she presents in this book. Our future generations deserve a chance to live a better life than one of humiliation and shame. The once innocent children of our society are now being forced to mature faster than our minds can comprehend, with the most devastating consequences. It is up to morally conscious adults who care about humanity, to turn this epidemic around and give their children a chance to enjoy the wonders of childhood, without the threat of becoming homeless orphans raised in poverty.

By recalling the "Free Love" generation of the 1970's in which she became of age, and relating that time to the morally degenerate attitudes of some young people of today, C.J. Greene connects the past to the future, and shows us what might be, and what she hopes will be the fate of the generations to come. This book is a must read for anyone with children, or anyone who hopes to become a parent some day.

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ISBN-13: 9781434377319
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/04/2008
Pages: 322
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About the Author


Ms. C.J. Greene is a former singerdancer who grew up on Long Island in New York. She attended college at Long Island University, and graduated with a degree in Business Administrationbut a too early marriage, divorce, and pregnancy prevented her from pursuing her business career to its fullest in the early years of her professional life.

Writing has always been one of her greatest passions and she dreams of publishing more books about the challenges that young adults face in the "Age of Sexual Revolution", to help people understand how difficult the job of being a parent has become in this century in the face of our changing moral climate.

"Our world has changed so tremendously in the forty-something years since the 'Happy Days' and 'Father Knows Best' parenting of the 1960's," says Ms. Greene. "The innocence of childhood has been totally destroyed, and is being replaced with the unbridled, uncontrolled passions, confusion, and anger of youth gone wild. Parents have got to regain control of their children before it's too late."

Hopefully, this book will help.

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