Facts and Fictions about Immigrating To Canada

Facts and Fictions about Immigrating To Canada

by mohamed a elkord


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To those who are interested in immigrating to Canada issue, this book gives the information they need to know about :
_General outlook on Canada,
_Reasons to think to immigrate,
_The steps need to follow to apply for immigration ,
_ How to settle in Canada,
_How to open your own business ,
_The steps you need to do to involve in work,
_The way to upgrade your qualification,
_The way to have the Canadian work experience,
_How to live in safe and secured living,
_How to join schools, or universities.
_How to finance the cost of your education,
_What benefits you can gain from coming to live in Canada,
_What is the old age pension , the child benefit tax, and the welfare system,
_The Health care system,
_How to integrate positively with the Canadian society,
_The best way to live with peace in mind in Canada,
_Applying to gain the Canadian citizenship.
_How to raise your kids in Canada...
and much more

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ISBN-13: 9781482556339
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/09/2013
Pages: 218
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About the Author

Author wrote this book after living in Canada for two decades and get the chance to collect the information which are included in this book about the Canadian style of life , the experience that he and his family members encountered, and the different categories of immigrants to Canada encountered too.
As the author wrote this book he focused on the different situations can be faced in the route of life in Canada , and how the immigrant can make a top benefits of these situations , and how to avoid any troubles that can arise from misunderstanding the atmosphere of living there.
The most important issue that the new immigrant need to know it clearly is the opportunities of getting a job , so Author clearly wrote the information regarding this matter in details , where he mentioned the steps need to follow to open your business and the amount of money needed for every kind of business, also for those who planning to have job as employee they will find precise explanation that will lead to have the job you are qualified for .

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