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Faculty Development Workbook Bootcamp Module / Edition 1

Faculty Development Workbook Bootcamp Module / Edition 1

by Amy Solomon, Quantum Integrations

ISBN-10: 1418048003

ISBN-13: 9781418048006

Pub. Date: 11/20/2006

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Product Details

Cengage Learning
Publication date:
Faculty Development Workbook Ser.
Product dimensions:
8.50(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.30(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction     ix
An Overview of Instructor Responsibilities and Learning Theory     1
Learning Objectives     1
Introductory Questions     1
Overview     1
Suggested General Guidelines: Responsibilities of Instructors     2
Developing Understanding and Empathy for Students     4
Adult Learners in a Nutshell     5
General Strategies for Incorporating Students' Life Experiences     6
General Strategies for Acknowledging Students' Past Educational Experiences     6
General Strategies for Supporting Different Learning and Cognitive Styles     7
General Strategies for Respecting Adults' Responsibilities     7
General Strategies for Supporting Students' Goals     8
General Strategies for Supporting Students' Financial Investments     9
General Strategies for Encouraging Autonomy     9
General Strategies for Making Information Relevant and Practical     10
General Strategies for Using Effective Learning Methods     10
A Few Don'ts for Instructors of Adults     14
Selected Educational Theories for the Adult Learner     14
General Strategies for Visual Learners     15
General Strategies for Developing Visual Learning Skills     15
General Strategies for Auditory Learners     15
General Strategies for Developing Auditory Learning Skills     16
General Strategies for Kinesthetic Learners     16
General Strategies for Developing Kinesthetic Learning Skills     16
Essential Skills for Workplace Success     21
Learning Activities     22
Learning Objectives Revisited     24
Steps to Achieve Unmet Objectives     24
Summary     24
Instructor Improvement Plan     25
Professional Development Portfolio Elements     25
Activity Files     26
Preparing to Teach and the First Days of Class     43
Learning Objectives     43
Introductory Questions     43
Overview     44
Suggested General Guidelines: Preparation and the First Day of Class     44
Administrative Paperwork     45
Textbook Selection and Review     46
General Strategies for Textbook Selection and Review     46
Development of Course Materials     47
General Strategies for Developing the Syllabus     48
General Strategies for Developing Effective Handouts     48
General Strategies for Developing Learning Activities      49
Grade Book Organization     50
General Strategies for Developing and Maintaining a Grade Book     50
Equipment, Facility, and Instructional Technologies     52
General Strategies for Obtaining and Using Instructional Equipment     52
The First Day of Class     52
General Strategies for Having a Successful First Day     52
General Strategies for Organizing for the First Day     53
Learning Activities     58
Learning Objectives Revisited     59
Steps to Achieve Unmet Objectives     59
Summary     60
Instructor Improvement Plan     60
Professional Development Portfolio Elements     60
Activity Files     61
The Day-to-Day Classroom Environment     69
Learning Objectives     69
Introductory Questions     69
Overview     69
Suggested General Guidelines: Importance of Day-to-Day Classroom Operations     70
Establish Rapport     71
General Strategies for Establishing Rapport     71
Be an Excellent Lecturer     72
General Strategies for Delivering Effective Lectures     72
General Strategies for Using Lecture Effectively     73
Be an Excellent Communicator     78
General Strategies for Developing Listening Skills     78
Effective Questioning     80
General Strategies for Effective Questioning     81
Facilitating Discussion     83
General Strategies for Facilitating Discussion     83
Conflict Resolution     87
General Strategies for Resolving Conflict     88
Using Active Learning Techniques     89
General Strategies for Using Active Learning Techniques     91
Learning Activities     96
Learning Objectives Revisited     98
Steps to Achieve Unmet Objectives     98
Summary     98
Instructor Improvement Plan     99
Professional Development Portfolio Elements     99
Activity Files     100
Grading and Assessment     105
Learning Objectives     105
Introductory Questions     105
Overview     105
Suggested General Guidelines: Assessment and Evaluation of the Adult Learner     106
General Strategies for Using Assessment     106
Providing Effective Feedback     113
General Strategies for Providing Feedback     114
Building Assessment Tools      116
Grading Policies     128
General Strategies for Establishing Equitable and Fair Grading Policies     129
General Strategies for Reducing Grade-Related Complaints     130
Promoting Academic Integrity     132
General Strategies for Promoting Academic Integrity     132
Learning Activities     134
Learning Objectives Revisited     137
Steps to Achieve Unmet Objectives     137
Summary     137
Instructor Improvement Plan     138
Professional Development Portfolio Elements     138
Activity Files     139
Effective Classroom Management Strategies     145
Learning Objectives     145
Introductory Questions     145
Overview     145
Suggested General Guidelines: Selecting Classroom Management Strategies     146
Student Motivation     147
General Strategies for Promoting a Positive Self-Concept     147
General Strategies for Developing Positive Student Attitudes     148
General Strategies for Creating Personal Relevance     149
General Strategies for Setting the Tone of the Course     150
Safe Learning Environments     152
General Strategies for Creating a Safe Learning Environment     152
Problem Behaviors     154
General Strategies for Working with the Nonparticipating Student     155
General Strategies for Working with the Student Who "Knows It All"     156
General Strategies for Working with the Student Who Rambles     158
General Strategies for Working with the Belligerent Student     159
General Strategies for Working with the Complaining Student     160
General Strategies for Working with the Habitually Tardy Student     162
General Strategies for Working with Overly Talkative Students     163
Supporting Your Institution     164
General Strategies for Supporting the Institution     165
Learning Activities     166
Learning Objectives Revisited     168
Steps to Achieve Unmet Objectives     168
Summary     168
Instructor Improvement Plan     169
Professional Development Portfolio Elements     169
Activity Files     170
Instructor Improvement Plan     177
Professional Development Portfolio     180
Assessment Questions     184
Assessment Answer Key     189
References     193
Resources      194

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