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Faded Clarity

Faded Clarity

by Arthur Bush


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This book is a look at the journey of the life of Arthur Bush. These are poems that have traveled from the age of 16 to now that have never decreased in value but increased in life lessons. Timesless in form.

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ISBN-13: 9781481749138
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/02/2013
Pages: 108
Sales rank: 1,158,198
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Copyright © 2013 Arthur Bush
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-4913-8


Faded Clarity

* * *

It wasn't until the picture was faded that I saw its clarity
Life's paintbrush revealed forever in colors
Galloping across the canvas was true love being discovered
It's hard to understand a painting in its beginning stages
Sometimes, just as hard as a finished product
But walk away and return, and you'll find something
you're proud of
Colored powder unrestrained power
I miss you and didn't know this moment would arrive
I feel deprived
Deprived of the moments that have vanished from our lives
But love is still love even under any other identity.


* * *

Listen closely as I tell you all about the composure of love
The exposure, the explosion trapped in a vision
The precision relates to a nile of rhythm
Swiftly but silently captures all thought
The heart is centered on the bass line of jazz
Beating with class but no abuse has taken place
Love inhales all compatibility and exhales all hate
Opens the gate to magnetism and accepts all cries
Who really dies if love exists and cures all wounds
Strings the harp, keys the piano and recites poetry
The flow would be a touch of currency indefinitely
Man versus woman no rivalry or supremacy
Politically this emotion should be extinct or abandoned
Loss forever embedded in quicksand steadily sinking
But please, someone tell me, who can destroy something
so beautiful

Migraine Conversation

* * *

Sometimes Times Reality Explodes Seeming Stressful
Causing painful anxieties
Releasing anger's possibilities
Showing hatred's hostility toward love
I can accept the challenge of anything
Including life
But what tears me apart is that life has many warriors
Not equipped for battle but for people
Do you know evil
Could I be a modern day Job experiencing loss
But of sanity who's behind it all
Some days I don't know if I can continue
No matter what's on the menu
But you get what you order
I know that I'm a man
But I don't feel that I am he
Man spelled backwards adding the E
Lose identity with sinful tendencies
The artist presently known as me
The one believing that not only is sin my enemy
But me in me, hence fertilizing sin internally
Becoming me from the inside out tells the story
So what do I feed my mental modem
The Holy Scriptures? I have to do more than quote them
I have to know them
All that I'm seeking is peace
The peace of trees, the peace of a breeze
The peace of a piano, the peace of the preamble
The peace of the dream king had
The peace of my conception between my mom and dad
I need peace so that I can be released
From the captivity of sin that causes migraines
And aches heads
I feel I should be doing so much more
What is the purpose of life
To become a man, go to college, get a wife
And then to die That can't be right
But if I live for the true purpose in life
Maybe one day it'll be everlasting
And I'll never have to sin again
The question is, what is the purpose of life

She Dances

* * *

She wore a subtle colorful dress in the summertime
Resembling her personality
With her conversation underlined
Secretly Intelligent words always relevant
And to gain your attention she's never hesitant
She travels from Chicago to L.A.
All in one day
And neither one is what she will portray
Angels don't dance with the Devil
But the Devil will try to dance with an angel
So, she dances

Tadpole Theory

* * *

One Saturday evening walking along the shore
Thinking of the things I didn't want to handle anymore
I decided to travel to the bottom of the sea
To see the inside of me that was deteriorating rapidly
And it wasn't haphazardly or casually
I needed to see what was happening to me
Down there I saw the bones of a 16 year old female
Who had taken her life because her father's molestation
Attempts didn't fail
And on her bones were written the story of a little girls ride
The pride she hid inside to create the suicide
Now hard to hide
I also saw underwater the tears of a man about my age
Afraid to turn the page of the life that he had made
So he decided to jump and pump large portions of water
Into his lungs
Until he left the world the way he brought in his son
I can still hear the song his soul sung
Passing by this time was a creature I've never seen
Traveling as low as a submarine
Skin as shiny as a tambourine and as old as the evergreens
Ageless and cage less
He has seen life in so many different stages
Hadn't shown his face since the day of the flood
His tail covered in mud eyes the color of blood
Being surrounded by death I realized I was dead
In a pool of skeletons and fossils
How was this possible I was unstoppable
Had the mental strength of a New York park bench
For the first time my heart flinched
I went down to my knees as they sunk into the clay
As if to stay
My bones became so fragile ready to decay
Accepting my position to live with the fish
And I wasn't fishing
I'm even losing my vision
This snake told me my problem in life
Was that I always slipped through
When I thought I was being attacked
I wasn't because the bullets missed you
So did I really have an issue
And here I lay in the clay that forms man
But I think I'll rise to the top
And place my two footprints in the sand

These Steps

Some were broken, but a sitting foundation for many
These steps hold stories that were seen and foreseen
The lives they saw were plenty, from childhood to adulthood
Forgotten, but if they could talk, they would remember
Remember the rope jumping in front of them
The childish songs sung on them and families
Divorces, separation, battered kids, welfare
Bragging, nagging, tattle tellers, black people
What about little Thelma, that sat there all summer
She talked about boys to her friends and how she hated them
She ran up and down these steps every day that she lived
Now she's older, much older and still sits there
She hated momma's work, when she cleaned, cooked, and swept
But now that house is her home and so are These Steps
And she sweeps them

The Man in My Mind

* * *

He's the most underpaid, overworking, and never sleeping
Person who is actually unemployed
Nobody hired him, but I invented him
And now his whole life is destroyed
When I was born he was put on a timesheet
And began to do all my thinking for me
He had to think about why I am urinating on myself
Why when I cry someone runs to give me help
When I slept he had to orchestrate dreams
He had to tell my body to turn from side to side
When morning came, he had to wake me up
And to let people know, he had to make me cry
He had the ultimate job as I got older
That was to tell me what to say to girls
Also to tell me what to say when talking back to my parents
And how to deal with the enemy when I go out into the world
I try to tell him to slow down, don't work too hard
But who am I talking to when he told me to say that
Well, one thing about it, he'll continue working every day
I feel the need to give him a raise, but I can't give him a day off
He's the only man who hasn't eaten in days,
and he's never fallen off
He gets tense, he lets me know when he's going insane
You're wondering how do I know, well the doctor call it
He's referred to as my third eye, my mental father
If I could help him now, I would try
My only promise to him is that I'll give him his vacation
But he'll have to wait until the day that I die

Old Man on the Corner

* * *

He looks through the eyes of wisdom
Tell all who will listen of his pathways
Could it be that he's authentic
Or is he telling you the good of his bad days
The corner's not his home, he just sits there
He says he's wiped the sweat of the work he did
Took orders from the highest man in the land
He's bent over backwards but not for money
Shoveled with a broken hand just to still be a man
The corner's not his home, he just sits there
No audience for his words, just a few will hear
Of how a person fighting death can live with no tears
The corner is not his home, he just sits there in fear
To tell at least one person, this corner wasn't always here

Love, The Aboriginal

* * *

It was a though it was a message in a bottle
It had traveled along the shores of wisdom
Looking for a home, a place to dwell
When found it will be worshipped more than Taoism

Little Lisa found the bottle all on her own
Never took the time to look inside
Waited until her teens to explore the world
Its message or purpose she could no longer hide
Love was here from the beginning
The question is, were there words on the paper
Or was that empty paper with no words the meaning of it all
Nonetheless, whatever Lisa saw
Changed her life like the Apostle Paul
Love was here from the beginning
It was the beginning of her life
What she learned gave her a new start
You may find a person to fall in love with
But don't wait for years to find out what's in their heart
Love was there from the beginning

They all Should Have Been Black

* * *

My first grade teacher
Should've been black
Because that year she failed me, I want that year back
My third grade PE coach
Should've been black
I couldn't afford the PE uniform and the brother would've
understood that
That store owner who caught me stealing Now and Laters
Should've been black
Maybe he would've let me eat half and put the rest back
My first girlfriend
Should've been black
Because when we got on the bus, we both could've sat at the back
The first singer I ever heard
Should've been black
No one on Sesame Street could sing a tap
My first interview for a job
I wish that man was black
He didn't look at my app and didn't know my name,
but said he'll call back
The first face that I saw on a dollar bill
Should've been black
And maybe I wouldn't spend like that
I was on my way home, eighteen, and speed was something I
wasn't looking at
And got my first speeding ticket and he was BLACK

Noah's Cry

* * *

Do you think that I built that ark
From my heart
So that you could hate one another
And call it Racism
Do you think for one second that I had my family sweating
So that slavery could exist
I didn't walk the earth to tell people it would rain
When they had never seen rain
So that you could smoke crack, become prostitutes
Drop out of school and blame your life on your teachers
I cut trees down
There were no chain saws
So I did that so that you could use thread for drawers and
accept ones
And when your babies are created from you lewd sex acts
You want an abortion
When I was building this wooden hotel
I never thought I would see the day
When a sixteen year old walk the streets with two babies
Two welfare checks and two insurance policies
What do you think held the ark together, nails
How did we make them? WE WORKED
As the years rolled by, we were criticized
For believing in God but we still worked hard
For forty days and forty nights we lived with animals
And half of you can't live with each other; broken families
So we worked for adultery, weed, hate
Pornography, the Internet, child abuse, unwanted pregnancy,
Homosexuality and the LA riots
So that's what we worked for
And all the while I thought we worked to preserve mankind
So that he could worship God
Have happy families and make disciples
Love each other, really love each other. That's what I thought;
... But
I guess I was wrong.

Cotton Heart

* * *

Ocean tide driven emotions
Moonlight thoughts shining from my heart
Pearl glistening eyesight enhancing by the second
And two hearts attached together that can't be torn apart
What's inside is the greatest swim in the smoothest waters
Each heartbeat sends off its own wave
Returning it to the sender wrapped in sensitivity
Each beat penetrates the protective shield of loneliness
Absorbs the incoming feelings of the target's personality
And covers its heart with cotton. This is love

Examining, My Feelings Daily

* * *

From Genesis to Revelations
There were billions of situations
That resembles the testing of patience
The deeper you feel about an isolated moment
You leave yourself vulnerable to emotional torment
Exposing who you are reveals your innocence
Displaying your weaknesses
To be targeted and no one will miss
If I tell you that I love you
I'm only verbally hugging you
But life is teaching me that smothers you
And in return I don't get the attention that others do
Less is more
Our friendship should be gauged on how true we are
to one another
The second one feels he can't trust the other
We're no longer friends
We're just friendly brothers
A chipped diamond loses its purity
True friends should be together til death til the end
So if we've met and we're no longer together
We're not friends
Less is more
Marriage is the only contract not composed by mankind
Which means by breaking it
Your run the risk of serving serious time
Possibly forever
So people stay together
But the greatest crime is to break this heart of mine
And expect me to absorb it by using the contract I signed
Not feeding my sexual appetite
But showing me how I could be fed
Which makes it difficult for me to believe anything that
You say or have said
To receive the majority from your marriage
Your mate should be your priority
Not a minority
I could go further but less is more


* * *

I found your love hiding
Inside the guitar strings of BB King and the words Phyllis
Hyman used to sing
I was thinking
The thrill is not gone
Because I haven't committed suicide
Or I haven't physically died
Because of thoughts of you
Entering my mind as often as they do I'm in a good mood
This high is laced with visions of your eyes
And how my heart would rise
When it beats twice
At the same time
Just because you have yet to meet my God
But we're at the Promise Land
So that's not going to be that hard
I'm focused on what you're doing with me
I mean inside of me
You entered through my eyes
Geographically connected with my eardrums when you spoke
And headed to my heart
You passed through my intestines
Forcing me to choke
Finally reaching my heart
And I didn't want you to leave from it
But some way, some how
You made your way to my stomach
And to my spine
You had a hand full of butterflies
And I had no pillars
And didn't care to
This is all too fast
Which means it might not last
And I'll be tripping over my past
So the question is
Where do we stand right now

Love Will Always Reveal Itself

* * *

Being in Love is the greatest emotion to experience
When it's true love not under a false pretense
You can actually see the future
In the initial stages of a relationship
Emotions are invisibly combating each for your attention
Which is why you mention them all the time
And you call it love
But it's not that easy to encounter
When you're referring to the emotion that describes God
Those feelings at the beginning are secret agents disguised as love
Deployed for temporary satisfaction to be enjoyed
That's what you're feeling so you speak on it
But love does not need anyone to speak for it
Love will always reveal itself
It requires work
The work of a slave's hand, maid's hands
The chiseling of a caveman
Sex is making love but it doesn't make love
Its one element amongst thousands used to build the foundation of
the beautiful emotion
But your devotion to making it work is the water in the cement
Solidifying the floors surrounded by 2 by fours
Because were distracted by the worlds contractors
We make excuses for what we're building
Overlooking the true factors
Love has been there the whole time
And one day you're going to be sitting there
Usually at your weakest point with no strength left
Seemingly out of breath and then it will reveal itself
And I pray for you
That you recognize it

My Thought Process

* * *

Every invented thought fights for survival
If it's dressed in peace
Releasing captive angers located in hidden chambers
Built for beasts
When one thought is dressing
Another is getting a bald fade
While yet another carries the ball and chain of 12 slaves
Digging small graves
Trying to walk the path that Paul paved
I hate telling what I'm thinking exploiting their secrecy
Like some battered child praying for better nights
Cries scattered wild surviving shelter fights
They often visit empty valleys
But most frequently empty bedrooms searching for riots
Google can't supply it
So they analyze painful blues songs written for memories
Evidently they're a top secret navy seal team moving
right under the radar
Traveling by night with bright stars led by a
missionary named Edgar
Because my strength is what's keeping me alive
Powered by a well-known source
Multiple times during the day altars my course
I understand what my brother wanted to do
His final decision is the issue
It's all a process


Excerpted from FADED CLARITY by ARTHUR BUSH. Copyright © 2013 Arthur Bush. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Faded Clarity....................     1     

Beethoven....................     3     

Migraine Conversation....................     5     

She Dances....................     9     

Tadpole Theory....................     11     

These Steps....................     15     

The Man in My Mind....................     17     

Old Man on the Corner....................     21     

Love, The Aboriginal....................     23     

They all Should Have Been Black....................     25     

Noah's Cry....................     29     

Cotton Heart....................     33     

Examining, My Feelings Daily....................     35     

Honesty....................     39     

Love Will Always Reveal Itself....................     43     

My Thought Process....................     47     

Running Water....................     51     

She Speaks....................     53     

Green Grass Grows Thick....................     57     

Clogged Arteries....................     59     

I'm writing instead of fighting....................     63     

Drunken Poet....................     67     

Accepting Reality or A Color....................     69     

What Lies Beneath the Seams....................     71     

One Day you realize....................     73     

Could I Be Wrong Questions Of Doubt....................     81     

Stance....................     85     

I Walk a Fine Line....................     87     

I Love You, I Will Always Love You....................     91     

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