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One veil . . . Five worlds.

One veil keeps the human world separate from the Fae born. Some believe it's safer this way. That magic and mundane simply shouldn't mix. But what happens when worlds collide, and the veil is crossed? Or worse, broken?

Fae Worlds is a limited edition fantasy romance anthology featuring five unique and NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED novellas ranging from sweet and playful, to downright dark and dangerous.

Travel to diverse new worlds of magic and possibility, danger and desire, brought to you by five best-selling and authors. Cross the Veil. Find the magic.

The Enchanted One - Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Night Bloomers - Jillian Stone
Forbidden Hearts - Lisa Kessler
The Hidden War - Marie Andreas
Lost Boys Bar and Grill - C.C. Dowling

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BN ID: 2940159157010
Publisher: GothicScapes
Publication date: 06/04/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 549,831
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

We've got Fae . . . and they're not all wings and roses.

If you love fantasy and romance, sweetness and danger, dragons, magic, and the challenges of dark Fae vs light Fae, then we've got stories for you . . . with titles like:

The Enchanted One - Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Night Bloomers - Jillian Stone
Forbidden Hearts - Lisa Kessler
The Hidden War - Marie Andreas
Lost Boys Bar and Grill - C.C. Dowling

Join us in Faerie, where nothing is as it seems and the Veil hides secrets. Try the magic.

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Fae Worlds 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Simplistic. Good for a quick read at home or at the beach. No heavy plots. Same story told over and ovee.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
Five brand new well-written fantasy romance novellas! Fae Worlds is a limited-edition collection of five brand new fantasy romance novellas. Boxed sets are usually a mixed bag for me. I’m happy to say that I enjoyed each of the stories within this boxed set. Here’s a very brief synopsis of what is included along with a favorite quote from each: 1) The Enchanted One by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom Set in Ireland, Teryn Amelia Clark, an American heiress of Veil Cottage, and Aedan, a gorgeous and mysterious guardian of the veil between the realms, face a contingent of dark beings in a harrowing adventure. Keep your eyes out for dragons in this tale! Finding her soul would be a good thing if she had somehow misplaced it. 2) Night Bloomers by Jillian Stone Set in the vicinity of Paradox Lake in the Adirondacks, Elsbeth Moonflower and Deputy Sheriff Owen Brady are granted a second chance at love as their paths cross again when the Sheriff is assigned to investigate the mysterious death of a developer. “If someone had told me I’d be attracted to a quirky girl who hangs out with faeries, I would have told them to check themselves into the psych center in Albany.” 3) Forbidden Hearts by Lisa Kessler Lisa weaves an often humorous tale of sprites, selkies and love’s magic. Fairy Princess Kathryn has been raised knowing that her life is to be sacrificed to save her people. Desiring a last fling before she meets her fate, Kathryn traverses the veil to attend a Comic-Con where she meets Scott Jones, who works at a Jiffy Lube in La Mesa and likes working out at the gym and gaming. Once she discovers Scott, she can’t help but wonder if things could be different… She wet her lips, her voice a little breathless. “No one has ever touched my wings before.” He blinked. Did I just do something… intimate?” A grin brightened her face. “Not exactly, but in my world, if my father had seen you touch them, we would be betrothed.” 4) The Hidden War by Marie Andreas Set in the country of Cadair, Eladrea and Conall embark on a perilous journey to investigate the mystifying disappearance of entire villages emptied of their citizens. This tale is teeming with secrets, action and danger. “You don’t stop a hungry bear the same way you’d stop a snake.” 5) Lost Boys Bar and Grill by C.C. Dowling Fairy royalty Naevenalary Valedionna and ex-military Deryk star in a unique tale of good versus evil. “Everything I’ve read about Peter Pan is clearly wrong.” Fae Worlds is delightful anthology of well-written and interesting paranormal novellas. None of the stories are linked to the others other than each encompasses faeries in some way. There’s not a bad tale in the bunch, though I will admit that I loved some more than others. Not only are there fae, but there are also dragons, sprites, selkies and elves. LOL! Peter Pan and the Lost Boys even make an appearance! If you enjoy fae tales as I do, I would encourage you to grab this set at its bargain price while you can, and be prepared to be swept away into five magical journeys.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
There are five separate novellas in this collection, all linked by the overarching theme of Fae Worlds. The authors have each created their own distinct worlds and none of the stories are directly linked to any of the others. They’re each brilliant reads in their own rights, just what I’d anticipated from the authors whose work I’ve enjoyed previously and reading them all has now introduced me to other new-to-me authors who I’ll definitely be looking out for in future! If you enjoy fun fairy tales for adults filled with magic, adventure and romance, you’ll probably love these as much as I did! The novellas are: The Enchanted One by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom - Brilliant start for the collection with an unexpected inheritance from a grandmother you were unaware of leading to adventures in Ireland including danger, battles and even dragons! Night Bloomers by Jillian Stone - As Deputy Sheriff Owen Brady starts to investigate the death of a local entrepreneur he discovers rumours and myths sometimes are rooted in fact. Get ready for Fae encounters with a difference! Forbidden Hearts by Lisa Kessler - When a faerie princess ventures into a Comic Con, she’s in for a big surprise as she encounters all the folk in character costumes, meets a warrior and discovers she really doesn’t want to be a sacrificial offering. Can she change her fate now she’s met her true love? A beautiful adventure starring a water sprite and a selkie. The Hidden War by Marie Andreas - When whole villages are being mysteriously emptied of their citizens, dangers threaten everyone. Eladrea had been in one such village and was the only survivor. Now the mysterious disappearances are starting again, can she lead a small band of warriors to thwart the threats? An action packed, perilous journey with danger all around, secrets to be revealed and love to be found! Lost Boys Bar and Grill by C.C. Dowling - Definitely different alternative Fae adventure involving Peter Pan and the Lost Boys and battles between good and evil to rule the Fae. Definitely enjoyed this but don’t want to say anything to spoil it for you! So impressed with the caliber of all these stories - what a highly talented group of authors! I have no idea if any of the authors intend developing their individual Fae worlds further in future books but have to admit that I hope so. Each story had well developed characters, an intriguing and very different plot together with scenarios that take the reader into these Fae worlds. Congratulations to all the authors for putting together such a great collection. I have no hesitation in highly recommending it to anyone who enjoys well written paranormal stories! I requested and was given a copy of this anthology with no obligation. This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read all five stories in it.
thicks More than 1 year ago
What's not to love about this boxset, Fae, magic, and hea's. There are 5 stories. Each one unique stories that will take you willingly into their world. I did read and enjoy each one. Awesome authors with great stories filled with action and characters you will want more of. The Enchanted One tells the story of a girl who has no knowledge of her past or the lady who leaves her a home. This is a great story filled with twist and action and of course love. Night Bloomers - She is the girl Owen has always wanted but she can't forgive what he did in high school. He has no idea what she does out there on her property but he does know he wants her. She needs his help and as an officer of the law he's in the perfect position to do just that. Forbidden Hearts - One of my favorite authors so I may be biased but I loved this story about a girl, ok not just a girl but she arrives and meets a guy. Yeah sounds like a punch line but it's so much more. Excitement and love and crossing boundaries and claiming. Deep sigh great read The Hidden War - Someone or something is killing/wiping out entire villages. Someone has to find out why and that leads to so much more. This is an exciting journey and adventure that leads to so much more than expected. Lost Boys Bar & Grill - She came looking for Peter, and found him. He didn't stop until he reclaimed her. Light battles darkness for more than life.
PenKay More than 1 year ago
I have a love/hate relationship with boxed sets in general. I love that we get to read authors we might not have before because there is a favorite author in the set, and I hate that I add more books to my already out-of-control TBR pile. This set is the same. I read the set because of one author, and now I have others I need to check out. I loved all the stories, expect for one which I really just liked. There was nothing wrong with it; it just wasn’t my type of story. However, I did read it, and it was well-written and interesting. All the stories were well-written, and I feel all the authors did a great job highlighting their writing skills. Why don’t I talk specific stories? I don’t like to rate individual stories in a set because I think the rating should be for it overall. Readers sometimes will be turned off if one story isn’t good, and I think that’s a shame because there is almost always a great deal of greatness in sets. Anyway, if you love fae, get this set and prepare to be dazzled! Highly recommend! I was provided a complimentary copy of the e-book which I reviewed voluntarily.
cherigCG More than 1 year ago
An amazing collection of Fairyland and those who inhabit it. Great chance to read stories from old and new to you authors. A sample is from Linda Thomas-Sundstrom. THE ENCHANTED ONE What would you do if you received a letter from a grandmother you didn't know and weren't sure about? What if that letter gave you the chance to go to Ireland? Would you go? Teryn did. She arrived in at a secluded very Irish cottage. Too late to do much with no electricity she tires to go to bed. She is sure she is visited by someone she just doesn't know who--or what. Such is the beginning of her entrance into the Fae World and how she is connected. There will be fantasies, dark beings and a world she is unprepared to see. The surprise is increased when she meets a gorgeous man who looks at her with desire while trying to send her away. Staying could be dangerous and rewarding. What will she do? You'll get to meet a world of fae creatures and experience a love few find, characters you will cheer on and a hard fought for future. Don't miss this story and the rest in this five-story set.