Faery Sight

Faery Sight

by Patricia Bossano


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At seventeen, the realm of faerie is the only world Celeste knows, and she aspires to become as close to a faery as a human may. But daunting revelations made by her dying mother knock her plans off course. Orphaned and anxious to establish where she fits in, Celeste’s convictions waver.

Is she the human princess her mother raised her to be, or is she the human faery she longs to become? Is she to avenge the wrongs done to her parents by an evil sorceress? Is she to honor a betrothal she’s known nothing about? Or should she keep at the side of the true love that recently walked into her life?

Celeste chooses to be the avenger of her parents, even if it means having to acknowledge her rightful place in the human dimension.

Urged by the faery, Nahia, and championed by the faerie court and her true love, Celeste sets out to expose the deceitful sorceress, Arantxa. She trusts that nothing can keep her from returning to the realm of faerie, nothing that is, until the identity of her betrothed becomes known.

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ISBN-13: 9780595482405
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/27/2009
Pages: 268
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.61(d)
Age Range: 9 - 11 Years

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Glamorous Girlhood

Chapter 2: A Personal History

Chapter 3: Glamorous Fifteen

Chapter 4: A Son’s Duty

Chapter 5: A Journey Of The Heart

Chapter 6: New Eyes

Chapter 7: Celeste’s Destiny Revealed

Chapter 8: The Ending And The New Beginning

Chapter 9: Checking In

Chapter 10: Shifting Alliances

Chapter 11: A True Betrothal

Chapter 12: The Witness

Chapter 13: Truth Revealed

Chapter 14: An Audience With A True Queen

Chapter 15: Hanging By A Thread

Chapter 16: Ederne’s Flight

Chapter 17: Faery Glamour And Human Skill

Chapter 18: Arantxa’s Gambit

Chapter 19: Of One Mind

Chapter 20: Unexpected In The Aspen Clearing

Chapter 21: Unexpected By The Lake

Chapter 22: Departure

Chapter 23: The Battleground

Chapter 24: Celeste Revealed

Epilogue: A Dream Fulfilled

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Faery Sight 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
WhovianMOM More than 1 year ago
Faery Sight by Patricia Bossano has all the components of a classic faery story, fantasy lovers everywhere will enjoy this! It’s been a while since I’ve stumbled across a good fantasy/faery story that wasn’t corny and poorly written and overdone. Faeries, unicorns, magical forests, curses, adventure; this book has it all (without being set on some un-nameable planet with 12 different alien races and dialogue in made up languages). The imagery and writing is also quite good! I often find the descriptions of people and places in modern day fantasy novels to be really over the top, but that isn’t the case with this book. Everything reads and flows really naturally and (a huge plus in my opinion) the character names are actually suitable. One of my biggest pet peeves in fantasy lately is when authors come up with some of those outlandish and literally unpronounceable character names, like Fanshacxitia or Xzarstasia or Gnesixius. None of that nonsense in Faery Sight, the main characters are Celeste and Nahia; beautiful and believable names! The premise of the story is that Celeste (a human) was born to a mother (Paloma) that had been cursed and could only live life normally in the faery realm, thanks to the magic the faeries sustained her with. In the first few chapters you’re introduced the life that Celeste and her mother lead in their faery home; their cozy home, the beautiful surroundings, the coming of age of Celeste and some of her childhood adventures. Then the story progresses to a more adventuresome tone, Celeste learns more about her mother’s curse and the witch Arantxa, her father’s death, an arranged marriage, and the desire for vengeance that she never knew she needed. Along the way she also encounters love, because no faery story is complete without at least a hint of romance. I found myself thoroughly enjoying this story with every turn of the page, and honestly, it was so refreshing! Fantasy and faery stories have always been my favorite and I find myself going back to the classics all too often because I can’t find anything new that really draws me in. I can absolutely see myself picking up every book from this series and anything else that Patricia Bossano puts out. In fact, I will be looking for other books from her as soon as I finish writing this review. I definitely recommend Faery Sight to anyone who enjoys stories in this genre. I am also really pleased to have found a series that is appropriate for my pre-teens to be reading; over sexualized faery stories seem to be super rampant these days and I’m really excited to be able to share this one with the young adult readers in my home.
RaeCapri More than 1 year ago
Everyone wants to believe they’re of royalty and should be treated as such, but with that comes great responsibility. In “Faery Sight,” author Patricia Bossano introduces her readers to four ladies Oihana, her daughter Nahia, Paloma and her daughter Celeste. While reading, you will discover that both Nahia and Celeste are the best honorary sisters and best friends. There’s just one thing that differentiates them, Nahia is of the Faery Realm, and Celeste is of human reality. One day, Celeste came up with a scheme to prove once and for all that she and Nahia are both princesses of their own realms. This involved a potion that her mother must drink, making her lighter to carry to leave the Realm of Faery. An unfortunate turn causes her plan to not work properly, forcing her to turn back and head back home. We then learn the backstory as to how they reached Faery territory in the first place. A witch cast a curse upon Paloma, to turn into a frail and grey shell of the woman she once was, almost as a hideous apparition. As an eleven-year-old girl, Celeste felt responsible for what happened to her mother and wanted more than anything to get back to their home, amongst humans. She’s already lost her loving father Bautista and fears she could be on the verge of losing her mother too. It seems extremely stressful for someone so young, but she’s grateful she has a loving sister and faery who understands her troubles. Being a human in a faery realm has its challenges, but she and her mother are both welcomed as special guests. As Celeste grew older, she came to a realization that living amongst faeries might be the best opportunity that can become of her life. She shifts her focus from trying to go back home to become part of her new world. Living life as a faery seemed like an amazing journey. It was necessary to be shrunken to 10 inches as “a normal faery height” to enter Handi Park and to participate in solstice celebrations was fascinating. Overall, I found this book granting permissions to take a moment to view the perspectives of a fantasy world, which tends to do similar things of members in our real society. It has been a very positive outlook, displaying that anything is possible if you have the level of enthusiasm and determination as of these two young ladies. I recommend anyone who would enjoy a good fantasy book full of faery tales and adventures to give this book a chance, you might enjoy it as well.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Aimee Carol Dixon for Readers' Favorite Destiny is difficult to accept, no matter how it presents itself. But when it crashes into Celeste’s life, her entire worldview is shattered. Born and raised in the Realm of Faery, magic and the deep appreciation of beauty have suffused everything she’s ever known. Now, in her eighteenth year, and with her mother having fallen ill, Celeste encounters her fate. The terrible truth of her parents’ betrayal drives her beyond the Realm of Faery and onto the path she was always meant to take. What follows is a harrowing adventure, as Celeste must navigate the traps laid for her by a woman more powerful and treacherous than even the worst faery of legend. Patricia Bossano’s Faery Sight: Faerie Legacy Series Book 1 is a lush narrative that stirs the imagination in perfectly coordinated waves, leaving her readers desperate for more. Powerful and gripping right from the start, Faery Sight opens with a storm rolling in, perfectly paralleling what’s happening in the human lands. The medieval-style world Bossano depicts is in a state of flux, in mourning after a tragic accident stole the life of their king. But that is merely the tip of the iceberg, for the story and setting are carefully and cunningly set, full of as many twists and turns as a country road. Bossano takes her time to fully immerse readers in her world, unafraid of easing them into the meat of her plot. Nature is particularly important in Faery Sight, as is the strength of women, and each of these elements is woven into a beautiful, complex braid that culminates in a magical first installment.
Literary_Titan More than 1 year ago
Faery Sight (Faery Legacy Book 1), by Patricia Bossano, chronicles the life of Celeste and the tragedy surrounding her birth. Celeste is a young woman raised among the faeries believing one story about her birth and life when another entirely different story exists as the truth. When Celeste’s mother, Paloma, becomes ill and dies in the faery realm, her eyes are opened for the first time to the possibility of a life away from her faery family. Celeste’s kinship with Nahia and her discovery of her love for Etienne, a human destined to marry another woman, permeate this story rich in details and laden with beauty. Patricia Bossano has created a stunningly gorgeous fantasy in Faery Sight. From the language Bossano chooses to use to the exquisite descriptions she fashions, this book is pure joy for any lover of fantasy stories. The intermingling of the human and faery world is truly fascinating. Bossano takes readers on a magical journey like no other as she describes moon dancers, the solstice celebration, and the lighting of Moon Dancer Lake with twinkling and magical lights. It is easy to become quickly absorbed in the fascinating faery realm shaped by Bossano. The most memorable aspect of Faery Sight is the relationship between Nahia and Celeste. Headstrong and stubborn, one faery and one human, the two behave as lifelong best friends and sisters. Between the two lie jealousies, joys, and jarring realities. From Nahia and Celeste’s first incident of misbehavior, readers become caught up in the girls’ adventures. Etienne, an admirable character from his first appearance, is the perfect match for Celeste. Theirs is a love at first sight. Bossano does a wonderful job of describing Etienne’s shock and awe at his first encounter with the legendary faery realm. He, like the reader, believes himself to be dreaming. His immediate obsession with Celeste is loving and enviable. Without giving any of the plot twist away, I will say this about Celeste’s mother, Paloma. The story of Celeste’s birth--the true story--is engrossing and, in many ways, bewitching. Paloma is one of those classic characters known for her sacrifice and her sweet and engaging nature. She is loved by all who know her, including the faeries. Though her passing is tragic, her spirit is apparent throughout the book and the events that ensue with Etienne’s upcoming nuptials. Readers who seek action in their fantasies will not be disappointed. The closer the wedding of Etienne and Berezi draws, the more fervent the action in the Realm of the Faery. The plans to thwart the marriage of Etienne and Berezi, the woman he has no intentions of marrying, are elaborate and involve both the faeries and their human cohorts. As their plans become reality, the action reaches a peak at the wedding having far reaching consequences for all involved. I didn’t expect to become immersed in Celeste’s life among the faeries, but I certainly did. Bossano’s writing is captivating and full of faery “glamour.”
Kirk Raeber More than 1 year ago
I just finished Faery Sight and what a great read. I could not put the book down , it is a real page turner. I really enjoyed the long sentences that is somewhat out of favor for most authors. Patricia Bossano was able to describe in very vivid details the beautiful Realm of the Faery. The story was very good and kept my attention. I would most highly recommend this book, it is so well written by a very talented author. Patricia has a wonderful imagination and is able to keep the reader attention,
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I picked this book up at a book signing and so glad I did. I love this author's work, pulls you right in with the Prologue, I could not put the book down. The way she paints the picture and puts you right there in the middle of the story is amazing, you are in that world and can't wait to see how it all plays out.
luvfantasy More than 1 year ago
I loved this book - I liked the relationships between mothers and daughters in this story (fairies and humans) and the relationship between the two main characters, Celeste and Nahia. I think Etienne is a hottie!
NahiaKG More than 1 year ago
This book was a really good story. A lot better than I had thought it would be. It took me forever (and being sick) to actually sit down and read it, and when I did it was really hard to get into because she likes to write using really big words. But as I kept reading either I began to understand her writing style better or she eased up on the dictionary, not sure which still, but I really got into it. There were a few thrilling moments in the book so I managed to keep reading it. It was a really good book I liked it and i hope to see the next two soon.