Faith and Learning: A Handbook for Christian Higher Education

Faith and Learning: A Handbook for Christian Higher Education

by David S. Dockery (Editor)


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Faith and learning, scholarship and piety, Christian tradition and intellectual inquiry, head and hearts: How do these things come together in an informative, enriching, and interdependent way?

The calling of Christian higher education is to reflect the life of Christ and to shine the light of truth. That distinctive mission cannot be forced into an either/or framework but rather a both/and calling. It is a commitment to Jesus Christ himself, who is both fully God and fully human and who for Christian educators is both light and life.

This multi-authored volume, with dynamic contributions from entry-level faculty members to seasoned scholars, explores the question of the Christian faith’s place on the university campus, whether in administrative matters, the broader academic world, or in student life.

Philosophy, Sociology, Science, Arts, Business, Media; Faith and Learning explores how significant Christian thinkers have addressed such topics and their related issues throughout the history of the church. The historical, theological, and biblical framework will help students interact with and engage contemporary challenges to the Christian faith in the various fields of study and inquiry.

Contributors include Harry L. Poe, Gene C. Fant, Jr., Ken Magnuson, Klaus Issler, Gregory A. Thornbury, Taylor Worley, John T. Netland, Scott Huelin, James A. Patterson, Hunter Baker, Roman R. Williams, Steve Halla, Christopher W. Mathews, Kevin Trowbridge, Mark Bolyard, Jeannette Russ, E. Blake Watkins, Mary Anne Poe, Emily Lean, Thomas Rosebrough, Ralph Leverett, Kimberly C. Thornbury, and C. Ben Mitchell.

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ISBN-13: 9781433673115
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/01/2012
Pages: 560
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.40(d)
Age Range: 3 Months to 18 Years

About the Author

David S. Dockery is president of Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. He has also served as chairman of the board of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. Dockery has authored or edited thirty books including Renewing Minds, Shaping a Christian Worldview, and Christian Leadership Essentials. In addition, he serves as a consulting editor for Christianity Today magazine.

Table of Contents

Contributors viii

Preface xi

Foundational Commitments

1 Introduction—Faith and Learning: Foundational Commitments David S. Dockery 3

2 The Heartbeat of Christian Higher Education: The Core Curriculum Gene C. Font Jr. 27

3 Ethical and Moral Reasoning Kenneth Magnuson 51

4 The Gospel, Worldview, and Christian Higher Education Harry Lee Poe 73

5 Philosophy of Education Klaus Issler 97

Christian Faith and the Disciplines

6 Biblical and Theological Studies in the Christian University Gregory Alan Thombury 125

7 The Study of Philosophy Taylor Worley 143

8 Beauty, Meaning, and Power: Bearing Witness in the Profession of Words John T. Netland 175

9 On Language and Interpretation Scott Huelin 199

10 The Study of History James A. Patterson 217

11 The Study of Political Philosophy at the Christian University Hunter Baker 239

12 An Invitation to Sociology Roman R. Williams 259

13 Christianity and the Arts Steve Halla 279

14 Music Education from a Christian Perspective Christopher W. Mathews 301

15 A Christian Perspective on Communication and Media Kevin S. Trowbridge 323

16 A Christian in the Sciences Mark Bolyard 345

17 Science, Theology, and the Search for the Historical Adam Jimmy H. Davis 369

18 Christian Scholarship in Math, Physics, and Engineering Jeannette Russ 383

19 The Study of Health Care at the Christian University E. Blake Watkins 409

20 Social Work and Counseling in the Christian Intellectual Tradition Mary Anne Poe 431

21 The Study of Business at the Christian University Emily Lean 455

Concluding Applications

22 Faith and Transformational Teaching Thomas Rosebrough Ralph Leverett 475

23 Student Life: Thinking Biblically about Vocatio and Community Kimberly C. Thornbury 499

24 Engaging the Culture and the Academy C. Ben Mitchell 513

Name Index 539

Subject Index 545

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