Faith and Optimism: Positive Expectation in the Christian Life

Faith and Optimism: Positive Expectation in the Christian Life

by M. Blaine Smith


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(Originally The Optimism Factor: Outrageous Faith Against the Odds)

There's a strange connection between the exercise of our faith (wobbly though it may be) and the growth of optimistic hope in our hearts. Outrageous faith, Blaine Smith calls it. And he explains why, as he examines the role of positive expectation in the Christian life.

Blaine believes that faith is the most underappreciated benefit in the Christian life today. Christians who do emphasize faith often take it to an unhealthy extreme--just believe anything can happen and God will accomplish it for you. Yet most Christians don't emphasize faith enough, even though it is upheld constantly in Scripture as the means by which we receive the grace of God and every benefit he provides.

In this book Blaine looks closely at what the biblical attitude of faith involves. He concludes that it means an overwhelmingly optimistic view of God and of his willingness to provide the best for each of us. He considers how we can exercise faith in the most authentic sense, by taking challenging steps to realize our personal potential. And he offers practical wisdom on how to:

  • rekindle our optimism when it's lost
  • rebound from disappointment
  • distinguish healthy faith from unreasonable expectations
  • find the heart to make new beginnings
  • overcome our fears of change
  • handle our shifting view of God
  • let go of problems that aren't ours

Blaine Smith's The Optimism Factor, first published by InterVarsity Press, is republished by SilverCrest Books! Praise for The Optimism Factor:

"A profound, practical and positive exposition of the importance of living our faith, and in the process, seeing our lives both realistically and with the optimism that comes only from surrender to Christ." - JACK KEMP, former New York congressman and secretary of HUD

"Smith helps readers move from discouragement to hope, learning to win through failure." - Bookstore Journal

"Read this book and you will find your misconceptions of faith trashed . . . . The twenty-six chapters make this book an ideal daily devotional." - Moody Monthly

Editors' Choice - Family Bookshelf, 1995

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ISBN-13: 9780984032235
Publisher: SilverCrest Books
Publication date: 12/25/2011
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 1,251,105
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About the Author

Blaine Smith's long career has included giving seminars and lectures, speaking at conferences, counseling, and writing. He is author of nine books, including “Knowing God's Will” (original and revised editions), “Should I Get Married?” (original and revised editions), “The Yes Anxiety,” “Overcoming Shyness,” “Faith and Optimism” (orig. “The Optimism Factor”), “One of a Kind,” and “Marry a Friend,” as well as numerous articles (all books except “Marry a Friend” published originally by InterVarsity Press). These books have been published in more than thirty English language and international editions. He is also lecturer for Guidance By The Book, a home study course with audio cassettes produced by the Christian Broadcasting Network as part of their Living By The Book series.

Blaine served previously as founder/director of the Sons of Thunder, believed by many to be America's first active Christian rock band, and as assistant pastor of Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, then for 30 years as director of Nehemiah Ministries, Inc.

Blaine is a graduate of Georgetown University, and also holds a Master of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary. He and Evie live in Gaithersburg, Maryland. They've been married since 1973, and have two grown sons, Benjamin and Nathan

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