Faith and Sword: A Short History of Christian-Muslim Conflict

Faith and Sword: A Short History of Christian-Muslim Conflict

by Alan G. Jamieson


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ISBN-13: 9781861892720
Publisher: Reaktion Books, Limited
Publication date: 05/15/2006
Series: Reaktion Books - Globalities Series
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 1,042,472
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About the Author

Alan G. Jamieson is a researcher and writer based in Alberta, Canada, and the UK. He is the author of Ebb Tide in the British Maritime Industries: Change and Adaptation, 1918-1990.

Table of Contents

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1.  Introduction: The Longest War
2.  The Arab Conquests, 632-750
3.  Byzantine Defiance, 750-1000
4.  Rise of the West: Christian Advances in the Eleventh Century
5.  Muslim Reaction:  Victory over Outremer, Defeat in Spain, 1100-1300
6.  Rise of the Ottoman Turks, 1300-1500
7.  Ottoman Challenge:  The Sixteenth Century
8.  Ottoman Revival and Decline, 1600-1815
9.  Triumph of the West, 1815-1918
10.  Breaking Free, 1918-1979
11.  Challenging American, 1879-2005
12.  Conclusion:  A New Conflict?
Glossary of Place Name Changes

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