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Faith, God's Tool: The Book of Genesis

Faith, God's Tool: The Book of Genesis

by Andy T. DaLashmit


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Faith, God's Tool is study in faith. Within these pages, I have also attempted to bring a little more light on the personality and character of our Lord God. Through the details of word meanings, geographic locations, and customs, I hope to bring the events and situations of the scripture into more of an understandable light. By using what the scripture provides in its details, I strove to use character development to enlighten the reader as to the type of people were used by God. With extreme caution, I also used some additional conversation between people in an attempt to bring understanding into some of the statements made by the different people. I did this because, God chose to put His word out there for us in a very brief and succinct format, and by using the approach I did, hopefully, I cleared up some confusion without changing any of that teaching or intent of what God had put on the page. I used scientific, historical, and personal events as illustrations in an attempt to help the reader gain a deeper appreciation of the historical events and provide a more personal connection to the biblical characters. It has been designed to not be a replacement of God's word, but as a supportive resource to be read along side the scripture to help see the historical account in Genesis as more than just a history. And so, as part of the design of this book and those to follow, I included the scripture references as you read along. Also, I purposely used all the quotes in scripture of what people and God had said. By doing all this, it has been my desire to open our eyes to God's involvement in our lives. We have heard it said that the Bible is a love story put together by God for our benefit, from the first day of creation to the the last day. This, too, has been a labor of love, spending lots of time talking to God every single day on every single aspect of the work. I wanted to make sure that what ever I did, it would change absolutely nothing in what God taught and recorded for us. He has portrayed faith not as a gift to be cherished and honored as a possession placed on a shelf for admiration. He has portrayed faith more as a tool which God has given us to be used for deepening and strengthening our relationship with Him. I want the reader to be more confident to serve Him as God desires. And, as an added blessing, through the illumination of faith's nature, hopefully, the nature, character, and personality of God becomes more apparent as you read. My prayer is that you will let God use these pages to bless you in a very special way.

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