Faith, Hope and Determination

Faith, Hope and Determination

by Th Ph. D. Daniel J. Theron M. a.


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Readers will greatly benefit reading this book's forerunner SO MUCH WATER SO LITTLE WOOD for they play in contrasting milieus of maladministration and usually well administered milieus of the financial and other worlds. The American Association of Universty Professors deserves praise for its penetrating light on that book's milieu benefitting employees and other educational institutions for future years.

Professions have their unique vocabulary and idioms of wisdom as does the investment business. Its truth will be summarized. Business flourished for me. Ruth and I could vacation and travel - a more pleasant life.

Sorrow struck. Ruth had developed small brain aneurysms and died within four days. Two and a half years later I married Janice Seybolt Morton, a widow with two young daughters. Life went on.
And Princeton Seminary? Purposely locked in a forget corner. Then my phone rang. The same student who wanted a copy of my prayer decades ago, now Seminary Archivist, looked for my file, but it was forever assigned to trash. "I still have your prayer," he said. He came for three days, asking questions and recording my answers. He unlocked the corner.

I had portraits of five deceased, outstanding former colleagues at Princeton painted for the Seminary, and eventually established endowments for scholarships and distribution of Bibles in South Africa, together with liberal contributions for a new library. Graciously the Seminary dedicated a lecture room in the new library for me on October 22, 2013.

This book fulfills my dream of tribute to several of my friends at Pretoria University dedicating their lives to the Kingdom of God. They are all long gone now, one fifty years ago in 2013, but to all applies the inscription on Johannes Petrus Potgieter's grave stone at his mission station Rivoni:

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