Faith, Hope, and Love Devotional: A 90-Day Walk with God

Faith, Hope, and Love Devotional: A 90-Day Walk with God

by Sherry Burnette, Bobby Burnette

Hardcover(Full color photographs included)

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ISBN-13: 9781641230735
Publisher: Whitaker House
Publication date: 05/08/2018
Edition description: Full color photographs included
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Bobby and Sherry Burnette are the founders and directors of Love A Child, Inc. (LAC), a 501(c)(3) Christian nonprofit humanitarian organization serving the needs of children in Haiti. They began their ministry together in the late 1960s by preaching on street corners, under gospel tents, and in auditoriums and churches throughout the United States. In 1971, Bobby and Sherry made their first missions trip to Haiti, and the overwhelming poverty they witnessed there broke their hearts. They also ministered in many other countries, but they always found themselves drawn back to Haiti. Following their calling from God, Bobby and Sherry founded Love A Child in 1985 and focused on working to reduce poverty in Haiti’s remote areas.

From their beginnings as visiting missionaries to Haiti, Bobby and Sherry have worked to spread the Word of God and show the love of Jesus by example through feeding programs, mobile medical clinics, and the building of Christian schools and churches. They moved to Haiti in 1991 and have never looked back, living year-round at the Love A Child Orphanage in Fond Parisien, Haiti.
Love A Child’s outreach programs include: a 21,500-square-foot orphanage, now home to seventy-eight children; primary schools that educate and feed more than seven thousand children each day; mobile medical clinics; a regional medical clinic; and a feeding distribution program that serves more than 20 million meals every year. After the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Love A Child built several hundred houses for earthquake victims and developed eight sustainability projects, including Gwo Maché Mirak, a large marketplace providing jobs for the poor; Poul Mirak, a project to train Haitians how to raise and sell chickens; a tilapia fish farm; and an agricultural training center that teaches the farming of crops and trees. Bobby and Sherry believe that feeding the poor is essential, but that the ultimate goal is for Haitians to become self-sustaining.

Under the Burnettes’ leadership, Love A Child has grown to become one of the largest Christian nonprofits in Haiti. Thanks to LAC’s excellence in financial accountability, the organization consistently receives the highest industry ratings available through the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), Charity Navigator, and the Independent Charities of America. In 2015, they documented the story of their ministry in their first book, Love Is Something You Do, with Whitaker House.

Bobby and Sherry want people to know what faith and love can do to change a nation. It is their deepest desire that their lives inspire others to reach out in response to the cry of the poor in some way, large or small—rescuing one child at a time.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

1 Lord, What Do You Want Me to Do? 11

2 God's Victory 13

3 Praise Him in the Dance 15

4 Nothing Is Too Hard for God 17

5 Sacrificial Giving 19

6 How Thirsty Are You? 21

7 Out from Lo-Debar 23

8 God Gave Him Another Heart 25

9 The Lord Looks at Your Heart 27

10 The Decoy 29

11 The Invisible Is More Real than the Visible 31

12 Don't Use Someone Else's Armor 33

13 All Will Be Restored 35

14 Heart of Stone 37

15 Be Quiet 39

16 The Alabaster Box-Part One 41

17 The Alabaster Box-Part Two 43

18 What's Your Legacy? 45

19 Losing What Matters 47

20 The Fourth Man in the Fire 49

21 On the Move 51

22 Our God Is Great 53

23 Job's God-Part One 55

24 Job's God-Part Two 57

25 Power over the Storms 59

26 The Calling to the Poor 61

27 Fiery Trials 63

28 It's Not the Fall that Counts 65

29 You're Not Home Yet 67

30 It's Time to Move On 69

31 Still Thirsting for God 71

32 Open Doors 73

33 Bad News 75

34 One Small Light 77

35 Cornelius: A Heart for the Poor 79

36 God's Invisible Army 81

37 Decisions, Decisions 83

38 Crybabies 85

39 A Virtuous Woman 87

40 The Dreamer 89

41 Not Deciding Is a Decision 91

42 Prepare for Battle 93

43 Use What You've Got 95

44 Watch Your Words 97

45 That Was Easy 99

46 Do You Have Eagle Wings or Chicken Feathers? 101

47 No Other Gods 103

48 Fighting the Evil Around Us 105

49 Four Days Late 107

50 Out of the Pigpen 109

51 Outnumbered 111

52 When I See the Blood 113

53 The Least of These 115

54 The Race Is On 117

55 Rich Yet Poor, or Poor and Rich? 119

56 Beware of Pride 121

57 Be Faithful in the Small Things 123

58 Seven Promises 125

59 Miracle Meals 127

60 Our God Is Greater 129

61 Getting Ready for War 131

62 Give Me Patience-Now! 133

63 It Is Well 135

64 So You Think You Want to Be a Missionary? 137

65 Obedience Is Better than Sacrifice 139

66 Burn that Bridge 141

67 But I'm Hungry 143

68 Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me 145

69 Clay and Potter 147

70 The Solid Foundation 149

71 Repentance 151

72 You Are Always on His Mind 153

73 Stones for Remembrance 155

74 Fiery Coals 157

75 Not in that Dirty River 159

76 Good Measure 161

77 Just a Touch 163

78 Ashamed of the Gospel? 165

79 Burdens 167

80 Remember to Pray 169

81 Don't Look Back 171

82 People Are Not Our Enemies 173

83 Our Unchanging God 175

84 Life Is Short 177

85 God Has a Better Plan 179

86 Under His Wings 181

87 Share and Share Alike 183

88 The Body of Christ 185

89 A Light on a Hill 187

90 In the Valley 189

About the Authors 191


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