Faith like a Child: Discover the Simple Joy of Loving God

Faith like a Child: Discover the Simple Joy of Loving God

by Johnny Parker, Jan Peterson


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Jesus says that if you want to enter his kingdom, you need to be a child again. No doubting the truth, scrambling for stuff, or fussing about the future. Just pure, simple living—and a faith that believes Christ's words, embraces his love, and follows his example. But how, in this complicated world, can adults live like that?

According to Johnny Parker, they can listen and learn from the children around them. Kids teach profound spiritual truths. They're the prime example of childlike faith, and their insights transform lives. In this book, Parker shares fresh perspectives on life and God that he learned from watching his sons and reflecting on his own childhood. He has compiled these reminders into delightful, thought-provoking stories that inspire and encourage world weary adults. With Faith like a Child, they'll return to the simple joy of loving God.

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ISBN-13: 9780800758585
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/01/2003
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.54(w) x 8.56(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

Johnny Parker is a pastor, counselor, and member of the Family Life conference team. He also speaks and works with radio and television through his ministry, Lifescapes Ministries. Parker is a former staff member of Minirth-Meier Clinics and Promise Keepers and lives in Beltsville, Maryland.

Table of Contents

Our Children Can Teach Us the Most Amazing Things about ...
1.To Be a Kid Again15
2.Are We Having Fun Yet?18
God's Comfort
3.No More Dirty Feet20
4.Sitting on God's Lap23
5.Hold Me, I'm Scared26
6.Crying Out Loud29
7.Afraid of the Dark32
8.Chicken Pox of the Soul34
9.Breath of Life36
10.Lay Your Head on My Shoulder39
11.No More Blankie42
12.Heaven Is Sweeter than Candy44
13.Nap Time47
Living Authentic Lives
14.Let's Play Pretend49
15.Mine, Mine, Mine51
16.Grace and Soiled Diapers54
17.Love Lab57
18.A Time to Weep59
Walking in Faith
19.Diving In62
20.Just Because65
21.The Trust Game68
22.Countdown to Obedience70
23.Drip, Drip, Drip73
24.How Many Hearts Do You Have?75
25.Gooey Pancake78
26.Fruit from the Woodshed80
27.The Great Cover-Up83
God's Mercy and Grace
28.Unconditional Love85
29.In the Blink of an Eye87
30.Not Me89
Who Jesus Is
Our Speech
32.Telling the Emperor the Truth93
33.Tongue Fu96
34.Sticks and Stones98
35.Just Kidding101
36.Nothing but the Truth104
God's Plan
37.Finding Strength through Weakness106
38.Garlic Water, Anyone?109
39.Building on the Right Stuff113
40.Watch Your Step115
41.Voice of Love118
42.Trust Me120
43.Living Water122
44.Daddy, Whatcha' Doin'?124
45.Father's Looking127
46.Wishing the Time Away130
47.God's Needles--Rx for Good Spiritual Health134
48.How Come God Lets the Wind Blow So Hard?137
49.Keep Knocking140
50.What about Him?142
51.In a Perfect World?144
52.Just like Riding a Bike146
53.Getting Life to Fit149
54.Can't We Just All Get Along?152
55.The Ten(der) Commandments154
56.Behaviors That Nag157
57.Remember Who You Are160
58.When I Get Bigger163
59.Whom Does He Look Like?165
60.You're an Eagle167
61.Making It Home before the Door Is Locked171

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