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Faith or Reason: Can Science Silence God?

Faith or Reason: Can Science Silence God?

by Sam Oputa
Faith or Reason: Can Science Silence God?

Faith or Reason: Can Science Silence God?

by Sam Oputa



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It could be naïve on our part to think that we are the only life in the universe. Reports of UFO sightings occur from time to time though some sightings science cannot explain.
No book has explained more about aliens and UFOs than the holy books. The holy books explained spaceships. The Prophet Ezekiel also told us about these airships.

Did you miss the biblical mentions of the spaceships too?

The Gods/aliens were not hiding themselves from our forefathers who likened these aliens to God and Satan, good and bad angels, and in some instances as monsters.
The book of Enoch explained it all. The book even told us the names of the aliens and explained his flight in the spaceships. Prophet Enoch was not the only one who took a spin in the spaceships. A spaceship was described in a holy book to fly around the earth in one minute.
All the above were science and technology not faith.
If the aliens moved by means of spaceships/airships, would that make them omnipresent or omniscience? Science and technology- yes but omnipresence--quality of being everywhere at the same instant--is not one of their characteristics. We as humans assigned those characteristics to the "Gods."

Some people know that the Earth is 4.6 billion years by evidence through science. Some, also believe the earth is 6000 years by faith.

One of the reasons for this work is to help channel some Bible readers and readers of books of other religious doctrines in the direction of logic and reason. The truth is that most readers have no idea how and what to believe, so they believe by faith.

These ancient texts were produced by royal scribes and religious leaders in powerful economic and political positions and settings.They wrote to advocate and make legitimate, political or religious ideas and reforms so as to yield desired doctrines and ideologies.
There is several illogical thinking when it comes to religion. We know according to religious books that:
This/These God(s) created everything. Evil is a subsetof everything. Therefore, God created evil.

When it becomes impossible to logically explain any given event, the bible believers resort to various methods to explain away illogical texts.
Can religious dogma and its inherent confusion survive in the face of science and logic or is it doomed to the surfacing evidence revealing the workings of nature set in time by the Almighty Universal Creator who is sometimes referred to as Consciousness?

Reading through the Bible and critically analyzing and connecting the dots, you too could come to have better understandings for the Bible's seemingly shocking inconsistencies and contradictions.
These, among others, helped shape the viewpoint expressed in this book.

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About the Author

Raised in an environment where there was no religion, and even where there were pockets of it, religion was never forced. No one cared what you practiced. Sam Oputa was fascinated by religion and how it was subtly used to manipulate our thought processes. Though curious about religions, Sam’s deep interest lies in spirituality. Sam attended Baruch College of the City University of New York. He is also the author of God Is Not Enough, Messiah Needed; All The God We Cannot See, and Why Was Man Created? Other books include Akashic Records or Free Will: Finding Your Calling, Immaterial Existence, Hidden Barriers in The Set Up, and Journey of the Soul.

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