Faith, Social Justice, and Public Policy: A Progressive's View

Faith, Social Justice, and Public Policy: A Progressive's View

by Gary Maring


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Gary Maring, a progressive person of faith, discusses key social justice policy issues of the day such as economic inequality, poverty, homelessness, human rights, health care, peacemaking, and environmental stewardship which need support from the progressive faith, spiritual, and secular communities. He says we need to rediscover a passion and a moral call to action among these communities. Otherwise we let the Religious Right and their political supporters dominate the media and move our country backward on social justice issues. Finally he says, we need a call to compassion and justice the common tenets of most religious traditions.

Mr. Maring brings significant credibility on social justice issues as one of the founders of N Street Village, a comprehensive transition home for homeless women now serving more than 60 percent of the population of homeless women in D.C. As a founder and a current Board member of N Street Village, Gary Maring shares the experience of seeking biblical justice in an urban congregation's challenged community.
Opening the doors to the homeless, by his DC church, Luther Place, came to be seen by many as the essence of faith-based response to the critical needs of the community. The diverse interreligious and secular base of supporters continues to this day helping to live out the concepts of hospitality and shalom (peace with justice) in service at N Street Village. Mr. Maring makes the important observation that churches are the largest beneficiary of charitable giving and they have tremendous property and other financial resources which can be pooled with government and private resources to create community social justice programs on a significant scale as was done with N Street Village, a $20 million public-private partnership development.

Mr. Maring also offers an extensive bibliography of progressive theologians and shares their insight regarding the biblical call for social justice, the transformation occurring in institutional religion, and the role of faith in public policy.

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Publication date: 06/07/2012
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About the Author

Gary Maring is a member of Luther Place Memorial Church, a progressive Lutheran church in Washington, D.C., that has been a leader in advocating and implementing social justice ministries to 'the least of these'. He is among the key founders and a board member of N Street Village, a continuum of programs serving more than 60 percent of DC's population of homeless women. Mr. Maring is also a founder of the national Lutheran Volunteer Corps which places about 150 year long volunteers in social justice ministries in sixteen cities. He is also among the founders of the Steinbruck Center at Luther Place church which teaches and advocates about homelessness and other social justice issues. He discusses through these examples how churches can use their property and financial resources in collaborative ways to do the work of the gospels. He has been a long time advocate for faith-based social justice in the public policy arena. He writes a regular blog on religion, politics, and society, which can be viewed at He is President of Maring Publishing: Faith and Public Policy, LLC in Maryland; the entity under which he publishes blogs, books, and articles. His professional career was in transportation policy in the Federal government so he understands the challenges of the national policy, legislative, and budgeting processes which he discusses in his book in regard to faith and justice issues.

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