Faith Unwavering - Biblical Rhymes - And - A Message To All: Combined

Faith Unwavering - Biblical Rhymes - And - A Message To All: Combined

by Marsell Morris


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In these pages you'll find a series of short religious rhymes that are easy to remember and perfect for the introduction of children to the concept of religion. However, because some of the concepts expressed may need explaining, it is best these rhymes be read in the company of an adult.

Many are not connected to any particular Bible verse while some are, but all with a Biblical theme. I intend these rhymes to reflect the general truth of the Lord's love, concern, and protection of us - a short passage that can be repeated with the intent to remind us that no matter the circumstance, the future is bright.

Adults may, also, discover one or two rhymes reflecting a particular thought or incident in their lives. Some might want to print and frame a few of these rhymes to place on display at home, office, or anywhere appropriate, but not for republish or sale. Remember, everything here-in is copyrighted. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy my meager attempts at rhyming.

As a gift at no cost, and at the end of the rhymes, I have added my message to all.

The message is intended to gladden the hearts of all who feel they may have lost their salvation in some way.

If you are a minister, please feel free to use the contents of this message in your next sermon if you feel it appropriate.

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