Faith vs. Fear: The Believer's Tug-of-War

Faith vs. Fear: The Believer's Tug-of-War

by PhD Christopher N. Jeffries


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Believers should not be burdened with fear. Fear is contrary to Christian faith. Where fear exists, faith is absent. Fear is from Satan. It is contrary to love (1 John 4:18). Fear manifests itself in worry, intimidation, anxiety, panic, and distress. Fear leads to personal, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physiological issues and challenges.

Individuals can experience fear for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons can include dread concerning one's physical health, death, divorce, and personal and family relationships. There can be anxiety over personal shortcomings, economic insecurity, and worry about the future.

Faith Versus Fear: The Believer's Tug-of-War examines how Abraham, Jacob, Elijah, Jehoshaphat, and the twelve disciples confronted the fear they faced. Though they sometimes wavered and stumbled, they remained committed to God. Their faith in Him ultimately prevailed. The struggles these believers experienced, and the outcome of their battles, are based on direct scriptural evidence. These saints are selected because of the poignant lessons they can teach believers today on how to overcome doubt and fear.

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About the Author

Dr. Christopher N. Jeffries has worked as a senior administrator in higher education at several colleges and universities in the Southeast. He is also an award-winning university professor. Dr. Jeffries is the author of six religious books, What My Pastor Told Me: Preaching and Teaching to Strengthen the Believer's Faith Walk (CreateSpace 2015), Waiting on God, His Timing and Direction (CreateSpace 2013), God's Provision During Economic Difficulty (CreateSpace 2012), When Trouble Comes: Relying on God During Difficult Times (CreateSpace 2011), Great Clouds of Witnesses: Biblical Case Studies in Faith and Leadership for Twenty-First Century Leaders (BookSurge 2009), and Inspired Leadership: The Apostle Paul's Example for Today's Leaders (BookSurge 2009).

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