Falcon Lord -- Book Two: Restoration (An Epic Steampunk Fantasy Novel)

Falcon Lord -- Book Two: Restoration (An Epic Steampunk Fantasy Novel)

by D. A. Metrov

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"FALCON LORD is wonderful—the most enticing fantasy world I've come across in years, with characters we truly care about—and I have no doubt it'll hit the world with a bang." Robert Zemeckis, Academy Award winning writer-director-producer of BACK TO THE FUTURE, FORREST GUMP, CAST AWAY, POLAR EXPRESS

“I found the world of FALCON LORD to be majestic, visually stunning, and endearing. I have no doubt this franchise has the capacity to grow and grow.” Bruce Joel Rubin, Academy Award winning writer of GHOST, JACOB’S LADDER, DEEP IMPACT, STUART LITTLE 2, THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE

“I was stuck by the magical nature of FALCON LORD, and sincerely hope to see it join the ranks of fantasy classics.” Mark Johnson, Academy Award Winning producer of RAIN MAN, CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, A LITTLE PRINCESS, GALAXY QUEST, THE NOTEBOOK

In this second installment of Falcon Lord, a series of Steampunk Fantasy Novels, Brighton Aviamore is faced with an onslaught of new challenges. After defeating Dredgemont's army, the citizens of Valkyrie were left with the damage caused by the tyrant's mining operation—an extensive tunnel system that has undermined Perpetua and is causing her mountains to collapse daily. Brighton Aviamore, Falcon Lord and Sky Sheriff, sets out with Willowmena to recover the lost maps which will help the Valkyrians restore the island's stability. Though Dredgemont was killed, Croatius, a half demon, half gorpe fiend, has taken his place and assembled an even greater fighting force to conquer the Lost Isle. He captures Willowmena and threatens to kill her if Brighton doesn't find and turn over the maps that are hidden in Dredgemont's Sorcerer's Chest. But when Brighton becomes lost in the underworld, he discovers Dredgemont's ghost is alive and well. Battling the mad wraith and his bevy of demons, Brighton loses the chest and escapes. He learns that Willowmena is missing, and Croatius has launched an all-out invasion with airships and an army of monsters. If things weren't bad enough, a gargantuan beast rises from the depths of the sea to destroy both sides for disrupting the harmony of the Earth. Falcon Lord's plans to marry Willowmena will be thwarted for good unless he can restore peace to Perpetua.

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Publisher: D. A. Metrov
Publication date: 03/27/2013
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About the Author

LIGHTMASTERS ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS THE YA STEAMPUNK-FANTASY WURKS OF D. A. METROVI attended UCLA film school, then moved to New York City where I worked for ten years as a designer and fine arts painter. During this time, I spent a year painting in Rome, Italy.Inspired by the early works of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, I wrote a 32 page treatment with drawings for my motion picture, SOLARBABIES. The treatment evolved into a 12-minute, computerized slide presentation. With the help of Mark Johnson [RAIN MAN], we sold the project to Mel Brooks [THE PRODUCERS]. The movie is still in distribution by MGM.Some of my writing mentors have been Menno Meyjes [THE COLOR PURPLE], Walon Green [THE WILD BUNCH], Bruce Joel Rubin [GHOST], and Bruce McAllister [DREAM BABY]. My first agent was Jack Rapke, Head of the Motion Picture Department of CAA, now producer for Robert Zemeckis [FORREST GUMP, CAST AWAY].I'm now represented by Caren Bohrman of the Caren Bohrman Agency.I've written, produced, and directed two, small feature films, DARK SPIRAL and LITTLE EDEN, as well as several short films. I have multiple novel, graphic novel, and motion picture projects in development--most currently, the FALCON LORD series, THE TERRIBLE QUEST OF THADDEUS PENNYBROOK'S KNEE-HIGH STEAMBOTS, and MACHINE OF GOD.I currently live in Santa Barbara, California with my wife Maureen. Maureen has a real job. As a Doctor of Pharmacy, she saves lives daily. Together, she and I care for a wild and terrible black cat. Though the creature resides in a permanent state of sleep, it somehow manages to keep the household free of dangerous lizards and thieving field mice.To learn more, please visit: lightmasters.net.

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