by Ronie Kendig

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Falcon by Ronie Kendig

Special Forces operator Salvatore "Falcon" Russo vowed to never again speak to or trust Lieutenant Cassandra Walker after a tragedy four years ago. But as Raptor closes in on the cyber terrorists responsible for killing two of their own, Sal must put his life--and the lives of his teammates--in her hands.

Despite his anger, Cassie is ill-prepared for his resistance and the fallout when she must protect the one asset who can end the attacks.

As allies become enemies and hostiles become unlikely partners, Raptor fights for its very existence.

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BN ID: 2940161641873
Publisher: Task Force Press
Publication date: 07/26/2018
Series: Quiet Professionals Series , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 187,530
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About the Author

Ronie Kendig is an award-winning, bestselling author of over twenty-five novels. She and her veteran husband live a short train ride from New York City with their children, Benning, the stealth puppy, and a retired military working dog, VVolt N629 (ret). Ronie’s degree in psychology has helped her pen novels of intense, raw characters.

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Falcon (Audio CD) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
Jaquelyn 5 months ago
Jaw dropping, edge of your seat, rapid-fire Fiction. I absolutely could not stop reading this book. Kendig had me hooked from page one, and the rest of the world faded away as I was taken on an adventure with the amazing Raptor 6 team. I found myself questioning those in command right alongside Falcon and the Captain. Kendig does writing like no other. Her military suspense takes my breath away, and never fails to make me even more thankful and patriotic. This story follows Salvatore“Falcon” Russo and Cassandra Walker, someone who he used to trust implicitly. Life throws some stuff at you, and sometimes finding a way to cope isn’t easy. Falcon is the best of the best, but sometimes regrets and guilt can eat at person. Sal will do anything for his team, and they will stop at nothing to protect the people and country they love. Falcon is the third book in the Quiet Professionals and is a total must read. I have read the first two, and loved every minute of them as well. I received a copy of this book from the publisher and was in no way forced to post a review. All opinions expressed are my own.
LoraineN More than 1 year ago
The suspense! Action from beginning to end. Who can Raptor trust? I didn’t know but I had to keep turning the pages to find out. Great read. Full review at my website. I received this book in a giveaway. I was not required to give a positive review. All of the opinions I have expressed are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
lsnlj More than 1 year ago
This is the 3rd and final book in The Quiet Professionals series. I would definitely recommend reading Raptor 6 and Hawk first. Plus they are a great read as well. If it has been a while since you read the first two there is enough background to jog your memory but I would think you would be a little lost and not understand much of what takes place in this book if you don't start from the beginning. This series is  action packed, but things from the first two books do not get revealed till this one. I love the writing style of Kendig, she has a great way of keeping things interesting, factual, and entertaining. This series is for both the romantic and just those into reading about war, soldiers and such. I loved all three books in this series, the characters and the problem that they face. Each person faces different problems in there own way, sometimes forgiving yourself is the hardest one to overcome. Falcon is a dedicated special ops soldier with a past that he can never forget. When Cassandra Walker comes back into his life, will he be able to deal with his anger, hurt and past or will it destroy him? Falcon has a take charge personality yet struggles in ways that some will not understand yet are very real.  Cassandra Walker has just wanted to reconnect with Falcon. Has she been hoping for something that is just not meant to be? It seems when she makes a step forward she makes two steps back. Can she prove she is trustworthy or has there just been to many lies? This novel is full of many different characters and some side stories, yet woven together so wonderfully. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading good, clean, contemporary, yet real life war stories with a dash or two of romance. I was given a copy of this book from the author for my honest opinion.
Digging4Pearls More than 1 year ago
Salvatore "Falcon" Russo is committed to his special forces team even if it means having to work with a former flame that destroyed his life. While the two have a history, he has no desire to dredge up the bad memories from his past or forgive the woman. He'll do what it takes for the mission but nothing beyond. Cassandra Walker has regrets from her history with Salvatore but try as she might, she can't sponge him from her heart. How can she convince him to trust her again? Perhaps if she helps his team it will help to pave the way back to a relationship. The two have issues with trust, communicating with each other, and so many other things. Will they be able to put aside all the hurts of their past and find new common ground together? Can they work as one to take down the terrorist who has been wreaking havoc? Falcon is book three of Ronie Kendig's The Quiet Professionals series. For a glimpse into the lives of those who daily defend our country, this book is a great reminder of all they face.
Rachel05 More than 1 year ago
From the very first word you are glued to the action as the Raptor team race to discover the identity of the mole and protect the identity and lives of their brothers in arms. Kendig holds back no punches as she concludes her Quiet Professional series with edge of your seat twists and turns that have you second guessing every character you have come to love through the series. Kendig has an understanding of military life that leads to a realistic and plausible plot. In a day and age where hatred and greed are their own currency and anything including loyalty and country are for sale Kendig shows the brutality of war. When more and more of warfare being fought online Kendig explores the terrifying possibility of our troops becoming vulnerable at the hands of hackers and terrorists, where not only the lives of the soldiers themselves, but those of their loved ones stateside hang in the balance. This fast paced, heart gripping tale is perfect a perfect summer read, but be ye warned. Be sure to have time to finish Falcon in one sitting, once you start you will not be able to put it down!
LanguageTCH More than 1 year ago
Falcon by Ronie Kendig is book three in The Quiet Professionals series. It can be a stand-alone title, but reading in order makes the action clearer and more enhanced. This book is a riveting, action-packed military story as is every book in the series. The author provides a glossary of terms/acronyms and a complete character list for reference. If a reader has not read the other titles in the series, it is not a problem. Ronie Kendig was an Army brat and is married to a veteran. Her plots exhibit great skill in all things military and in special ops teams. Her books never disappoint with compelling stories and admirable, realistic characterizations. In Falcon the military team has been infiltrated by a mole, and a computer hacker has compromised information and several missions. Warrant Officer Salvatore “Falcon” Russo is a skilled military operative with courage and determination. The team must take down the Osiris hacker that has jeopardized their maneuvers and their lives. A man of his word and loyal to a fault, a promise made to a close family friend led to a breakup with Lt. Cassandra Walker. Feelings of betrayal and bitterness overwhelm Falcon, and he cannot get past Cassandra’s actions that may have cost the lives of those people important to him. Cassandra Walker has never stopped loving Falcon and desperately wants to heal their relationship. Yet, Falcon remains rigid in his belief of her betrayal and avoids any contact, other than necessary. She fears that any chance of reconciliation with him is over, and she has a deep secret that ties him to her. Afraid to tell him, and yet afraid not to, her position seems hopeless. As the raptor team’s pursuit of the enemy escalates, they don’t know whom to trust or what action is safe for them. Cassandra’s work for the Defense Intelligence Agency and her unlikely connection to an executive assistant to a Chinese businessman under suspicion forces Falcon to trust her once again. Dare he trust her or will she put more lives in danger? Again, this is another exciting, intense work of fiction. Do not miss it. I received this book through Barbour Publishers in exchange for an honest review.
gatorade635 More than 1 year ago
Ahh the amazingness that is Ronie Kendig! I honestly don't think Ronie can write anything that isn't mind-blowingly awesome! Every time I pick up one of her novels I know that I am in for an adventure that will have me on the edge of my seat and reading every spare second that I have! And Falcon was definitely no different! This book literally started with a bang and the action never stopped! There was so much going on and I could barely make myself put it down for even a minute! Sal was always a bit of an enigma so it was great to get inside his head and see what had shaped him into the soldier he is. And Cassie was an interesting character as well. The two had a rather complex history and it was intriguing to see their relationship play out.  I also enjoyed the bit of Titanis's story we got since I've enjoyed his character. The author did a brilliant job of writing everything in such a way that I honestly didn't know who or what to trust. She fed us just enough to keep the story going while at the same time keeping her readers as in the dark as the team was! I guessed a couple of things but there were so many more shockers that I never even saw coming! In short I adored every second of this book and honestly can't recommend it enough! I would advise reading the series in order but the previous two books are just as amazing so you won't be sorry! I received a free copy of this book as part of the author's influencer team.
Steve_Doc_Hilton More than 1 year ago
Now . . . it’s personal.   As if it weren’t before. The operators in Team Raptor have had their head cut off.  But they are not dead, neither are they any less deadly.  When you set out to yank the tail of the tiger – you’d better have a plan for dealing with his teeth. Newly-minted Warrant Officer 1st Class Salvatore “FALCON” Russo is totally ready to sink his teeth into the Osiris hacker.  But that means putting the team in the hands of Cassandra Walker.  In his eyes, the cliché “Anything is better than nothing” fails the test when it comes to Cassie.  The last time he trusted her, two of the most important people in his life died.  Never again. Cassandra Walker knows exactly three things:  she has never loved any man besides Salvatore Russo, he hates her more than life itself, and her mission may destroy any chance of reconciliation. In the third installment of The Quiet Professionals, “FALCON” must reassemble the team and send them into danger – yet again.  Yet he can’t escape the frustration of having his hands tied, the Raptor team unable to do what they do best:  operate.  With swift, unerring precision.  Ridding the world of a cancer that should never have existed in the first place. Riding the razor’s edge has never been more crucial than now .  . . nor has it ever been more painful.  What will “FALCON” find waiting for him at the end of the ride?  Is that light at the end of the tunnel?  Or is it another freight train?  Ronie Kendig will keep you guessing to the very last page. One thing that does need mentioning.  The Quiet Professionals series, by its very nature, is more interwoven than a lot of series might be.  Because this is an “on-going operation,” FALCON  is not as easily read “on-its-own.”  If this is the first book of the series you’ve come across, you might consider checking out the previous two, just to get the “lay of the land.” 5 stars for Special Ops action, suspense and a passion for others by Ronie Kendig!
JessicaBertrand More than 1 year ago
You may need a five point harness for this book. Strap yourself in for some amazing action packed adventure and intrigue are heading your way. Falcon a must read on your shelf or Nook. If you don't already own it you need to get it. You will not be able to put this one down because you are heading out with the team on an epic journey of global proportions.   
LisaReviews More than 1 year ago
Holy Moly! Falcon was a great way to finish this series. Technically, one could read this book by itself, however, I personally recommend reading the whole series in order (Raptor 6, then Hawk). I was given this book to read free if I would give my honest report. I was honored and felt after reading the back cover, I needed to read the first books first so I could completely follow along. When I finished this book, I was sad it was over because I am going to miss these characters I had spent so many hours with. However, I was relieved. Ms. Kendig did an amazing job of having this read like a war/action movie in my mind. It was intense (which is one reason why I was relieved to have it over and have a break before I start another of her series). It had mystery of finding out who would be trying to sabotage the US military (starting in the first and carrying through). It had a guessing game going on, where the members of Raptor team were not sure who they could trust. Danger behind every corner. The baddest of the bad servicemen yet each having something going on internally that made them vulnerable. Each character grips you so that when they feel pain, whether emotionally or physically, happy, sad, mad, betrayal, literally, everything, you feel it as well. I recommend this for men and women. Seeing the way of life of not only our elite military was fascinating but learning of the way of life for the Afghan people throughout was intriguing. I felt like I was there in the sand with them every step of the way. This was the first series I have read of Ronie Kendig and I cannot wait to read her others. This hit the target and has turned me into a fan for life!
debhgrty More than 1 year ago
Deb’s Dozen: Definition of Falcon—furious, fatalistic, fixated, fragile, fearless, fearful, facetious, fierce, fascinated. Ronie Kendig has done it again—written a series I don’t want to see end. Falcon is the last of The Quiet Professionals series following Raptor and Hawk. As a non-military background person, I am fascinated by the depth of knowledge and detail rife within her books. She has the ability to take us to the environment she writes about through explicit descriptions and fascinatingly complex characters. Warrant Officer Sal (Falcon) Russo is furious. He thought he’d rid himself of Lieutenant Cassandra Walker and here she was back again  where he couldn’t avoid her. Oh, well, he didn’t have to be nice to her or talk with her other than when duty required their interaction. Cassie wants more than anything to repair her relationship with Sal—but he has not—cannot forgive her for her part in the death of his fiancée, Vida. The mole within the unit is still undiscovered. The unit is still being attacked and men killed. One of the first casualties is General Burnett—ambushed in a supposedly secured area. Raptor is mourning the death of the general and the other casualties—and perplexed how the enemy keeps getting into the compound. Finding the mole becomes a prime objective along with stopping the Osiris hacker, Meng-Li (Daniel) Jin. As the cover copy says so eloquently, “The deeper Raptor digs for truth, the more betrayal seeps from the very fabric of their mission. Friends become spies and turncoats. Enemies morph into strange allies. As the tides turn and Sal rethinks his game plan, he is forced to  trust Cassie again. And it might be the last time.” My husband says this is the best Kendig book yet and I have to agree. My only problem with Falcon is you have to have read Raptor and Hawk to understand completely what’s going on in the story. Falcon does not fly as a stand-alone story without the reader having many unanswered questions about what’s happened in the previous books. If you’re the type who has to know everything, buy and read Raptor and Hawk first—you won’t be disappointed. However, despite not being “in the know,” Falcon is an exciting, dramatic read that you won’t want to put down until you finish. Five stars. Shiloh Publishing (an imprint of Barbour Publishing) gave me a copy of Falcon in exchange for my candid review.
angelmom1165 More than 1 year ago
I don't normally pick military fiction for my reading pleasure but when Ronie is the author, that changes everything. I LOVE her books. The characters grab me right away. They become "real" to me and I have to find out where their adventures take them and what kind of danger they will face next. I consider Ronie one of my favorite authors and love ALL of her books.  Falcon had many surprises for me. Some things I figured out ahead of time and others caught me off guard. These characters are complex and exciting. In her books she has strong characters and especially the women. This book series takes you into a time that could very well be now. The danger and action keep you reading (even way past your bedtime). It was fast-paced and non stop. I would recommend reading the first two books in the series, Raptor 6 and Hawk, before reading this one, although it can be read alone. I haven't read the first two and now I am dying to go and read them and re-read Falcon. You won't be disappointed in this book or any other by Ronie Kendig. She does not disappoint in her story telling skills. Please check out her other two series, too. I have all of her books either on my shelf or Kindle or both. They are so good I want to make sure I can read them anytime. Five stars for this book!
readerscozycorner More than 1 year ago
 Suspense, Drama, Romance and Action are just a few of the exciting things you will find in Falcon.  Sal and Cassie don't get along, Sal blames Cassie for something that happened years ago. Cassie has a few secrets that will effect  him and the whole team! Can Sal forgive her? Will they make it out alive? This book is an amazing display of military action, personal struggles and mind blowing suspense. Reading this book is like being in the action, ready to fight the bad guys. I enjoyed this book very much and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for action and suspense. It's full of military terms and phrases which make it all the more authentic. You almost feel as if you are in the military yourself. I am not one to read military inspired books, but this one was awesome.  Get your copy today and dive right into the action! Read it, Love it, Share it! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! With every turn of the page you become more engrossed.
twinsnana More than 1 year ago
Ronie Kendig has another winner. Her newest release concludes her Quiet Professionals series, in which we discover more about who is behind the attacks on the Raptor team. It's also the story about Sal Russo and Cassandra Walker and the history behind their stormy relationship, which isn't very pretty. The book deals with the choices we make in life, and the consequences of those choices. And Ronie doesn't sugarcoat the topic, she delves into the nitty gritty. I was kept on the edge of my seat during the whole time I was reading the book. And although I thought I had things figured out, I was always surprised at the twists and turns the story took. i highly recommend that you read this book for a thrill-a-minute ride. Two thumbs up, Ronie! It's probably your best book yet.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finished this book-love the series and this is the best one yet!  Fast paced, suspense and a little romance!  What more could you want!  Can't wait for the next one now!
HannahMC More than 1 year ago
Oh my word, this book had me on the edge of my seat! I literally read it in under 24 hours, because I could not put Falcon down. Once again, Ronie Kendig has delivered an exceptional, action packed book full of twists and turns you will not see coming. One of Kendig's strengths as a writer is her ability to craft extremely well-developed and realistic characters. As in all her previous books, the characters are complex and well written, and she does not disappoint with Salvatore and Cassandra. They are not shown to be perfect people, and both have many struggles they are trying to work through. I actually got mad at both of them and at the situations they were in on several occasions, but that just shows how much this book captured my attention! That is why the reader is able to relate to them as individuals and as a couple. Their relationship is not easy, and they both have a lot of baggage from previous trials in their life, but it was beautiful to see how their relationship developed and their wounds began to heal. You will so be rooting for this couple! Overall, this book is an example of how God can bring beauty and healing out of the messiest situations. Another strong point in Kendig's writing is that war is not glamorized into something its not. Media (TV shows, news, etc) tends to either criticize soldiers and the realities of war or glamorize and even downgrade the violence that occurs. I believe that Kendig wrote a particularly realistic portrayal of war in Falcon. You should definitely read this book. I highly recommend it, and that is coming from someone who is picky about the books they read! *I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a completely honest review, but honestly I would have given this review without it. It is so hard to find quality books in today's society (suspense without unneeded gore, romance without trashiness, etc), but Ronie Kendig is an author that you can trust will write wonderful and well written books!*
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
Once again, Ronie Kendig delivers an action-packed, edge-of-your-seat ride in the final installment of her Quiet Professionals series. Book three, Falcon, includes the Raptor team members from the previous books, as well as Timbrel and Candyman from the earlier story, Beowulf: Explosives Detection Dog. But, the bulk of the story is focused on finding the mole who has been sabotaging the team. We also get the chance to discover why Warrant Officer Salvatore “Falcon” Russo harbors so much animosity toward Cassandra Walker. One of the things I really enjoyed about this book was the complexity of the relationship between Sal and Cassie. There is a lot to learn about their past and it is not pretty! The author adeptly delves into the gritty realities of life and does not sugar-coat the fact that our actions have consequences. She tackles topics like guilt and PTSD in a straightforward manner, recognizing that the atrocities faced by these warriors are real. I really loved this story and loved the twists, turns, and shockers that completely surprised me! I also wish that there were more books coming in the future that would follow some of the other team members. My thanks to the author for the complimentary copy of Falcon that I received in exchange for my honest review.
kpeck More than 1 year ago
Where do I even start with this review? The book starts out with action so, I think I will take my cue from there. Go buy this book! You will not regret it. You don't have to start from the first in the series, though I would recommend it. Again, you won't be sorry!  Ronnie has done it again. I am a huge fan of this author and fully recommend all of her books. She has gone above and beyond with the Quiet Professionals series.  I generally hate reviews that just say "This is an awesome book!" and leave it at that. I try to give more than that in my reviews. So here you go. The second book in this trilogy, Hawk ended in a serious cliff hanger. Thankfully, I held off reading it until Falcon was released. I would have been pulling my hair out! Rather than starting Falcon after resolutions were miraculously solved, Kendig plunges you into the fray right at the start. This book starts with a bang and never lets up. There are several characters focused on and a lot of loose ends to tie. Somehow she does it without making the reader feel overwhelmed or lost in confusion.  Several times I wanted to chuck the book across the room. I was that invested and involved. That's a sign of a great book as far as I am concerned. I wish I could give you more details, but I am afraid a lot of them would be spoilers. I will tell you this, Raptor Team has a lot being thrown at them and they fight back, hard. The battle that ensues has you gasping and on the edge of your seat. Chapter after chapter they are fighting for their lives, the enemy seemingly several steps ahead of them. Kendig keeps you guessing and throws a few punches of her own. This is a gripping and compelling book. Anything else I say will spoil the plot or be more gushing. I hope you decide to read it! *I received a free copy of this book. However I am under no obligation to read or review. I do so of my own free will. My words are honest and my own*
LJShuck More than 1 year ago
Falcon, the third in The Quiet Professionals series, is a well-written story that could very well mirror today's headlines.  The plot development is outstanding and the characters are an array of very different, but likable, personalities.  The series focuses on a central character in each book with the rest of the team as supporting characters; Falcon focuses on Sal.  He's tender; he's tough.  He's troubled; he loves deeply.  He's loyal and expect those around him to be loyal too.  A mole in the team troubles him greatly and he is determined to find out who it is before its too late.  Throughout this series, the author weaves mystery, intrigue, romance, inspiration and military life in a well-balanced, can't put it down novel.  You can read Falcon alone but it is best savored as part of the series.  That said, don't let that stop you from reading Falcon; its a guaranteed like and is excellent on its own merits.   Having finished the book 2 days ago, I'm still thinking about it.  Outstanding.  I cannot express how very much I enjoyed Falcon. Guaranteed you'll love it!
Mary-Bell-Foster More than 1 year ago
Falcon: by Ronie Kendig Warrant Officer Salvatore “Falcon” Russo has a difficult job ahead and he’s got to keep his head in the game. If it wasn’t for the aggravating presence of one Cassandra Walker his job would be so much easier. Cassandra Walker was there, in Afghanistan, to work. Her under cover op was wearing on her. Truth is, she asked for this assignment so she could be close to him. Falcon. And he despises her. How is she supposed to fix things with everything falling apart? What if he finds out her secret? Raptor’s got someone trying to kill them off. All are targets for this unseen enemy and no where is safe, not the nearby town, not the beautiful high rise Takkar towers, not even the base. Who can they trust? There’s a real and present threat, and Raptor isn’t sure who to trust. An insidious threat follows them. No one is safe. No place is safe. Falcon is a fast paced thrill from the first page through the last. Written by award winning author Ronie Kendig. I am Never disappointed when I open one of her books. Yes, I have them all! She amazes me time and again by creating elements and characters that I want to get to know, I want to keep up with them. I can’t wait for her next book. Well done Ronie Kendig! Thank you!
TCramer More than 1 year ago
At last, book 3 in The Quiet Professionals Series. I have been hooked on this story line since reading the first book, Raptor 6. The second book, Hawk, was incredible. And now, Falcon nails it. This is an amazing series and Falcon does not disappoint! As a matter of fact, it fills in the blanks of questions we've been anxiously awaiting the answers for. I can’t help but be sad that this is the final installment of the series. I would love more special missions with Raptor along with digging into the lives of other team members. If you enjoy military action books with Special Ops, then this suspenseful, action packed thriller is for you. Yes, it’s that good. Falcon, is Special Forces operator, Salvatore Russo, and he’s the star of this book. Author, Ronie Kendig, gives the reader the opportunity to feel what the characters feel. It is a journey of fierce loyalty laced with disappointment when Falcon fails to measure up to the standards he has set for himself. He wants nothing more than to succeed at missions, serving and protecting alongside his brothers in arms. He is passionate and fierce. Lieutenant Cassandra Walker is a part of Falcon’s past he would like to forget but finds the struggle to be impossible. The two have trust issues from 4 years ago and it plays into their current personal and working relationship. In this third book, readers are treated to continuing relationships with characters from Raptor 6 and Hawk. I love that – characters that have been so well-developed by the author that you do not want to leave them behind. With The Quiet Professional Series, you never have to. I was provided a copy of Falcon by the publisher for my honest review. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to provide my opinion, especially since the book is truly amazing. 5 stars for Falcon and the entire Quiet Professionals Series.
ConR More than 1 year ago
I've read several of Kendig's military action books, and I have to say that "Falcon" is my favorite thus far. If you enjoy hard-hitting, nonstop action, intrigue, suspense and that "How fast can I turn the pages" feeling when you read a book, this is one for you! Just when you think you know what's going to happen next....whoops, you're wrong! Love this book!
iStudyScripture More than 1 year ago
FALCON could very well be a story ripped from today’s headlines. Set in modern day Afghanistan the story details one elite military units fight to maintain cyber security as well as the safety and anonymity of valuable military assets. The identity of the person or group perpetrating the attacks is unknown, but the team in honing in on them. As they do the threat increases, the plot thickens, and lives hang in the balance. Ronie Kendig’s explosive ending to The Quiet Professionals Series will keep you reading with rapt attention! Over the course of the series Kendig has singled out individual team members and focused on how their unique personal struggles have impacted the overall mission. Her characters break the mold of popular Christian fiction because they are always a little edgy. In this book, Salvatore “Falcon” Russo is loyal to his brothers in arms, dedicated to the mission, protective, and occasionally hot-tempered. Falcon’s personal struggles with the guilt over his past choices carries a universal message to all Christians — see 2 Corinthians 7:10. The history he shares with Lt. Walker is complicated, which makes for an interesting romantic tension between the two. There is no room for weak leading ladies in Rapid-Fire Fiction. We saw it with Zahrah Zarrick in RAPTOR 6, as well as Fekiria from HAWK (both ladies make cameo appearances in FALCON). Now we see that the same is true of Lt. Cassandra Walker. While each woman possesses a physical beauty that makes them attractive to the men of Raptor, their bravery, intelligence, and fortitude place them in a class of their own. The women of Raptor are inspiring! If you have a passion for suspense fiction, FALCON is a must read! Get your copy when the book releases from Shiloh Run Press on May 4th.