Fallen Beloved

Fallen Beloved

by Paul Morabito


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When a small town journalist stumbles upon a local story of an elderly man with unearthly healing powers, he gets into more than bargained for. What started out as a spellbinding miracle of biblical proportions has now turned into a manhunt for murder. Jack Waters, the town reporter, suspects him of foul play. Some say the stranger is a gift from God, while others believe he is the devil himself. Once Jack's only daughter is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he is confronted with a major decision. Does he sit back and watch his own flesh and blood waste away, or does he schedule an appointment with Gud. With authorities hot on Gud's trail, Jack soon becomes a new suspect in the case. Just how far is he willing to go to save his daughter's life? Jack finds the quest for writing the news-breaking story makes him the headliner. This book also introduces the first glimpse into the world of The Protector's, a real life religious society established for spreading and protecting the Word of God at any cost.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781475255010
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/08/2014
Pages: 214
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)

About the Author

Paul Morabito was born in the state of New Jersey. While growing up, he was taught to always do his best at everything attempted, a quality instilled in him by his parents and older brothers. Having this drive to excel, gave the incentive to educate himself in as many areas as possible.
Upon reading many pieces of fiction and nonfiction alike, Paul soon discovered the passion for the business field. Completing his first work entitled Making Money In Today's Economy, he found the desire to jump into the world of fiction fantasy novel writing. This is where his true love and skills flourished. With great interest in this genre, he figured the concept of Plane Hell would fit nicely. Book 1 and 2 of the series, Plane Hell: The Hell's Plane Amulet and Plane Hell: The Amulet Of The Dead were both re-released together. The third chapter in the series is currently under works.
Slowly but surely, he was intrigued by the horror genre. Always a big fan of this niche, he felt the urge to tackle it as well. Putting his wits to the test created a new voice in horror, a new name for fear and a new book entitled The Preying Grounds.
The latest eagerly awaited religious thriller, Fallen Beloved, has now hit the world by storm. It contains a thrilling fiction storyline and introduces the nonfiction religious organization known as The Protectors of the Word for the first time.
The newest release is the most special project of all, which combines Paul's talents along with first time author and loving mother Marfisa Morabito. Marisa Morabito has also played a critical role in bringing this story which has taken over thirty years to produce to life. It explains the joys of raising and hardships of losing her angelic son. An Angel From Above is the inspiring true story that describes the joyous memories and trials and tribulations endured through Marfisa's lifetime. It's a story of hope and strength that grew from Christian faith. It entails deep pain of losing a precious son and having victory in Christ Jesus. Including glorious days, dreams, visions and miracles, she provides comfort to those facing similar struggles and is an inspiration to those from all walks of life.

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