Falling for Her Brother's Best Friend (Tea for Two, #1)

Falling for Her Brother's Best Friend (Tea for Two, #1)

by Noelle Adams

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After too many bad decisions in romance, Emma is going on a man-fast. For the next six months, she's fasting from men. No sex. No dating. No soulful gazes. No fond memories of her first crush. She's going to spend the time focusing on her career, getting in touch with herself, and helping her two best friends with the launch of their new tea room. No men.

And that includes her brother's best friend, Noah Hart, who has just returned to their hometown.

She doesn't want Noah anyway. He might be even hotter than he was before, but he's not a nice guy anymore. He's made a fortune by acting ruthless in business, and the last thing he's looking for is small-town domestic life. He doesn't even want to be in town again, but a sick grandmother guilted him into it. Then he has nerve to not even recognize Emma when he sees her again. Maybe it's been seven years, but a decent guy would remember his best friend's little sister.

Noah is not a decent guy. Anyway, Emma is on a man-fast. And she doesn't want Noah.

At all.

Fifteen years ago, three girls were thrown together because their brothers were best friends. Now they're all grown up, and their brothers are grown up too. The Tea for Two series tells their stories.

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BN ID: 2940153471754
Publisher: Noelle Adams
Publication date: 06/07/2017
Series: Tea for Two , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 78,979
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Falling for Her Brother's Best Friend (Tea for Two, #1) 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was quite boring. The characters' were too immature and spoiled. The plot was not very interesting. Even the sex scenes were lacking. It was like teens having sex, very inexperienced and quick. I became bored after a few chapters into the story. It was not interesting enough to hold my interest. I do not recommend. Gtx
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like the book but it got a little boring half way thru it. But i did enjoy it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Disappointed. Under developed characters, adult women who act like young teenagers, and men who don't have a clue about life. With friends like these you don't need enemies. Reluctant to continue series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very sweet story that tugs at the heart strings.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed this book. Love a book that moves on without constant repetition.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
But she's gotten lazy whipping out cheesy short stories with no depth or character development Skip it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the flow and characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really injoyed thes story.looking forward to reading the next book. L.M.A.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
I'm usually a big fan of Noelle's books but this one was just ok for me. I had a hard time liking Noah's character. His father leaving them as kids has affected him to the point that he never comes home and has no ties. He's driven and successful, but doesn't commit. His reluctance to pursue Emma and his constant flaking on her kept me from truly loving this story. This is more a personal preference since I prefer a Hero that goes after the woman he wants. This still has the great writing that Noelle Adams is known for. ARC provided by NetGalley.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So so good I can't wait for the 2nd one to come out!!!!!!
carvanz More than 1 year ago
This is a perfect, sweet little romance! Emma has decided to go on a man-fast considering that all of her past relationships have shown her to make poor decisions in that regard. And she means it. Absolutely. That is until her brother’s best friend and her childhood crush returns to town. Noah hasn’t been home in seven years. He’s not the settling down kind and he never will be. That is until he runs into Emma who stirs feelings in him he doesn’t understand. Unfortunately, despite the hot chemistry between the two of them, he can’t change his nature. He’s a runner, and someone will eventually get hurt. I loved this book with its fun character of friends and family. Emma is a sweet friend and sister and she struggles to deny her feelings for Noah in order to protect herself. I’m not going to share what the root of Noah’s problem is but I totally understood it and the reason he is unable to let it go. Despite his reasons, he feels strongly toward Emma and wants to be a better man for her, for his sister, for his grandmother. This is a quick read that was never bogged down by unnecessary dialogue or internal contemplation. The epilogue is just a quick peek a month into the future but I suspect we will see more of this couple as the following friends and brothers stories are presented. I will definitely be checking them out when released. ARC provided for honest review Dual POV Safe No Triggers
LightningCityBookReview More than 1 year ago
Noelle Adams starts a new sweet and sexy series, Tea for Two, starting with "Falling For Her Best Friend's Brother". It follows two girlfriends who open a tearoom in their town; the third friend's the "money girl" and honorary partner. The girls became best friends because their brothers were best friends. Emma's the brainy one of the friends and considers herself to be the plain one. She seems to only attract losers and her last horrible boyfriends have driven her to try a 6 month "Man-Fast". Proving she's unable to fall for the right guy is the childhood crush she had on her best friend's brother. Noah's the definition of a bad choice but he's become a "runner" and when things get tough he moves on. He's very successful, working at a multi-national corporation and travels from country to country. Noah's been away from their hometown for several years. Running. "Falling For Her Best Friend's Brother" is an understatedly sexy romance. It's a book that's quick to read which is perfect for something light to read between books. Noelle Adams provides a list of characters at the beginning of the book. The roster links the brothers and their sisters and gives a brief description of each. All of the characters are charming and likable. Emma's vulnerable yet she's also very strong and mature about Noah's "mood swings". Noah's an extremely sympathetic hero; he has a past which changed and defined him. Who he is today is a colder version of the warm-hearted boy of years past. However that caring soul still shines through. Nan is a trip and has personality plus. I'm now curious as to what will happen next in the Tea for Two series; I'll definitely be looking out. To read the entire review please visit: http://wp.me/p4XqxF-1Yc This novel was provided, voluntarily read, and honestly reviewed.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This is the start of a sweet and sexy contemporary romance series starring three best girlfriends and their older brothers. It's clear from the start that it's going to be the girls paired off with their friend's brothers, so I'll be interested to see the differences in story plots since they all have the 'best friend's sibling' trope. In this story it's Emma, a smart business minded woman who is the financial planner for her brother Patrick's IT company who is paired with her friend Ginny's older brother Noah. Emma's always had a crush on Noah but he's been away from town for several years and is back only because of the Tea for Two shop his sister is opening. But being around Emma, whom he definitely sees as all grown up now also makes him wonder whether he's made the right choice staying away for so long. I enjoyed the setup for this story, and the strong friendship between the three women. Ginny and Carol own the Tea for Two shop and Emma helped them out with their business plan to get things off the ground. The grand opening of the shop is the impetus to get the families together and the three older brothers (Emma's brother Patrick, Ginny's brother Noah, and Carol's brother Ryan) are all best friends too. There is a bit of that 'you're not good enough for my sister' vibe coming from Patrick towards Noah when he suspects that there might be something going on between them. Noah is a conflicted character, his father's defection from their family when he was younger making him hesitant to commit to a woman on the chance that she might leave him. It creates the conflict between him and Emma as he's not sure he can give her what she's looking for. Plus he feels guilty for having left town for so long and not having spent time with his sister Ginny and his Nan, who is showing her age. After a series of unsuccessful relationships Emma is on a 'Man-fast', but that doesn't last long once Noah is in town. There are some sexy scenes between Noah and Emma and I like how the story played out along the way to its happy ending. I'm definitely planning to read about the other couples!
Rules640 More than 1 year ago
Falling for her Brother’s Best Friend is beautiful romantic love story with nice characters and a good storyline. Doing justice to it’s mentioned genre of romantic comedy, this book had some really funny moments especially in the beginning of the novel which made me laugh out loud. The narrative was not only laugh out loud, it also had some emotional moments like when Noah’s dilemma and fear played havoc in his life and as a consequence both he and Emma got hurt. One important plus point of this novel was that the author expressed the emotions and thoughts of both the main characters really well and I almost felt like I was with them. Another thing about this novel is that as all the important characters have been friends right from the childhood (Falling for her Brother’s Best Friend shows these characters in there adult life) so there is a friendly atmosphere throughout the novel; this friendly atmosphere made me feel good while I was reading the book and was one of the reasons why I enjoyed it. Finally I would say this love story of Emma and Noah is quite a enjoyable read that I would definitely like to recommend to all romance lovers.
OpheliaOA More than 1 year ago
Another great book by Noelle Adams. I just love all her books and Falling For Her Brother's Best Friend was no different. Noah might not have recognized Emma at first but the instant attraction he had for her soon turned into more. Emma might be on a Man-Fast but the old feelings she had for Noah are now so much stronger that her Man-Fast is all but forgotten. Emma and Noah might not have been looking for a relationship but when their feelings start to bloom nothing will stop them from being together and having their HEA. Can't wait to read the next book from Tea for Two series. A was given this ARC from NetGalley and Barclay Publicity as an exchange for an honest review.
CeeCeeHouston More than 1 year ago
Emma Hart has loved Noah Stevenson even since she was 10 years old. She had a massive crush on him all through her teenage years too, but Noah only saw her a little Pudge, his best friend’s little sister. She’d been plan, and chubby and wore braces the last time he saw her. But she’s all grown up now. But, he is a man who can’t commit, he runs when feelings become to intimate. Drawn back to his hometown by a sick grandmother, Noah can’t believe the change in Emma. He doesn’t even recognize her at first, she’s the most desirable woman he’s ever seen and he makes a pass at her which leads to an uncomfortable moment once he does figure out who she is. He knows he shouldn’t want her, he tries not to, but it doesn’t help when Emma feels the same way. Events tumble out of control and Noah is forced to make a choice. Run and never see his friends and family again, or stay and finally be the man he always wished he could be.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
This is a brilliant start to a contemporary new series which focusses on three young women who are best friends and have been since their older brothers became best friends fifteen years ago. This is a great introduction to the three pairs of siblings - Emma and Patrick, Ginny and Noah & Carol and Ryan. Emma and Patrick work together but they are also supporting the new business being launched by Carol and Ginny - a tea room in their home town. Emma is fed up with dating the wrong men and has decided to avoid relationships for the next six months. Then she discovers that her childhood crush, Ginny’s brother Noah, is coming home for the opening of the tea room after being absent for seven years. When he hits on her in the bar at the airport she realises he doesn’t even recognise who she is though the attraction between them is mutual. Knowing he’s now a hard hearted business man who runs from commitment and relationships, he’s another of those wrong men for Emma and he also knows he shouldn’t be attracted to his best friend’s sister but attracted to her he is! Life’s going to get interesting as they try to resist temptation! This is a heart warming tale that also includes some touching discussions and turmoil regarding reactions to a father leaving to start a new family, no longer keeping in contact or showing interest in their original family offspring. The resulting turmoil and life choices are key to this story and impact on the development of the relationships for the siblings concerned. This is a story about families, friendship and romance with great characters, plenty of twist and packed with emotional turmoil. It is an engaging read and I look forward to reading more in the series in future! I requested and was given a copy of this book via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion after choosing to read it.
anapjm02 More than 1 year ago
Tea for Tow series is starting with a great one! I love Noelle Adams's books because they are so genuine and the characters so alive. This group of friends are wonderful: Emma, Ginny, Carol, Patrick, Noah and Ryan; they are all friends since they are kids and have a strong bound. Noah has been away for several years working internationally and running away from his childhood traumas, while Emma stayed home and built a business with her brother Patrick. Both of them have their issues and Emma is on a "man fast" because she only dates loosers. Their connection is strong from the beginning and they slowly start to understand each other. This is a beautiful romance with a lot of emotional scenes and love. This is a great start of a lovely series and I look forward to the next one!