Falling in Love

Falling in Love

by Angelina Martinez


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ISBN-13: 9781491825341
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/21/2013
Pages: 72
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.17(d)

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By Angelina Martinez


Copyright © 2013 Angelina Martinez
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-2534-1



Getgo is dreaming about when he was very young, looking at his father building a car.

"Dad, what is that? It looks like a ventricle artery with a valve and veins."

"Yes, son, one day you will see what this bad boy can do."

The phone rings. It goes straight to voice mail.

"Hello, Mr. Getgo, it's me, Frankie."

"Hi, you."

"It's been such a long time since our last conversation. How's it hanging, Getgo?"

"We need to—"

"Oops, I got ya. Unfortunately, I can't get to the phone. Please leave your name, or just holla back."

"You prick, you fooled me again. Get your green ass out of bed. We have big changes to do in building 2809. Get up. I have your favorite coffee and clams."

Getgo turns in an upright position. He pulls down his blanket and jumps out of bed. He has on a Mets pajama top and Yankee pajama pants. Getgo puts on his slippers that are shaped like a football, he plays Christmas music, and then he pulls up the shade.

"Oh, shit, let me find out it's a snowfall. Fox Five News can be pretty unreliable when it comes to the weather forecast. Yes, 20 percent off car insurance for a person who forecasts the weather with no fuckups."

Getgo starts to laugh with amusement. He is playing Christmas songs on his iPod. He starts dancing the "Getgo dance" all the way to his bathroom. Getgo reaches for the phone to call Mr. Frankie. He opens the bathroom door while talking on the phone.

"Hello, Mr. Paranoia, I'm on my way." Getgo closes the bathroom door and starts to sing Christmas songs out loud. The office on the thirty-fourth floor is over fifty years old, with the same old phones, chairs, desk, and library, with many old books. A supervisor and three employees have had the same job for over thirty years.

All the phones in the office are ringing.

"Good afternoon. Miss Delilah on the phone."

"Looking for an auto insurance quote."

"Hello, Mr. Brooks. Yes, oh sure, Mr. Brooks. Our professionals are available 24/7. Okay, bye, have a great day. You will get a call on new offers for age seventy-five. Bye now."

"Good afternoon. Miss Tina on the phone. Looking for an auto insurance quote? Good day, Mr. Lee. Yes, whichever comes. We cover total loss. Did I answer your question? Okay, sir, have a great day, and please feel free to call again. Bye now."

"Hello, anybody, what time is Miss Getga coming in?" asked Zariah.

"Hold on, I'm still on the phone. Okay, Mr. Brown, I have your contract. I will mail it. Hope you get it. Slow down, that was a mail joke. Yes, you're still talking to Miss Delilah, and you were approved for 50 percent off on your next purchase. Bye now.

"Zariah, I was on the phone with that pain in the ass, Mr. Brown, but anyways Miss Getga went to buy a Christmas tree."

"Did you girls read the memo? Look, read it for yourself."

The girls run over to Delilah. They all say out loud, "The big boss is coming to town."

"Miss Delilah, do you think he's single? Or maybe he has a brother."

"No, Miss Tina, let's hope we still have a job."


Time to Introduce

Music is playing. Getgo is out of the shower, dancing with his SpongeBob shorts on all the way to his bedroom. He gets dressed and puts on his Heelys boots, jacket, scarf, and red Christmas hat. This prick Mr. Frankie, his interpretation had better be excellent. He so better have my clams and coffee. Getgo is at the front lobby door. He makes a expression when he opens the lobby door.

"Oh shit, baby. Avalanche all over the place. I can do this." Getgo pulls his Heelys wheels out, puts the Heelys chains on, takes off his Christmas hat, puts his headphones on, starts listening to his iPod, clips the iPod to the inside of his jacket, and puts his hat back on. He checks for extra wheels and his measuring tape in his backpack. Getgo starts skating down Fifth Avenue. "People all over. Let me shut off my iPod. Look at all these people in the snow, calling out my name. I'm loving it."

"Yes, for 20 percent more you get to make a connection, discover passion, adventure, excitement, and your choice of the best insurance package if you try out my Heelys."

Many people start waving their hands, yelling out, "I accept your offer!"

Getgo replies, "Don't sweat me, guys. Oh, I smell clams. Hey, son, throw me a clam. I love clams. Do you want to offer me any?"

A man in the crowd yells, "Get your own, you green lizard!"

"Oh, no he didn't." Getgo starts skating faster. The streets are full of snow. Suddenly there is a loud explosive sound.

Getgo bangs into a parked car. His head is spinning. Oh, sugar nuts. What a bang. Never mind car insurance, I need a good health plan. You go, Mr. President Obama, with your new health package. Getgo notices a wheel is missing from his Heelys. He takes off his backpack, opens up the zipper, and feels for his extra wheel. He tries to fix it, but no luck, and nobody is around. Getgo takes out his cell phone. "Hello, Bobby, meet me at Thirty-Fourth and Fourth Avenue in five minutes."

"Yo, chill, you're talking to your gold-and-black-striped Lamborghini that talks and plays music. Your dad implemented many parts for action. Getgo, you sent me a programmed database with no code.

"You should know my voice by now. Okay, my pussycat, my code is 'rock the boat.' Now get your wheels over here." Getgo hangs up the phone and then tries to get all the snow off him.

Bobby plays music as he drives down Manhattan to pick up Getgo. Christmas lights are all over Manhattan. "Destination reached. Your Lamborghini is in your service."

Getgo walks with a limp to the car. He gets in and tries to fix the broken Heelys.

"Yo, Bobby, take me to 2809 between Fifty-Ninth and Fifth Avenue. Play me some of your funky music."

"That's what I'm talking about, Getgo. Let's do this." Bobby plays some funky music. When they approach the building, Bobby plays Christmas songs.

Many people are looking out the window. Miss Gina, from the thirtieth floor, looks out her window.


Getgo Hears Frankie's Plan

"Delilah and the girls are leaping all over this window, looking at their boss. The girls start to clean up the office.

"Later, Bobby, I'll call ya."

"Getgo, you're looking good. No more limp. Remember your code, moron." The headlights go on and off, pumps the music then takes off. "Hello, Mr. Frankie."

"About time, Mr. Getgo. It took you long enough to get here. There goes your coffee and clams."

"Mr. Frankie, first of all, this better be good news. As for this coffee, it looks like mud, and these clams are slamming. Let's get to business."

"Mr. Getgo, we need to change the phones, tables, library, and files. We are going to do a huge makeover."

"Frankie boy, what the hell are you talking about? A body or something else?"

"Please don't make me laugh. Listen to this, the thirty-fourth floor is going to be remodeled with the great PSP computer with the capacity of over one hundred feet. We can input all the record files and every library book we have on auto insurance."

"What are you crazy, Frankie? The ladies have been doing this job for over thirty years—and a great job at it. We are better than Geico. Oops, I said a funny."

"Whatever, hear me out. Getgo, I would need you to start measuring the office on the thirty-fourth floor. You don't have to tell the ladies anything for now. Ask to speak to Miss Getga. She's the boss on the thirty-fourth floor."

"Frankie boy, say what? The boss—her name is Getga? Maybe she's related to me."

Gina, Mr. Frankie's secretary, calls the girls. "Good evening, Miss Zariah on the phone, looking for an auto insurance quote." Gina whispers into the phone, "Hi, it's Gina, Mr. Getgo is on his way to your office. Good luck. Bye." All three girls look at each other. They run to the mirror and start to fix their hair and makeup."

Getgo knocks on the door and walks in. "Which one of you beautiful ladies is Miss Getga?"

"I am," says Zariah.

"No I'm Miss Getga," says Tina. "I'm so looking for a partner with a solid battery of a heart."

"Ladies, ladies, please, my turn. I know you are. Who am I?" Getgo and the girls start to laugh. "Ladies, it was a long journey getting over to the building. Now let me introduce myself to you. My name is Mr. Getgo. I work with my measuring tape. I make new offers for car insurance, and I love clams. Now start writing some new offers. Twenty percent off car insurance for a person who forecasts weather with no fuckups.

"I'll give you more offers after your break. I need to start my work in this office."

"What do you mean 'your work'? Are we going to lose our jobs?"

"Relax, my beauties."

The girls take their break. Mr. Getgo takes out his measuring tape and starts to measure the front room and then the back room. He stops for a few minutes, sits down in the back room, and starts to write more offers.

"Okay, number two, a discount of 20 percent off on car insurance for people who stay home in bad weather, so they don't freeze their ass off. Let's give parked cars a discount of 50 percent if they put bumpers all around their car. My buttock would be six feet under with no clams. That parked car saved my life. Let me not forget 75 percent tax deductible on your car if you name it Bobby."

Getgo busts out laughing. He puts the new offers in an envelope and starts to lick the envelope. The front door opens.


Miss Getga

"Hello, girls, come help me with this tree. Okay, it looks like I have to put the Christmas tree up by myself."

Getgo's long tongue gets stuck to the envelope when he sees a beautiful lady walk in. He tries to talk with the envelope stuck to his tongue. "Man meets reptile. Reptile meets women. This baby rocks."

Miss Getga takes off her coat, puts the tree in a corner of the first room, and walks to the back room. She jumps back. "Oh my, you startled me."

Getgo pulls the envelope off his tongue. "Sorry to startle you. Are you Miss Getga?"

"Yes, I am. Who are you, and why do you sit in my chair? Where are my girls?"

"Yo yo yo, slow down, lady. Mr. Frankie sent me over to measure your chest—oops, I meant measure the office. My name is Mr. Getgo. I'm just doing my job. As for your girls, I sent them off on a break."

"Well, Mr. Getgo, what an acquaintance. I know my momma didn't have two offspring."

"We have no connection. We are not related, Miss Getga. I'm just doing my business. But we can take this to the next level."

"Oh my, Mr. Getgo, you're a cold-blooded, horny-plated reptile."

"The federation of state will call your remark sexual intercourse—oops, poo, I mean sexual harassment."

"Whatever, I want answers now. Hello, I am the boss on the thirty-fourth floor."

"Miss Getga, nice conversation. Let's discuss business now. Mr. Frankie wants to implement new changes in this office.

"Yes, 69 percent off your next car payment, Miss Getga, if you buy me clams. I love clams."

"Mr. Getgo, nice percentage, no doubt. We have a Christmas party every year next door. I'll make sure to order an extra tray of clams just for you."

"Is that an invite?"

"Duh, sounds inviting to me."

The girls come back from their break. "Nice to see you, Miss Getga."

"You too, Miss Zariah."

"Miss Getga, are we going to lose our jobs?"

"No, Zariah, over my dead body. Ladies, go answer your ringing phones."

"Miss Getga, take this envelope. Your workers have more new offers to input."

"Don't just hand me an envelope. I want to know what changes Mr. Frankie has planned for my office right now."

"Miss Getga, you're a frenzied little shit. Anyways, have no fear, Getgo is here. Bye, everyone."

Getgo leaves and gets in the elevator. No one is in the elevator. Getgo says out loud, "Oh, my frozen nuts, that's not my sister. What a fox of a lizard. Sexy long legs, long neck. What big teeth she has—better to eat me with. Let me find out. Her jumping red lips can be mine. Let me not forget her big green eyeballs. I'm already hot. Oh yeah, uh-huh, it's my birthday."

The elevator door opens. Getgo walks to Mr. Frankie's office. With a serious face, Mr. Frankie says, "Mr. Getgo, hello. Come on in. Did you tell the girls?"

"Frankie boy, no, I can't do this. The ladies are so organized. Put that PSP computer in your office, and get somebody else to do your dirty work."

Getga and the girls keep on doing their work. They put up the Christmas tree, sing Christmas songs, and answer phones.


Getga's Boyfriend

Miss Getga's boyfriend walks in. She runs to him and gives him a big kiss. They go to her office.

"My beautiful Getga, I missed you. Why don't you come back with me to the islands?"

"Oh my, Gilbert, it sounds good to me. I can live by the tuna of the sea."

"What did you say, my girl?"

"Oh, my darling, I meant to say, can't you see all this work I have on my desk?"

"Darling Getga, let me answer my phone. My darling Getga, I have to leave. Please come back with me."

"My Gilbert, maybe one day, my love. Gilbert, what about the Christmas party?"

"Sorry, my love, I'll take a rain check. This is for you. Take these flowers. This is a token of my love. Later, girl."

Getga smells the flowers and then puts them on her desk. Gilbert gets in the elevator as a few people are getting out. The last one out of the elevator is Mr. Getgo.

"What the shit is that? I thought there was only one."

"Hello, sir, my name is Getgo."

"Yes, what if I sell auto insurance to you? Twenty percent off for three months if you get a face-lift, you ugly motherfucker." Getgo bursts out laughing.

The elevator door starts to close. Gilbert looks steadily at Getgo. "No, he did not just say face-lift."

Getgo returns to the girls, who are decorating the tree. "You good people need any help?"

"No thanks, we can handle this."

"Okay, I'll just start measuring the back room. What beautiful flowers on your desk, Miss Getga." He takes the flowers and gives them to Miss Getga. "Beautiful flowers for you. I hope you like them. I'll come back later."

"I'm bugging. Mr. Getgo just handed me the flowers Gilbert gave me."

"That's right, miss thing, we saw your big smile when Mr. Getgo gave you the flowers. Nobody makes a facial expression like that unless they're falling in love."

"So what's up, girl? Are you feeling it? Girls, just look at it this way. Woman meets reptile."

All four girls go crazy laughing.

Getgo walks in Frankie's office. "What's up, dick face? Let me introduce you to Miss Blondie. She will be your training coach."

"Come on, Frankie boy, you're pulling my leg. What are you talking about, sports? You want me to tackle her?"

"No, you prick."

"What the shit do I know? I only sell car insurance. Show me what you got, Blondie."

She walks up to Mr. Getgo. Blondie has long blonde hair, big boobs, a big ass, a short skirt, high heels, long hot-pink nails, and hot-pink lipstick.

"What, you want some of this?"

"Oh, no he didn't. Don't flatter yourself."

"Getgo, just take this thin, plastic, special coated floppy disk. Let's get started." It takes them a few hours to input all the information from Mr. Frankie.

"Now we need to try out the disk on that bad-boy PSP computer tomorrow. You need to see if Miss Getga has any more records to input, Mr. Getgo."

"I don't think so."

Miss Getga walks into her office. "Hi, girls. Stop whatever you're doing, and give me all the application so I can approve them. Tina, what's up with her?"

"Zariah, I think it's that time of the month."

"No, Tina, I think it's more than a primary color."

Getga goes in her office, closes the door, and puts the applications on her desk. She reaches under her desk for the twelve old reliable black books. "I'll protect my valuables in my safe."

Getga's boyfriend, Gilbert, walks in, and Getga runs to him.

"Darling, you came back for the Christmas eve party. Give me a big kiss."

"Chill, baby, open your Christmas gift."

"What a big box, Gilbert."

"Let me open this bad girl."

"Oh, thank you, babe. Just what I wanted, a pair of drums and a baton. Let me put my gift on my table."

Getga opens her big green eyes wide. In a low voice, she says, "What the shit is this he gave me?"

"Darling, I have something to tell you. Let's get married. Come back home with me."

Getga replies, "What part didn't you understand? I can't leave my job, especially now."

Gilbert's phone rings. "Hello, yes, I understand, boss. I should be back soon. Bye, boss. Getga, I have to go. Darling, we will talk again. Bye, my love."

Delilah walks up to Miss Getga. "Are you okay? I noticed that Gilbert was gone. I so hope for good."

"Miss Delilah, I'll be fine. Go get the girls. Let's have some fun at the party next door."

Mr. Getgo walks in the girls' office. "Party over here. Can I go with you girls?"

Delilah says, "Sure, we all would love you to come."

"So then, let's go do this, ladies. Oh, Miss Getga, this is for you. I found it on your desk. Drums and a baton."

"Bring the shit to the party. Somebody will work it. Come on, girls, let's hold onto Mr. Getgo and crash the party."


Excerpted from FALLING IN LOVE by Angelina Martinez. Copyright © 2013 Angelina Martinez. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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