Famagusta: Art and Architecture

Famagusta: Art and Architecture

by Annemarie Weyl Carr


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The first of two volumes designed to assemble and consolidate the current state of research on medieval Famagusta, this book is devoted to the city's imposing artifactual remains. Its initial chapters analyse the architecture of the surviving Latin, Greek, and East Christian churches, tracing the city's distinctive form of Gothic as it developed across the various creedal communities, and examining its impact on the rest of the island. Ensuing chapters turn for the first time to the liturgical furnishings in the churches, and to their painting. Uniquely in Cyprus, Famagusta preserves - if tenuously - paintings in Latin-, Syrian-, and Armenian-, as well as Greek-rite, liturgical spaces. Of exceptional interest are the abraded murals of the Greek cathedral of St. George. Two final chapters explore the cultural activity of the Genoese in the city, and the dramatic restoration of St. George of the Greeks as Famagusta's most visibly Venetian church.Volume II, due in 2015, will analyse Famagusta's society, economy, and historiography.

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ISBN-13: 9782503541303
Publisher: Brepols Publishers
Publication date: 11/24/2015
Series: Mediterranean Nexus 1100-1700 Series , #2
Pages: 460
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

ANNEMARIE WEYL CARR Introduction 1. TASSOS PAPACOSTAS Byzantine Famagusta: An Oxymoron? 2. NICOLA COLDSTREAM Famagusta Cathedral and the Rayonnant Style 3. MICHALIS OLYMPIOS The Shifting Mantle of Jerusalem. Ecclesiastical Architecture in Lusignan Famagusta 4. MICHALIS OLYMPIOS Saint George of the Greeks and Its Legacy: A Facet of Urban Greek Church Architecture in Lusignan Cyprus 5. MICHELE BACCI Patterns of Church Decoration in Famagusta (Fourteenth to Sixteenth Centuries) 6. MARIA PASCHALI Mural Decoration in Saint George of the Greeks 7. JUSTINE M. ANDREWS The Role of Genoa in the Visual Culture of Famagusta 8. TASSOS PAPACOSTAS A Gothic Basilica in the Renaissance: Saint George of the Greeks at Famagusta Bibliography Index

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