Family Constellation

Family Constellation

by Walter Toman Ph.D.


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Family Constellation

By Walter Toman, PhD



--The Nature of the Game

--Methodological Considerations


--The Oldest Brother of Brother(s)

--The Youngest Brother of Brother(s)

--The Oldest Brother of Sister(s)

--The Youngest Brother of Sister (s)

--The Oldest Sister of Sister(s)

--The Youngest Sister of Sister(s)

--The Oldest Sister of Brother(s)

--The Youngest Sister of Brother(s)

--Intermediary Sibling Positions

--The Only Child



--Methodological Considerations

--Father the Oldest Brother of Brother(s)

--Father the Youngest Brother of Brother(s)

--Father the Oldest Brother of Sister(s)

--Father the Youngest Brother of Sister(s)

--Mother the Oldest Sister of Sister(s)

--Mother the Youngest Sister of Sister(s)

--Mother the Oldest Sister of Brother(s)

--Mother the Youngest Sister of Brother(s)

--Parents Additional Comments




--Boy in Psychological Treatment

--A Wife Returning to Her Parents

--A Criminal Prisoner

--A Mental Patient

--A Young Man Bereaved by Many Losses

--A Young Architect


--Algebra of Family Constellation

--Formulas of Family Constellation



In this book the reader will find a theory based on ten years of clinical psychological work during which the family constellations of over 400 persons were studied. This includes the functions of each person's own sibling position, of his parents, and of his children (where possible also of his grandparents), as well as of losses within the family constellation. These elements have been integrated into a system comprising eight basic types of sibling position and sixty-four basic types of conflict possible between a person and his or her parents.

The eight basic sibling positions are presented in the form of extensive character portraits. They depict, above all, the enduring relationships to people men, women and children and the impact of incidental losses of those people, but they also outline attitudes toward authority, property, work, politics; religion, and philosophy. These portraits are composites of trends and features taken from a number of people. Hence not every detail or concrete example applies in every single case. The details and examples will help, though, to reveal the core of the portrait that has been found to be consistent in all cases of a given sibling position.

Something similar holds for the sixty-four types of...


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