Family Forged: The David and Mallory Anderson Trilogy Volume 2

Family Forged: The David and Mallory Anderson Trilogy Volume 2

by Paula Rae Wallace


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With new perils and pitfalls, David and Mallory, attack life and business with energy and zest. In spite of love and commitment, they find it sometimes hard to communicate and agree in some important areas. This amidst business crises and the demands of a growing family! From chapter 1, as Mallory takes desperate measures to protect her daughter and herself from the clutches of a determined international criminal's kidnapping attempts, she faces legal challenges as a result of her actions. And David, racked with guilt at the disappearance of a pouch of valuable diamonds, goes to desperate measures to cover up and correct his mistake. Follow them as they make new friends and branch out with their business ventures. The Faulkner family, Erik and Suzanne; the Sanders; the John Anderson family, Shay, Shannon, and Delia; and finally, Donovan Cline contribute to the love and drama. With some close calls and narrow escapes, can David and Mallory's love deepen and truly meld them into a family forged?

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ISBN-13: 9781466999909
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 07/15/2013
Pages: 448
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.91(d)

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You won't want to miss this compelling Christian fiction author, Paula Rae Wallace! A pastor's wife and mother, she shares the miracles, through the lives and experiences of captivating characters, of walking daily with Jesus! Combining plot with social critique, this Dallas-based author supplies absorbing and entertaining reading! With the ludicrous credential of a degree in Fashion from Colorado State University, Mrs. Wallace adds glamour and élan to elegant role-models! After all, God is elegant and extravagant, as is His creation of the heavens and the earth! Check out the description of the New Jerusalem!

If you enjoy captivating characters, with their ups and downs and enchanting locales that support timely plot lines, don't miss out on any of her other works:

Christian fiction: Dazzling, Treasures, Wealth, Magnificence, Radiance, The Andersons, Gaining Ground, Brenna, and Alexandra!

Devotional works: Dwelling by the Well and The Prayer and Praise Journal


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By Paula Rae Wallace

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2013 Paula Rae Wallace
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4669-9990-9



"What's this?"

Mallory looked into a manila envelope already opened by security. Easing tape from a glob of bubble wrap, she allowed the item to tumble onto her desk blotter! A single key! With no explanation!

David picked it up, turning it over curiously. "It looks generic; like for any hardware store padlock! I wish Darrell wouldn't even trouble you with anonymous mail."

She laughed. "I'm pretty sure it has Lilly written all over it! If she's trying to remain anonymous she should change her MO!"

David regarded his charming wife steadily. She was probably right about Lilly; she was usually right about most things! "Evidently you've solved a riddle that I'm not following! And I hate solving riddles on an empty stomach! I'll get Amelia and you can explain this enigma to me over lunch!"

* * *

David Higgins climbed back into his aging car. The weather was turning ferocious and his heater barely puffed out any warmth! This shouldn't be happening! Not only that he lost his esteemed position as tenured professor at TU; but now he couldn't get to first base with any of his job applications! Even very small school districts, where he would have scorned to guest-lecture, claimed budgetary problems and forced layoffs. No one seemed to be hiring anyone in Earth Sciences. He stared forlornly at his gas gauge!

"This whole thing is Faulkner's fault! It's not enough for him to have so much, but he has to make sure no one else has anything!"

Higgins' intention was to head back to Tulsa, but he paused to reconsider. Closer to Dallas than to home, he suddenly decided to give it a shot! Maybe his detractors wouldn't have him blackballed out of state!

* * *

Five apparitions appeared briefly, awaiting a hand signal! Go! They glided to respective positions and targets sagged before they were aware of coming under attack! Documentation, incriminating and repugnant, was collected as frightened people were rounded up for transport! A series of pops and the one hundred and fifty year old landmark imploded upon itself! Mission accomplished!

* * *

Erik Bransom faced Dawson squarely. "It's a quotation by George Washington"!

"I'm sure, Bransom; but take it down. Interior design has never been your thing; why start hanging pictures now? FBI buildings are to be attractively functional. Most employees have pictures of families, boyfriends, girlfriends, and so forth on their desks. Ever since you got bitten by the religious bug, you're always trying to make a statement of one kind or another."

"Yeah, why am I fighting for Americans to keep their freedom of speech, and be muzzled myself?"

"Come off it, Bransom. You have your banners and signs up at your personal property. This office isn't yours, per se; but for your use as long as you work here."

"Yeah; it belongs to the federal government, of which Washington was one of the key founding fathers! His esteemed words should still have a place in our esteemed government buildings."

Dawson redirected his gaze to the attractive document, neatly matted and framed:

"It is the duty of nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor."

George Washington: Commander-in-chief in the American Revolution; signer of the Constitution; First President of the United States.

"Look, Erik, as a favor~"

* * *

Nick and Jennifer waited at a handsomely decorated, prime steak house in Tucson. Nick was eager to see David and Mallory again, but Jennifer seemed both withdrawn and tense. Sometimes she was a total mystery to him. "You look beautiful," he tried.

"Let's go home, Nick! I don't like this place!"

"Why, not? It's one of the top-rated steakhouses in the Southwest, and the Andersons are buying!"

Jennifer didn't cry easily, but she fought for composure. "I~I can't do this, Nick!" She fled!

* * *

Shay O'Shaughnessy surveyed the residential property he was co-investor in with his brother Shannon. If Shannon's remodeling talents weren't improving noticeably, he was at least going with more subdued and tasteful colors.

"Okay, well, let's get Aunt Suzanne to come work her wizardry with window boxes and planters and flowers! They help sell. I guess buyers don't realize how fast flowers can die off!"

Shannon bridled. "Well, the houses are good deals, too!"

"Right! Stick with that thought! And then call her!" Shay laughed. He always felt light-hearted at the prospect of being with Emma! Although Arkansas felt nearly as cold as Boston!

* * *

"David, I don't have a good feeling about this! It's already past her bedtime, and I think the flight bothered her ears. I'm afraid she'll be cranky at the restaurant, and we won't be able to talk to Nick and Jen."

"Well, we can get her to sleep at the hotel. With Glenna there, and security, she should be fine! My mouth has watered for hours at the prospect of a big prime steak!"

Mallory nodded, still unconvinced. "I know; I'm hungry, too. It's just~"

David tried to conceal his annoyance. 'If this was still about Warrington~'! His phone rang. Nick!

"Hey, Nick; what's up? We're probably still thirty minutes from meeting you!"

Mallory rolled her eyes. They hadn't even arrived at the hotel yet; Amelia was far from settled in~

David's eyes widened. "What? She just ran out? And now you can't find her? Why would she do that, Nick? What can we do?"

* * *

Special Agent Dan Wells tried to force the heavy veil of sleep aside. 'Phones were ringing! Where were all the receptionists and other agents'?

"Dan, answer the phone before it wakes up everybody in the house but you"!

He knocked over a lamp and tumbler full of water, silencing one! It sounded like his cell was jangling from its place on the bathroom counter. The whole country must be under siege! And Debbie was acting like he only wanted to interrupt her rest.

"Okay, I got 'em; go back to sleep"!

In the kitchen, he tried to get the gist of the scrambled story! "Okay, get her out of the hands of the LEO's. Yeah, if Bransom told you to get her to Dallas, get her to Dallas! I'm on my way downtown to catch a chopper! E-mail details to my phone as they unfold! Holy Moses! Who did she shoot now"?

* * *

"Here, let me take her." Glenna Wilson reached for the sleepy baby she was supposed to be tending. "I'll change her diaper and get her jammies on her. You can feed her bottle to her!"

Mallory nodded, relieved. She was glad for Glenna's assistance; she just wasn't sure about leaving her baby.

"Yeah, good plan," David agreed as he loaded his pistol and prepared to head out! "Be sure you order room service and eat something. I'll call you as soon as there's any news! Listen, you stay put here! I don't want you disappearing on me while I help Nick look for Jennifer. Maybe she'll call you, or show up here! Keep us in the loop, too!" He gave her a quick kiss and was gone!

He was awaiting his car from the parking garage when Nick called him back! "Man, this is bad! She ran out of the steakhouse and killed a couple of guys sitting in a limo down the street! I just called Bransom; he's dispatching agents from the Phoenix office to take her into custody from the Tucson Police Department! I'm heading down there now! Maybe I can see her before they take her away!"

David could hardly grasp the nightmare! "Well, they must have been low-lifes from her past!"

"Yeah maybe! She gets mixed up, David! Every guy in a suit makes her jumpy! I~I should have left when she~"

"Okay, Nick, listen to me! She doesn't get that mixed up! They must have not only been guys from her past, that she recognized, but they must have made her feel threatened, too. I have the PD programmed in. I'll meet you there!"

* * *

Jennifer was terrified as she was booked in! She forfeited her personal belongings and emerged in a baggy orange jumpsuit. Sometimes she wished she hadn't lacked the courage that day~to fall into the Seine and yield to its murky depths! She caught sight of Nick and felt deep shame. He tried so hard to be a really good guy to her. Seeing David with him worsened her embarrassment. At least there was no sign of Mallory and the baby! 'Of course! Why would they lower themselves to come to a sleazy police station in the middle of the night?'

* * *

John Anderson was already awake when Bransom's call came. Sometimes he couldn't help worrying about his first-born! And his first grandchild!

"Who did she shoot, Erik? I thought Hanson's guys were still staying on her and Nick!"

"Okay, I'm not addressing that! My verdict is still out on vigilantes! Professional law enforcement~"

"Well, I agree, except that there are fewer and fewer qualified law enforcement personnel and more and more people thinking they can get away with terrible crimes!"

"Yeah, tell me about it!" Erik's voice was more of a growl than usual. "I don't know who she shot! I'm on my way to the Dallas office to find out! David lit out to be with Nick and help him. Why don't you give Mallory a jingle and make sure she and Amelia are doing okay?"

Anderson sat regarding the phone for long moments! He wasn't so sure about calling Mallory. At length, he made the call.

"Hi, Mallory, I hope I didn't wake you."

"No, Sir. I'm awake; so's Amelia! She seems to sense when something's up! And she's a real daddy's girl!"

John hoped his laughing response sounded more natural than it felt. "Erik called me, and since he knew David was out helping Nick, he wanted to make sure you and the baby are okay."

"Yes, Sir; we're fine! I guess Jennifer had a panic attack and ran from the restaurant; I hope they can find her. I'm glad David and Nick enjoy one another, but Jennifer and I? I don't know! We just don't gel! I mean, I try to be nice to everyone, and be friends~"

"I know you do, Mallory."

"I mean, I pray for her and Nick! She's glad she got saved, I think. She seems to me mostly to be using Nick! Well, that may be harsh! I think part of her still wants to go back to the old life until she can cash in on the 'husband' they were all led to believe they'd get! I mean, Nick's as great as they come! But he isn't that Type-A personality, professional man, multimillionaire she was led to believe she'd snag!"

"Yeah, when you're told the same thing over and over again, it's hard to grasp that it isn't necessarily true. Actually, Jennifer's been found! She's in real legal trouble though; I guess she shot a couple of guys~"

He was aware of Mallory's startled gasp! "Well, so much for keeping me in the loop!"

"I know, Mallory. But things are unfolding pretty fast! Give him a chance!"

Her tone changed to icy. "Right, Pastor! Thank you for calling to check on us"!

* * *

"David, this may take a while," Nick's features were ravaged and earnest. "Go back to the hotel; get something to eat and some rest! Fly home in the morning! Agent Bransom always gets nervous when Mallory comes down this near the border! Steb Hanson and a couple of guys are on the way. They can help us with an attorney or posting bail here if it's necessary. If the Feds take her to Dallas, there's nothing more you can do for us here."

* * *

"Bransom, go to Dallas and sit tight! I'm on my way to the Phoenix/Tucson drama! What Wells can sort out is crazy! Don't believe any wild rumors! It's a lot of action for the Tucson PD; they have adrenaline flowing! It's explosive!"

Erik sighed. Dawson's words were hardly soothing. "Okay, are those some of the wild rumors I shouldn't believe?"

"I'll try to keep you updated!"

* * *

David's heart thumped in his ears as he attempted to approach the hotel. Emergency response vehicles jammed major entries! He parked crazily against a curb marked 'No Parking' and dashed toward the chaos! Crime-scene tape, and cops, and reporters advanced and retreated in his consciousness as he tried to process the confusion!

"Stop right there!" A slightly-built officer flashed his badge.

"I'm a guest; my wife and baby~" As he fumbled for his room key as proof, the officer interrupted.

"Reports of several gun shots! We have the hotel sealed off! No one leaves or enters until the all-clear! You can't access hotel phones, but if your wife has a cell, maybe~"

"Good idea! Thanks, man!" He retreated slightly and hit his speed-dial! No answer! Dazed, he rocked dizzily! He tried it again; nothing! "Okay, Lord, okay~" Inspiration seized him and he tried Darrell! Nothing! Straight to voice-mail! Darrell should answer! David's alarm sky-rocketed! Fighting panic, he dialed the nanny! At the last ring, a terse voice questioned, "Who's calling"?

* * *

Mallory paused in her crawl through the maze of hotel duct work. It was tight, and there was no way for her to sooth her screaming, terrified baby! "Shhhh! Shhh, Amelia Mommy's right here! Shh, we must be very quiet!" To no avail! She felt more panicked than ever! Surely guests could hear the wails of her distraught daughter! She wasn't sure if more pursuers were after her! Terrified, with seemingly few good options, she decided! Readying her pistol, and clasping her howling child, she kicked savagely at the grill blocking her from the suite of a sleeping woman!

Her victim sat up, panicked by the incursion.

"Don't make a sound!" Mallory warned. "Get your cell phone and call this number!"

"You can't do this~"

Mallory advanced, her eyes focused on her quarry. "Now! Get your phone! Do exactly as I say!"

"My valuables are down in the safe. If you're that baby's mother, you should consider if you want her to grow up with you in prison!"

"Right now, I'm trying to give her a chance to grow up at all! Dial!" She spoke the digits as the woman's trembling fingers responded.

"There's no answer! Now, what"?

"Now, you send a text to the same number! Text: 'This is Mallory! Call this number back'!"

The woman followed the command, then questioned pleadingly. "Since I know your name, are you going to kill me?"

Mallory reached cautiously for the ringing cell. "Erik? Erik! Be quiet, Amelia, I can't hear! Don't move! I'll shoot you if I have to! Turn up this volume! Place it on 'Speaker'!"

The terrified victim obeyed!

Erik's voice came, soothing and authoritative. "Okay, Mallory, you and the baby are safe now. Let that lady go; lock all the locks after her! Don't open the door for anyone but Dan Wells. I'm sending you his picture! Okay, let your hostage leave now! It's okay; it's okay."

* * *

"This is David Anderson," David's response to the person on Glenna's phone. "I'm a hotel guest, trying to locate my wife in suite 1224! She didn't answer her phone, and her personal security man didn't~"

"This is the assistant ME for Cochise County! This phone was on one of my bodies! I have three deceased males and one middle-aged female; I'm sorry~"

Anguish swept through him! 'How could this be?' He gazed around him to see uniforms closing in!

* * *

The Tucson Police Commissioner hung up morosely from his conversation with the governor's office! Maybe he could try to call his Congressman; but why?

He turned to the Police chief! "Get everything you can from the suspect before the Feds get here!"

His voice was terse! This was panning out to be the worst night of his life! Some crazy woman at an upscale eatery got in a fight with her husband; went and shot a couple of guys in a limo! Then, as the ME and two of Tucson's choice detectives were beginning a preliminary investigation, they were gunned down, and the limousine/crime scene roared away! Several uniformed officers had been injured, too; reports coming slowly on their conditions! 'And, the limo? How could it drop off the grid'?

* * *

David found himself being hustled past the yellow tape and into the lobby.

"What's your connection with the victims?" The officer seemed like a nice-enough guy.

"I'm trying to figure it out! The head of our security's a big guy; uh, he was in jeans and a leather jacket. Maybe the middle-aged woman was our new nanny. When I left, they were the only two with my wife and daughter! Did they~did they get my wife and daughter?"

Another officer joined in. "Did who get your wife and daughter? Why do you need your own security?" He jammed a photo under David's nose. "Is this your guy?"

David stared at it in horror as tears filled his eyes. His voice would hardly come. "What happened?"

"That's what we're trying to piece together! Sit tight, Mr. Anderson"!

Excerpted from FAMILY FORGED by Paula Rae Wallace. Copyright © 2013 Paula Rae Wallace. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: FRENZY....................     1     

Chapter 2: FAITH....................     16     

Chapter 3: FREEDOM....................     33     

Chapter 4: FRUSTRATION....................     47     

Chapter 5: FEAR....................     59     

Chapter 6: FINESSE....................     71     

Chapter 7: FRIENDSHIP....................     83     

Chapter 8: FARSIGHTEDNESS....................     96     

Chapter 9: FLIGHT....................     108     

Chapter 10: FACILITATION....................     123     

Chapter 11: FLEDGELINGS....................     135     

Chapter 12: FALLOUT....................     150     

Chapter 13: FALLACY....................     162     

Chapter 14: FALSITY....................     178     

Chapter 15: FIASCO....................     191     

Chapter 16: FRACTIONS....................     193     

Chapter 17: FERVENCY....................     201     

Chapter 18: FIDELITY....................     214     

Chapter 19: FROLICKING....................     227     

Chapter 20: FAITHFULNESS....................     235     

Chapter 21: FULFILLMENT....................     248     

Chapter 22: FRUITION....................     261     

Chapter 23: FELONY....................     271     

Chapter 24: FLAMES....................     288     

Chapter 25: FACTS....................     291     

Chapter 26: FOILED....................     307     

Chapter 27: FORENSICS....................     320     

Chapter 28: FABRIC....................     329     

Chapter 29: FASHION WEEK....................     340     

Chapter 30: FACILITIES....................     353     

Chapter 31: FASCINATION....................     367     

Chapter 32: FELONS....................     380     

Chapter 33: FAULTLINE....................     394     

Chapter 34: FAVOR....................     407     

Chapter 35: FORGED....................     420     

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