Family Heir: A Bigfoot Novel

Family Heir: A Bigfoot Novel

by Sara M. Drake

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Kelley longed for a normal life � to go to college, to have normal friends, and to work a nice desk job. When an unknown predator starts a killing spree, she finds herself drug back into a world that includes vampires, werewolves, and her ex-husband. Kelley agrees to lead the small team to find the murderer � which consists of one uncommunicative ex-hubbie and an inexperienced federal agent. Only shots in the night prove that Kelley has become a target and her training as a Hunter does nothing to prepare her for being hunted.

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BN ID: 2940149688593
Publisher: Sara Drake
Publication date: 06/12/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 300
File size: 262 KB

About the Author

Sara developed her book addiction as a young child. Her concerned parents attempted an intervention and cut off her supply. These desperate times called for desperate measures forcing her to write her own stories. Since a human being cannot live on books alone, she has worked as a stage hand, care giver, active duty Air Force, college instructor, mental health counselor, and civil servant on the theory that more pay equals more books. Outside of that, she spends time developing a reputation as a crazy cat lady and irritating introvert.

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Family Heir: A Bigfoot Novel 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
BookLoversLife1 More than 1 year ago
When Kelley gets the call that she is to go hunt the thing that is ripping people apart, she has no idea what she is leaving herself in for. She is from one of the Families and it's her job to police the things that everyone thought were myth, the vampires, werewolves and often times somethings that haven't become public.  As Kelley is on her way to her parents house to get ready for the hunt, she is shot at. Who is trying to kill her and why? Is it this unknown who is killing people? As she learns what is happening, she has no choice but to plow forward and finish the hunt. Kelley along with her ex husband Troy and an supernatural cop, go into the woods to find out what is killing people.  My actual rating for this is 3.5 stars because while I did really enjoy it, there was some stuff I didn't like. I'm going to list my dislikes first. What I didn't like -  We are supposed to go into the start of the book not knowing what is killing people but the tag alone gives it away!! There wasn't any mystery which put a dampener on the book straight away.  The characters weren't fleshed out enough. Kelley came across as selfish and mean sometimes and I had a hard time liking her. I also didn't like the way she was with Troy! We didn't get a proper sense of why Troy is like he is and why Kelley was like she was with him. I know I needed a bit more about Troy and his back story. Also Brent, what was his story?? He didn't really play that much of a part and came across as a newbie as such instead of a seasoned vet. I don't know why but, while I liked him as a character I also didn't like him as a character if you can understand.  I also didn't like the love interest. (I'm not saying who) They didn't spend a lot of time together yet they fell for each other! It felt unreal and needless.  Now onto what I liked -  I really liked the idea that the Supernatural creatures are part of the world. The Vampires and Werewolves are all accepted by the world and yet there are still unknown creatures in the world.  I liked how there was rituals and certain things you had to do when meeting the Supes. Like if the werewolves are having a baby, you have to bring diapers! It just added that little bit extra to the story.  I liked that we have a whole new Supernatural being in the world of books. This is my first Bigfoot book and hopefully it wont be my last. I've always been fascinated with the idea of Bigfoot so really liked the author's take on them.  Anyway, Family Heir was a good urban fantasy read and I will definitely pick up the next one, if there is a next one. While I had some issues with the book, it wasn't enough to make me dislike it. I think if we had a little more mystery surrounding the unknown creature then I may have enjoyed it more. Saying that, it's so nice to read a unique story and Sara Drake has definitely put her own mark on the Urban Fantasy Genre with her introduction to the Bigfoots. 
closkot More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts - 4 out of 5 Unicorns - I really liked it!!!  ***Received a copy of the ebook for an honest review The cover is mysterious, and it definitely draws my attention. Okay this novel is around 300 pages, and I’m hoping it is a series but at this point I’m not sure :) You learn so much about this fascinating world that Sara has created in this book.  Between the Families, the Hominids, the BHA, and everything else, there is so much going on.  There is also a lot of places where I was laughing my butt off at Kelley’s thought processes, and I was sad several times too. Kelley is sort of a work in progress, but I think Troy and Brent are too.  They are not perfect, but they try to do what is best which I definitely admire.  I want to see more of them, and this fascinating new world that Sara has created.  I love how she shows that there is good and bad in everybody, and I like how moral issues are sort of mixed throughout as you read.  I hated when it ended because I need to know what happens with everyone next :)  I think this continues as a series that it will get better and better because building a new world takes more than just one book :) I recommend this series to anyone who loves paranormal with a lot of stuff happening and lots of species where it is not limited to just shifters or just vampires.  I can’t wait to see what Sara comes up with next :)
VampedChik More than 1 year ago
I was completely sucked into this one. It was such an original and fun idea. While it wasn't as much of a mystery as it could have been since the title tells you what to expect, it was a really exciting and unique read. I loved that there were all kinds of supernatural creatures in the book. While we only met a few other kinds were mentioned and I hope to read more with them if there are more books to this series. Overall I liked the characters but I did have some issues at times. Kelley is very strong willed but has anger issues and can be whiny at times. She did an unforgiveable thing to someone she loved and it didn't really make sense to me with her character. I really liked Troy. He was a big mystery but I did slowly learn more about him. I was really rooting for Kelley to get back with him and change her ways. Brent was ok. While he was a good guy and I liked him enough I just didn't connect as much. The POV's alternated between his and Kelley's. It was interesting to get his perspective on things but there wasn't much character building with him. Meeting the Sasquatches was a lot of fun. I can't say that I have read any books with them and having them be an intelligent species was very intriguing. This was a great urban fantasy read. Very different from others that I've read. I hope that the author continues and makes this into a series. I would be really interested in learning more about all the supernatural creatures and the hunter families.
hpfan28 More than 1 year ago
First off, I really love the plot idea of a supernatural hunter. Bigfoot has always been one my fascinations with the supernatural, and this novel brings it into a whole new light. Kelly is such a fascinating character and I can not wait for the next novel to come out and find out how her relationship and character develops. The story moved at a fast pace and every chapter kept me wanting more and more, I just could not but this book down. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the supernatural or just an interesting read.
donniedarkogirl More than 1 year ago
Family Heir is a really cool urban fantasy novel that left me craving more. The cover drew me to reading the synopsis, sounding like a book I'd love - and I was right! The writing was awesome, the world building was creative, and the characters were a LOT of fun to read about.  Kelley is on a date when her ex, Troy, comes storming in to find her. They're needed to hunt down a killer. Attacks are increasing in frequency, and they're gory. Innocent people are being killed, even very young children. Kelley and Troy are divorced, but you don't find out why for quite a while. I was dying to know why and actually found myself wanting them to get back together when I didn't know why they split up in the first place.  In their world, scientists have confirmed the existence of creatures such as vampires and werewolves. The vampires and werewolves don't trust the government as much as they do the Families of Hunters spread out around the world. They work in conjunction with the Hunters to make sure any dangerous rogues are arrested or even killed if necessary. There was even mention of two mermen who had to be killed because they were raping and killing tourists. *shivers* Kelley and Troy are Hunters, and their Family is based not far from where they currently live in Wyoming. They've trained as partners since they were kids. Even though they're now divorced, Troy refuses to work alone or with anyone but Kelley, which led me to start thinking he might not have wanted the marriage to end. I was looking forward to seeing how they work together and also with the addition of a newbie federal agent (Brent) whom Kelley thinks is cute and loves making him blush furiously.  Kelley is a character I loved instantly. She's witty, intelligent, and fierce when she needs to be. Troy is one of the most interesting characters I've read about - he speaks in one to two words at a time. That's it! But Kelley knows him so well she can fill in the blanks for others who don't know what he's talking about.  With everything Family Heir has going on - the interesting dynamic between Kelley, Troy, and Brent unfolding, the tension with the unlikely trio hunting down the killer, the mystery of why Kelley and Troy divorced, and the reaction Kelley has to getting sucked back into the world of werewolves and vampires that she was trying to leave behind - there's never a dull moment in this novel. There was so much I wanted to find out and had a wild ride to get there, which I'd take again any day. I highly recommend this book to fans of Urban Fantasy or to anyone who wants to escape with some really awesome characters into a suspenseful story. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
GinsBookNotes More than 1 year ago
Congratulations to Sarah Drake on her debut novel Family Heir: A Bigfoot Novel. Family Heir is a new adult urban fantasy that features a vast array of non-human creatures that have been or are in the process of being integrated into human society. The main character is Kelley Venator, college student, divorcee, and next in line as leader of her "hunter" family. The hunting families serve as mediators / bounty hunters between humans and the non-human species. They're responsible for smooth negotiations during integrations, tracking and record keeping, and with enforcing human laws among the creatures. At first Kelley's character was hard for me to like. I felt she was immature, mean, and a tad bit self-centered but as the author revealed different sides to Kelley's personality I changed my mind and really grew to like her. Actually, I struggled with connecting with all the characters at the beginning but once we hit the action and meet the first Bigfoot all the characters seemed to become more “real” and I was quickly able to make that connection that I was initially missing. What I enjoyed about Family Heir: A Bigfoot Novel: I loved the uniqueness of the story. I felt that the world building was solid. I especially liked how each species had unique traditions, personalities, and ways of life that were transitioned into modern society. I think that one of the strong points of the story were the culture and society issues that seemed to be part of this world where monsters and humans coexist. Favorite Part(s): I really enjoyed learning about the Bigfoot species, seeing their personalities, and discovering how they had remained hidden for so many years. The "not so much": From the synopsis we learn that an "unknown predator starts a killing spree". The beginning of the book is focused on the killer being an unknown. Unfortunately, the title of the book gives away the surprise so that there isn’t much of a mystery as to what type of creature the killer is. I would have liked to have discovered the new species as the main character did . Overall: I feel that Family Heir: A Bigfoot Novel by Sarah Drake is a solid start to a great new series in the NA Urban Fantasy genre. I‘m looking forward to seeing how the Bigfoot(s) “coming out” goes and I'm curious to see how Kelley's romantic interest(s) develops. Politics, romance, and interspecies relationships are all sources of future conflict. It will be interesting to see how the author develops and grows the characters in this series. Quote from Family Heir: "Mistakes happen when anyone steps out of the path of their familiar life, when they embrace the wild darkness within them," Seth said. "They do not have the experience to walk in violence unobserved."