Family Medicine: Ambulatory Care and Prevention, Fifth Edition / Edition 5

Family Medicine: Ambulatory Care and Prevention, Fifth Edition / Edition 5

by Mark Mengel, L. Schwiebert
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McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing

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Family Medicine: Ambulatory Care and Prevention, Fifth Edition / Edition 5

The most convenient and easy-to-use clinical manual available for outpatient medicine and family practice


"the book is informative and well written. This will be a welcome addition to the library at the Family Medicine Center and a great resource in preparing teaching pearls for residents and medical students."—Doody's Review Service

Family Medicine is the ultimate at-a-glance guide to the diagnosis and treatment of common primary care problems. The book spans the full scope of ambulatory medicine, and is organized according to the flow of patient care—starting with insights into signs and symptoms, followed by expert disease management recommendations.

The information is presented in a manner that enables you to quickly formulate a list of possible diagnoses, perform cost-effective diagnostic work-up, and prescribe therapy. The principles of clinical decision-making and effective evidence-based management strategies are woven throughout.


  • NEW! Strength of Evidence Rating System delivers graded evidence for the management recommendations made in each chapter
  • NEW! A color insert with 30+ full-color photographs
  • NEW! More internationally renowned contributors
  • Complete, but concise, coverage of every major sign, symptom, and complaint in outpatient medicine
  • Chapter-opening summary of Key Points
  • Chapter presentation allows for quick review of essential information at the point-of-care
  • Includes full-text download for your mobile device

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780071494564
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 01/12/2009
Series: LANGE Clinical Medicine Series
Edition description: Paperback with access card
Pages: 892
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

Section I. Common Complaints
1. Abdominal Pain, Kalyanakrishnan Ramakrishnan
2. The Abnormal Pap Smear, Kathryn Reilly & Neal D. Clemenson
3. Amenorrhea, Amanda Kaufman
4. Anemia, Gregg M. Hallbauer & Andrew D. Jones
5. Ankle Injuries, Philip R. Palmer
6. Arm & Shoulder Complaints, Brian R. Coleman
7. Bites & Stings, Brenda Powell
8. Breast Lumps & Other Breast Conditions, Diane J. Madlon-Kay
9. Cellulitis & Other Bacterial Skin Infections, Donald B. Middleton
10. Chest Pain, George P.N. Samraj
11. Confusion, Robert C. Salinas & Heather Bartoli
12. Constipation, Allen R. Last & Jonathan d. Ference
13. Cough, David Holmes
14. Dermatitis & Other Pruritic Dermatoses, Jie Wang, Aleksandra Zgierska, William G. Phillips, & Marjorie Shaw Phillips
15. Dermatologic Neoplasms, Daniel L. Stulberg & Douglas G. Browning
16. Diarrhea, Laura Hargro & Jeanne M. Ferrante
17. Dizziness, Diane J. Madlon-Kay
18. Dysmenorrhea, Suzanne Leonard Harrison
19. Dyspepsia, Kalyanakrishnan Ramakrishnan
20. Dyspnea, Mark R. Stephan, James C. Chesnutt, Scott A. Fields, & William L. Toffler
21. Dysuria in Women, L. Peter Schwiebert
22. Earache, David Berkson & Carmelo DiSalvo
23. Edema, Joshua H. Barash
24. Enuresis, Kalyanakrishnan Ramakrishnan
25. Failure to Thrive, Cathy Kamens
26. Fatigue, Anthony F. Valdini
27. Fluid, Electrolyte, & Acid-Base Disturbances, Lara Carson Weinstein & Marc Altshuler
28. Foot Complaints, James R. Barrett & Kent W. Davidson
29. Fractures, Ted C. Schaffer
30. Gastrointestinal Bleeding, May S. Jennings
31. Genital Lesions, Tomas P. Owens, Jr.
32. Hair & Nail Disorders, Amy D. Crawford-Faucher
33. Hand & Wrist Complaints, Ted Boehm & Nicole G. Stern
34. Headaches, Dan F. Criswell & Stephen W. Cobb
35. Hearing Loss, Robert C. Salinas & Heather Bartoli
36. Hematuria, Cynthia M. Waickus
37. Insomnia, Jeffrey L. Susman & Bryan Cairns
38. Jaundice, Kalyanakrishnan Ramakrishnan & L. Peter Schwiebert
39. Joint Pain, L. Peter Schweibert
40. Knee Complaints, Mitchell A. Kaminski
41. Lacerations & Skin Biopsy, Jason Chao
42. Leg & Hip Complaints, Geoffrey S. Kuhlman
43. Liver Function Test Abnormalities, James P. McKenna
44. Low Back Pain, Dan F. Criswell and David C. Lanier
45. Lymphadenopathy, Fred Kobylarz
46. Myalgia, Tomas P. Owens, Jr.
47. Nausea & Vomiting, George R. Wilson, Gabriel D. Paulian, & Frances Emily Biagioli
48. Neck Pain, Michael P. Rowane
49. Palpitations, Jose E. Rodriguez & Mike D. Hardin, Jr.
50. Pediatric Fever, Sanford R. Kimmel
51. Pelvic Pain, Meredith A. Goodwin
52. Perianal Complaints, Kalyanakrishnan Ramakrishnan
53. Proteinuria, Aamir Siddiqi
54.The Red Eye, Victor A. Diaz, Jr. & Deborah K. Witt
55. Rhinitis & Sinus Pain, Robert Glen Quattlebaum, Vanessa A. Diaz, & Arch G. Mainous, III
56. Scrotal Complaints, John A. Heydt & Ted D. Epperly
57. Sore Throat, L. Peter Schwiebert
58. Syncope, LeRoy C. White, Dennis P. Lewis, Brian H. Halstater, & Felix Horng
59. Tremors & Other Movement Disorders, Aylin Yaman, Hakan Yaman, and Goutham Rao
60. Urinary Incontinence, Karen D. Novielli & Barry D. Weiss
61. Urinary Symptoms in Men, Linda L. Walker
62. Urticaria, Robert Ellis & Montiel Rosenthal
63. Vaginal Bleeding, Judith Kerber Frazier & Clark B. Smith
64. Vaginal Discharge, L. Peter Schwiebert
65. Wheezing, Judith Kerber Frazier
Section II: Chronic Illnesses
66. Acne Vulgaris, Brooke E. Farley & Julie A. Murphy
67. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Jennifer Cocohoba, Megan Mahoney, & Ronald H. Goldschmidt
68. Asthma, Jonathan MacClements
69. Chronic Pain, Michael P. Temporal
70. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, H. Bruce Vogt
71. Cirrhosis, Mark C. Potter & Mari Egan
72. Congestive Heart Failure, Philip M. Diller
73. Dementia, Richard J. Ham
74. Diabetes Mellitus, Mark B. Mengel
75. Dyslipidemias, Michael A. Crouch
76. Hypertension, Charles B. Eaton
77. Ischemic Heart Disease & Acute Coronary Syndromes, Allen L. Hixon & Damon F. Lee
78. Menopause, Tammy J. Lindsay & Mark Mengel
79. Obesity, Radhika R. Hariharan, Brian C. Reed, & Sarah R. Edmonson
80. Osteoarthritis, Charles Kodner
81. Osteoporosis, Richard O. Schamp & William T. Manard
82. Peptic Ulcer Disease, Carol Stewart, Lesley Wilkinson, and Nancy Tyre
83. Premenstrual Syndrome, Lt. Col. Heather R. Pickett & Maj. Michael Michener
84. Renal Failure, Terrence T. Truong
85. Seizure Disorders, Shawn H. Blanchard & William L. Toffler
86. Stroke, Michael P. Temporal
87. Thyroid Disease, Jeri R. Reid & Stephen F. Wheeler
Section III: Psychiatric Disorders
88. Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Robert Mallin & D. Todd Detar
89. Anxiety, John C. Rogers
90. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, H. Russell Searight, Jennifer Gafford, & Stephanie L. Evans
91. Family Violence: Child, Intimate Partner, & Elder Abuse, F. David Schneider, Nancy D. Kellogg, & Melissa A. Talamantes
92. Depression, Rhonda A. Faulkner, Martin S. Lipsky, & Michael Polizzotto
93. Eating Disorders, Brian C. Reed
94. Somatization, Laura B. Frankenstein & Ryan M. Niemiec
Section IV: Reproductive Health
95. Contraception, Marjorie Guthrie
96. Infertility, Keith A. Frey & Andrea L. Darby-Stewart
97. Preconception & Prenatal Care, Kirsten Vitrikas
98. Postpartum Care, Jeannette E. South-Paul
99. Sexual Dysfunction, John G. Halvorsen
Section V: Preventive Medicine & Health Promotion
100. Counseling for Behavioral Change, David Pole, Ryan M. Niemiec, & Laura Frankenstein
101. Immunizations, William E. Cayley, Jr.
102. Screening Tests, Larry L. Dickey
103. Chemoprophylaxis, Paul E. Lewis III
104. Travel Medicine, Mark K. Huntington
105. Preoperative Evaluation, Sarah R. Edmonson

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Family Medicine: Ambulatory Care and Prevention, Fifth Edition 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I used this book via my PDA. I am a Nurse Practitioner working in a busy clinic and it took way too long to find the answers to questions I had.