A Family of Their Own

A Family of Their Own

by Gail Gaymer Martin
4.6 8

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A Family of Their Own 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A 9 out of 10. Inspirational, emotional, warm and loving.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Carlybird More than 1 year ago
I have read a few of Gail's books now and I think A Family of Their Own is my favorite so far. Gail has a way of writing that is very real. Kelsey and Ross have both had serious struggles, not just with their sick children, but also with the death of Ross's wife and the betrayal of Kelsey's husband and best friend. I like how Gail does not gloss over the realities of life, but she injects faith and healing into her stories which helps the reader to see that perhaps life isn't so bad after all. As long as we rely on God to see us through the difficult trials. A Family of Their Own is the perfect balance of trials, healing, forgiveness, love and faith. I also liked how the story did not strictly revolve around Ross and Kelsey. There were other things going on around them that influenced the story and made it much richer. The relationship that was developing between Peyton and Lucy was very endearing and was probably my favorite aspect of the story. Kelsey had a lot to deal with with her ex-husband and Gail used that to God's ultimate glory and I really appreciated the realistic way she dealt with the importance of forgiveness and redemption. Once again, I have found a wonderful story told by an author I have grown to respect tremendously. Gail's books are always wonderful for learning valuable lessons for Christian living, but they are also entertaining and heartwarming. I always come away from her books with a happy and positive feeling. She did a fabulous job with A Family of Their Own. I will always have a special place in my heart for her books, especially this one. I highly recommend A Family of Their Own.
Mary--D More than 1 year ago
Sparks fly when single mom Kelsey meets Ross, a widowed single dad. Resistance from their friends doesn't deter them. At first. The more Kelsey gets to know Ross, the more she seems to like him. But the doubts creep in when the reality that both Kelsey and Ross are single parents to very sick kids becomes apparent. While Kelsey's daughter is getting healthier and has lots of energy, Ross's daughter is still severely limited in what she can do. So when they finally get the girls together, imagine the disappointment they feel when the girls don't click. At all. So will it work out? Gail Martin takes you on a wonderful journey of real-life struggles that plague Kelsey and Ross's relationship and weaves them into a story that will leave you glad you entered their lives. Definitely a book worth reading. One of Gail's best.
a-nonny-mouse More than 1 year ago
Kelsey Rhodes wasn't looking for love. She was too busy, to say the least. But when handsome single father, Ross enters her life, she soon finds it wasn't by accident. After his wife's death, Ross must handle the growing stress of his daughter's rampant emotions and heart disease on his own. A pre-teen on the cusp of womanhood, he wonders how he's going to make it without a woman's gentle guidance. And Kelsey must fight her own demons. Years after her husband's infidelity and subsequent abandonment, she must struggle on her own and battle her daughter's brain tumors - trusting doesn't come easily when Ross steps into her life. With two very sick girls, is it wrong for them to hope for a future together? Or is this God's plan? I enjoyed this book. Ms. Martin doesn't sugarcoat these girls' medical issues and paint them as little angels with no feelings or bad attitudes. They behave like regular pre-teens, complete with the rolling of the eyes and cattiness toward their peers. I especially enjoyed watching Ross teach Kelsey that not every man is going to behave as her ex husband did. The most difficult thing about the book was how Kelsey endeavored to forgive her scoundrel of a husband and it was difficult for me to read his attempt at a lame apology. However, the author did a great job in capturing Kelsey's struggle and the important lesson of forgiveness was there and believable.
CHall_Writer More than 1 year ago
A Family of Their Own is the second book in the Dreams Come True series. I have to say I love series books. It's so wonderful to catch up a little on the hero and heroine from the previous novels. Gail Gaymer Martin has given us a wonderful follow-up in this second installment. Kelsey is the mom of a little girl with a history of brain tumors. Now at the point that brain tumors have been gone for a while, Lucy is ready to get on with being a kid and being normal. But is mom ready to move on with her life and overcome her issues with trust? Ross, on the other hand, has a daughter with cardiomyopathy. Looking at a future with limitations all while going through those trying preteen years, Peyton pulls away from her peers. Ross is at his wit's end with how to deal with his daughters moods and just wants someone to talk with that understands. As the novel starts off at the wedding of Lexie and Ethan, we're re-introduced to Kelsey Rhodes and Ross Salburg. Kelsey as the maid of honor and Ross as the best man. In the first novel we learned that Kelsey is the moderator of MOSK, Mothers of Special Kids, and Ross is the dad who the group voted to not allow in the group. This makes for nervousness from the maid of honor on a normally joyous occasion. Once Kelsey has a chance to hear more of Ross's situation and feelings, she realizes that maybe the group was wrong in their decision. Maybe a man would be okay in this group of caring moms. And after spending some time with Ross, she realizes she may be ready to move past the betrayal of her ex-husband. Kelsey and Ross have traveled a long road with their daughters'. They understand each other like no one else can. And even though there is a lot of discouragement from outside sources, they find the way to love. Following along with them on their journey, I found myself completely pulled into their heartache and joys. I celebrated at the good news and grieved at the bad news. Their struggles spoke to me and I felt as if I knew them. Gail has created another sweet story around such a sensitive issue and has worked wonders. It has opened my eyes even more to the struggles of single parents and parents of children with life-threatening illnesses. I can't wait until the final installment of the series. I expect another heart-tugging tale and I hope to find out who this mysterious donor is.