Family Types: A Guide to Better Parenting Using Personality Types

Family Types: A Guide to Better Parenting Using Personality Types

by Selah Rose Cambias


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Family Types: A Guide to Better Parenting Using Personality Types by Selah Rose Cambias

Family Types: A Guide to Better Parenting with Personality Types is a catalog of 57 different personality types, or archetypes, in children. It includes a description of each type, the best and the most challenging attributes, and advice to help parents bring out the best in their child.

This award-winning book is based on over ten years of studying archetypes, recording the behaviors that come with each one, and discovering the most effective way to handle the challenges. Once parents learn the true meaning behind their child's challenging behavior, the relationship is immediately transformed into a happier and more peaceful existence.

Family Types takes the parent on a treasure hunt to discover what types each child was born with. Armed with that insight, the parent can create a new response to the most challenging behaviors. Instead of trying to make the child fit into a mold, or follow a one-size-fits-all approach, the parent can see the deeper meaning behind the child's behavior, and set up their life to fulfill that purpose.
For example:
• The child that desires material possessions may simply have a need to feel loved, and giving to others is a healthier way to fulfill that need.
• The bossy child often has leadership abilities, but he just hasn't developed the skills yet to lead in a healthy way.
• The child known as the "Class Clown" can spot hypocrisy anywhere, and will do whatever it takes to expose it.
• The child that seems quiet and lonely may have a Hermit type that needs to be alone at times to re-energize herself.
Why do some parents and children seem to constantly butt heads? Often, it's because they don't truly understand each other. Now parents can shift a high-conflict or troublesome relationship with their child into one that creates mutual respect and calm.

What Family Types brings to the parent is a personalized strategy for each type. Once a parent discovers the types of her child, the individual plan is created. It's a simple, yet concise, plan that is naturally implemented. Easing personality conflicts requires only a change in perspective and a plan for a different response when the challenges arise. Very quickly the parent-child conflicts switch from tug-o-war to being on the same team.

In May 2013 just one month after publication, Family Types won an IPPY Silver Award in Psychology and Mental Health. It was also listed as an Independent Publishing Notable for 2013.

Family Types is like no other parenting book because once a child is seen, understood and accepted for exactly who they are, they feel loved. And that is transformational.

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ISBN-13: 9780988446908
Publisher: Family Types
Publication date: 04/04/2013
Pages: 294
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

Selah Rose Cambias is an award winning author and the creator of the Family Types Parenting System™ based on her work with personality types and archetypes. She is a mother of three children and lives in the New Orleans area. She began using archetypes to better understand her life's purpose over ten years ago, and in 2009 Selah became a Certified Archetypal Consultant through CMED in Chicago. As she began to work with clients to help them better understand their own archetypes, she also discovered that using archetypes helped her better understand her own children. It transformed on her relationship with them and the challenges of parenting became easier. The frustrations, the chaos, and the struggles suddenly eased. It even brought her closer to her children. The understanding of her children's archetypes became so useful that she began teaching it to other parents. Soon, parents started asking for a book that would include insight into each type; so she set to work creating that manual. Family Types, A Guide to Better Parenting Using Personality Types took more than two-and-a-half years of thoughtful and practical application to develop. Her desire to simply help parents get along better with their children has lead to families doing just that.
Selah Cambias is known by her clients as a guide and coach, specializing in unraveling basic personality conflicts. Selah is more than just a thought leader. She works to find real-life solutions that align with the deepest desires of both children and their parents. Once parents understand the true meaning behind their children's behavior, it's easy to respond with more compassion and wisdom. Selah believes her mission is to help parents find a way to navigate the difficulties of their children's behavior and turn them into opportunities to grow closer. When a child is seen and accepted for who he is, he feels loved.

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