Famous Texas Feuds

Famous Texas Feuds


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One of the chapters in Texas history that was written, not with the ink and pen, but with the lead of the Winchester rifle and the slugs of a double-barreled shotgun. As a result, that particular period, the decade of the 1870s, might well be termed the "bloody years."

Thus C.L. Douglas begins the introduction to his now-classic Famous Texas Feuds, first published in 1936. In this piece, Douglas graphically tells the blood-stained story of the most important of the violent feuds that ravaged a number of Texas counties during the nineteenth century.

Included in the book are the East Texas Conflict between the old settlers and the new settlers, otherwise known as the Regulators and the Moderators; the Taylor-Sutton controversy, which began in the early 1870s as a family quarrel over cattle and then fanned out until it included every family in DeWitt County; and the Elizario Salt War of West Texas. Also covered in the work are the Horrell-Higgins Affair of Lampasas County, the Mason County War, and the Jaybirds and the Woodpeckers clash in Richmond County.

The New York Times stated of an earlier edition of Famous Texas Feuds that "Mr. Douglas tells all these tales in admirable style. He has good literary taste, a sense of drama and that skill in narration that makes due use of restraint but brings out the inherent human interest of the tale. And he gives enduring historical value to his book by his exposition of the psychological, racial, social, economic and other causes, deeply embedded in human nature, that were the most important of the forces precipitating these bloody feuds."

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Publication date: 02/28/2007
Edition description: Reprint
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On a mid-summer evening in the year 1837 an assorted company of eight gentlemen, arriving in an obscure village on the west bank of the Sabine, signed their names on the greasy guest-book in a modest hostelry maintained by a poorly individual who gloried in the simple moniker of Uncle Ben.

Table of Contents


Introduction                                                                    v
             The Regulators and the Moderators
Prelude to Murder                                                          1
The Gathering of the Clans                                          10
Walt Moorman Rides the Roads                                  22
The Raven Takes a Hand                                             35
Hell Roarin' Rose                                                          50

                     The Taylor-Sutton Feud
Introducing Mr. Winchester                                           61
The Guns of Vengeance                                               67
Murder at Midnight                                                         80
Justice Takes the Bench                                              89
The Sweeping of a Feud                                               97

                   The San Elizario Slat War
Salt                                                                              107
... and Blood                                                                117

                           Rifles in the Dusk
The Horrell-Higgins Affair                                            129
The Mason County War                                              147
The Jaybirds and the Woodpeckers                           161

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