Fangs, Feathers, & Faith!: A Devotional for Nature Lover's 8 and up

Fangs, Feathers, & Faith!: A Devotional for Nature Lover's 8 and up

by Victoria Peace Green


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There is a living giant that has been standing at least 1,200 years. It lives in northern California with many other old giants. Coastal Redwood trees cluster in colossal groves off the foggy coasts of northern California, USA. In the Redwood National Parks, Hyperion was titled the tallest tree alive as of August 2006. Towering over thousands of other giant redwoods, Hyperion stands some 371.9 feet tall! The Statue of Liberty is 305 feet tall from base to the top of Lady Liberty’s torch! The strength and endurance of Hyperion and all redwoods is found in its root system. The clusters of tree roots are bound together underground ……standing alone is not good for a redwood. Like redwoods, you too need others. God gave you family and friends to support and love you…… (you can read more of this devotion on page 129)

Fangs, Feathers, & Faith! A Devotional for Nature Lovers 8 and up” is filled with unique animal, nature, and science interactive devotions.

(1) How About You The first day of each devotional connects your child with exciting and often, little-known knowledge about God’s creation/science/nature and parallels that information with God

(2) Check It Out encourages your child to research fun facts, draw , sketch, or do experiments about the devotional piece they read.

(3) Check Within helps your child come to understand they were made to have a personal relationship with God.

(4) Check Around helps develop a compassionate heart in your child toward friends and family.

(5) Check With the Lord helps your child discover how to praise, thank, and bring their concerns to God through prayer.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692851982
Publisher: Victoria Peace Green
Publication date: 04/01/2017
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Victoria Peace Green has been a freelance children's magazine writer since 1994. She majored in Early Childhood education at California State University Fresno and later, alsò C became a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature. She taught children at Bible Study Fellowship as well as in the San Antonio Zoo education department. Victoria and her husband live in Lincoln, California.

Table of Contents


Week 1: The Silent Hunter 17

Week 2: A Whale of a Mammal 21

Week 3: Canada’s Dall Sheep 25

Week 4: Waiting on God 29

Week 5: The Marsupial’s Marsupium 33

Week 6: Caribou Need One Another 37

Week 7: Icebergs: God’s Life Support 41

Week 8: Where Eagles Soar 45

Week 9: Trees Chill Too! 49

Week 10: Tiny but Mighty Fox 53

Week 11: Lake Vostok 57

Week 12: Butterfly 61

Week 13: The Milky Way = God’s Canvas 65

Week 14: The Donkey: Jesus’s Choice 69

Week 15: House of Shell 73

Week 16: Life Begins in the Egg 77

Week 17: The Oyster’s Secret 81

Week 18: Big Harry! 85

Week 19: Tools for Success 89

Week 20: Giraffes Come in One Size: Tall 93

Week 21: God’s Jackhammer 97

Week 22: Living Together: Buddies 10

Week 23: Hibernation: God’s Great Escape 105

Week 24: Cuckoo Catfish 109

Week 25: The Kitten and the Crow 113

Week 26: Who Is the Center of Your World? 117

Week 27: Where did all the Bugs Go? 121

Week 28: Snow Geese: V=Victory 125

Week 29: Northern California’s Living Giants 129

Week 30: High-Tech Ears 133

Week 31: Death Valley = Mega Hot! 137

Week 32: The Camel: God’s Desert Taxi 141

Week 33: Forecast: Hot and Humid 145

Week 34: Nature’s Clean-Up Crew 149

Week 35: Bats Get a Bad Rap! 153

Week 36: Two are Better than One 157

Week 37: Big Bubba 161

Week 38: Tiny Critters with Big Jobs 165

Week 39: Thermometers with Wings 169

Week 40: God is the True Light 173

Week 41: The Ocean’s Jellies 177

Week 42: Tiny Titans 181

Week 43: What Was That? A Bird or a Bee 185

Week 44: Aphid Lions 189

Week 45: God’s Masterpieces 193

Week 46: Dumbo Octopus 197

Week 47: Venus Flytrap 201

Week 48: Hotdogs with an Attitude 205

Week 49: The Big and Mighty Amazon 209

Week 50: Nothing is Hidden from God 213

Week 51: Blink, Blink, Blink Bugs 217

Week 52: We are the Sheep of His Pasture 221

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