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Fanny Walked the Earth

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Fanny split in 1974 but their legacy grew over the decades, leading to occasional live dates in the 2000s. Ten years later, June and Jean Millington reunited with Brie Howard -- a drummer who played with the band in 1974, after June left the group -- and decided this was good enough to make it a permanent concern under the name Fanny Walked the Earth. Assisted by several female rockers who followed in their path, Fanny Walked the Earth recorded a brand-new self-titled album for a 2018 release. Given that the Millington sisters and Howard are a few years older than they were in the '70s, it's appropriate that Fanny Walked the Earth aren't as hard-edged as Fanny, but that's also the appeal of this record. There's a warmth in the trio's interplay, a quality that's underscored by the cameos -- the younger generations are also saluted in song on "Girls on the Road," which tells the tale of Fanny and their legacy -- and that's charming, particularly because Fanny Walked the Earth seem to be having a great time writing songs about the past and present. They may not be as loud as they were in the '70s, but Fanny Walked the Earth still value harmony -- both in the musical and spiritual sense -- and write strong, melodic tunes, which makes this an appealingly understated comeback.

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Release Date: 03/02/2018
Label: Blue Elan Records
UPC: 0762183450620
catalogNumber: 1071

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