Fantastic Tales From Out Of This World: Volume 1, The Extraterrestrials

Fantastic Tales From Out Of This World: Volume 1, The Extraterrestrials

by Steven Robert Alexander


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Agua Diablo An extraterrestrial spacecraft comes through the atmosphere crashing in a mountain lake owned by the local city's water department. A creature emerges and makes his way through the miles of water pipe into a water treatment plant, which quickly becomes a location of death and mayhem. The Feds are brought in, NASA has a representative come to take a look. The military gets involved. A night janitor who remembers a horror from long ago tells the story.

Noas Returns God always existed, and his first creation was Noas, who would have dominion over animals and their care and treatment. Noas complained to God, that after 10,000 years the humans on Areth did not deserve to have animals. Knowing the horrors, man inflicted on animals, God gave Noas the Go Ahead to come and save the animals on Areth. A giant fleet leaves Heaven and comes to Areth to save all animals. Kaleb, young member of the group, has more on his mind than just rescuing the millions of creatures; he will come to enact justice

The 11-Mile Incident
Just west of Colorado Springs is a mountain pass that leads out to the Continental Divide. On a July night when the remote area was full of campers and the Scouts down the road were conducting their activities, an Unidentified Flying Object entered the area. The North America Air Defense Command sees it, so does the nearby Space Command. Observers all over southern Colorado have seen the craft as well. Now this craft has landed.

Desert Creatures
10,000 years ago, the Earth was used as a dumpsite by extraterrestrial travelers. They buried decades of space garbage in what ultimately became known as the Mojave Desert of California.
In the Earth years of the 1940's and 1950's, the Army found the desert land north of Barstow California as the ideal place to train of soldiers in tanks, military vehicles.. Fighter and bomber aircraft could all practice their skills.
The government and military buried tons of nuclear, biological and other ammunition type wastes on top of the materials left by the aliens. In those early days, the dumping of these materials was random and uncharted. The detailed maps disappeared and then it was a matter of "well, somewhere out there."
When the Army went in and in depth, organized Fort Elwood, known as the National Training Center, they set up areas for where the troops trained. They also took an immense amount of land at the northern end of the base and made it what was called, an impact area, where the artillery would fire into, aircraft also conducting Close Air Support mission practice would drop bombs into the area.
After decades of use, wear and tear, these old bombs broke into the old giant containers of the raw materials of the past. The large artillery, lethal went even deeper into the desert sand. That is what lead to all Hell breaking loose.

The Delay to Gettysburg
There are many stories as to why General Jeb Stuart and his cavalry arrived, late to Gettysburg. There was some truth to the idea that Jeb Stuart, and his cavalry had gone on a grand scouting mission. That mission, leaving General Lee to ponder where his cavalry was. Another truth that has never been told.
On the night of 29 June 1863, Aliens abducted Confederate General Stuart, and seven members of his staff and command. He and they were returned to Earth on 1 July 1863 in the early hours of the morning. Pennsylvania farm boys all wanting to join the fight were witnesses. They met up with a Union officer from Pennsylvania. The boys were young, did not recognize rank, and told the Union regiment commander what they saw. He listened with sincerity and told the boys to never say another word or they could not come into the Army. The boys took an oath with that Colonel.
That colonel on his deathbed in 1919 told his daughter the story. Nothing was ever said by the boys who, but one, all lost their lives at the battle known as the Battle of the Crater.

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ISBN-13: 9781505227680
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/10/2014
Series: Fantastic Tales From Out Of This World , #1
Pages: 150
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About the Author

Author, Actor, Combat Veteran,
Steven Robert Alexander, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) U.S. Army is the CEO of Capulin Productions Movie Company.

He has been writing stories and books all of his life. His creativity and imagination allow him to write on all subject matters from sci-fi action adventure, vampire and classic monster genre, ghost stories, military adventure romances, children's stories, high school sports and romance stories.
Steve served 28 years in the U.S. Army, and retired 1 May 2011.

In 2004 while serving as a Senior Advisor to an Iraqi Division Command he was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds sustained in a vehicle borne improvised explosive device, VBIED attack, Steve has also been awarded the Combat Action Badge. Many of the scenarios in The Road To Jahra hit close to home. He served a follow on tour late in his career in Kuwait, serving as an Operations Officer. He also served tours in Panama, Japan and Slovenia, sites that are in many of his novels.

Steve is also an accomplished broadcaster, having hosted national radio shows on Cable Radio Network out of Los Angeles. He is an experienced talk show host and oldies music show host, most well-known for the Major Ripster and the B Team Show that ran from 1999-2001. After 911, Steve volunteered for active duty and Iraq and spent the next ten years on active duty until his May 2011 retirement. He has recently hosted shows on KHLP.Rocks radio.
Steve has also been involved in filmmaking having been a paid extra on many occasions. He has appeared with a close up in Ice Castles and appeared in Emancipation by Endeavor Films. He has worked in "indy" films and served as Production Coordinator on two occasions.
Steve has been writing all of his life. He just never took the time to "write it all down." That changed completely upon his retirement from the military. In four years he has wrote 13 novels and collaborated on quite a few others.
Steve is an American Civil War and Ancient Greece historian, an Eagle Scout and has been a high school football coach.

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