Faroe Island Knits: Over 50 Traditional Motifs and 25 Projects from the North Atlantic

Faroe Island Knits: Over 50 Traditional Motifs and 25 Projects from the North Atlantic

by Svanhild Strom, Marjun Biskopsto


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The rich and fascinating pattern traditions of the Faroe Islands, at your fingertips.

The Faroe Islands, a far-flung archipelago lying halfway between Norway and Iceland, have a rich and longstanding knitting tradition—knitting was once one of their largest export industries, as well as a dearly-loved pastime. Inspired by this bountiful heritage, knit designer Svanhild Strøm and her mother Marjun Biskopstø have brought contemporary style and classic Faroese motifs together in this striking collection of patterns, now available in English at last. 52 traditional Faroese designs come to life in a unique and eye-catching trove for any knitter with an interest in the twists, turns, and hidden treasures of Nordic knitting history.

  • Learn about the traditions and culture of these fascinating islands
  • Follow the footsteps of each motif through folk history, painstaking documentation, and living memory
  • Discover the beauty and flexibility of traditional patterning
  • Knit hats, sweaters, tunics, jackets, socks, slippers and more, including designs for men and women, children and adults

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781570768637
Publisher: Trafalgar Square
Publication date: 03/20/2018
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 15 - 18 Years

About the Author

Svanhild Strøm, birth date 4/5/1979
Faroese, living in Dale in Norway
2002 - Fashion designer and product developer– Danish academy of technology and design part-time working as the lead designer for the Norwegian knitwear company “Dale of Norway”.

Marjun Biskopstø, birth date 4/18/1960
Faroese, living in Kvívík in The Faroe Islands
2014 - History and culture of Textiles
1996 – psychiatric nurse
1985 – hospital nurse
We descend from a family were handicrafts have been a natural and important part of daily life and the knowledge and expertise has been handed over for generations. The special interest in textiles and artisan work has been passed from mother to daughter going back 4 generations.
Sharing this same interest, it was natural for us to make this book together. We wished to shed a light upon our beautiful Faroese cultural heritage. Letting people discover it in a new light, and thus, when knitting these historical patterns, honoring the artisans before our time.

Table of Contents

Hans Marius Debes 8

Knitting on the Faroe Islands 11

Basic Knitting Tips 14

Read through the Entire Pattern first


Short Rows


Picking up and Knitting Stitches 15

Working Back and Forth or Making a Steek?


Bind off or Set Aside Stitches?

Reinforcing and Cutting Steeks

Attaching Sleeves

Facings 16

Abbreviations 16

Sailor’s Sweater Motifs 19

Sailor’s Sweater 24

Sigrid 35

Seven Stars 43

Ingibjørg 51

Poula 57

Urd (a Goddess of Fate) 61

Lena 67

Jacobina 73

Socks 79

Underwear Motifs 84

Sigvald 87

Tróndur 93

Panels 99

A Large Family 101

A Large Family for Children 109

Sandoyargentan 115

Malena 123

Elin 131

Men’s Sweater Motifs 139

The Tailor 141

Women’s Sweater Motifs 146

Anna Kathrina Súsanna 149

Beinta 157

Rakul 163

Anna Maria 171

Josefina 179

Anna Sofía 187

Maria Christina 191

Tova Poncho 199

Slippers 207

Acknowledgements 218

Bibliography 220

Copyright 221

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