Fashion Fads through American History: Fitting Clothes into Context

Fashion Fads through American History: Fitting Clothes into Context

by Jennifer Grayer Moore


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Perfect for any reader interested in fashion, history, or popular culture, this text is an essential resource that presents vital information and informed analysis of key fashion fads not found elsewhere.

Fashion Fads Through American History: Fitting Clothes into Context explores fashion fads from the 19th century to the current decade, providing the reader with specific insights into each era. The text draws fascinating connections between what we see in fashion phenomena—including apparel, accessories, hair, and makeup—and events in popular culture in general and across history.

Written by an art and design historian, the book is ideal for a wide range of student research projects, especially those in American history, social studies, art, and literature classes. It covers topics overlooked by fashion history texts because of their origination outside of the formal fashion system. Each entry provides critical historical context to help readers understand why the fad originated and why it resonated with consumers, and presents vital information and analysis of key fashions that were intimately related to currents in contemporary culture. The text also considers the resurgence of some fashion fads in the late 20th and early 21st centuries and provides context for their relevance.

  • Provides high school and college students with interesting information about the direct connections between fashion trends and history that is not available elsewhere in a scholarly source
  • Presents a multi-dimensional approach to understanding the ever-changing fads in the world of fashion, allowing students to recognize the meaning behind clothes and better think critically about what is presented to them through their peers and celebrity culture or sold to them by advertisers
  • Offers readers easy access to original source material
  • Supports the national social studies standard CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RH.11-12.7, which requires students to integrate information from diverse sources into an essay on American history

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ISBN-13: 9781610699013
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/14/2015
Pages: 325
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Jennifer Grayer Moore, PhD, is an art and design historian who teaches fashion history in New York City.

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments ix

Introduction xiii

1 From a Land Far Away: Foreign and Exotic Elements Infiltrate American Fashion

Introduction 1

Paisley Shawls (1840-1860) 2

Turkish Costume (Circa 1850) 6

Muumuus (Late 1950s-Early 1960s) 9

Caftans (Mid-1960s-Early 1970s) 12

Nehru Jackets (Late 1960s) 15

Asian Text and Motifs (1983-1986) 18

Bindis (Late 1990s-Early 2000s) 22

Henna Tattoos (Late 1990s-Eariy 2000s) 25

Kabbalah Bracelets (Mid-2000s) 28

2 Looking Glass Lunacy: Wild and Wonderful Hair and Makeup Fads

Introduction 33

Arsenic (1860s-1920) 34

Cosmetic Hosiery (Mid-1940s) 36

White Makeup (1960s) 39

The Beehive (1960-1963) 42

The Afro (1960-1970s) 45

Makeup for Men (1975-1978) 47

Synthetic Wig Wardrobes (Late 1960s-Mid 1970s) 50

Jheri Curl (1980s) 53

Temporary Hair Color (Mid-1980s) 56

The Flat-Top (1988-1992) 58

Stiletto Nails (2011-2013) 61

Rainbow-Colored Hair (2011-2015) 64

3 Wild New Proportions: The Long and Short and Wide and Slender Shapes of Faddish Apparel

Introduction 67

Hot Pants (1971-1973) 68

Earth Shoes (1970-1975) 71

Palazzo Pants (1972-1973) 74

Platform Shoes for Men (1972-1974) 77

Midriff Shirts for Men (1980-1985) 80

Fingerless Gloves (1983-1986) 83

Wearing Two or More Watches (1985-1986) 86

Mini Crini (1985-1989) 89

Dookie Rope (1986-1989) 92

Super Low-Rise Pants (2001-2003) 95

4 Living Out the Fantasy: Television, Music, and Movies Take to the Streets

Introduction 99

Coonskin Caps (1954-1956) 100

Roy Rogers Apparel (1953-1957) 103

Urban Cowboy (1979-1981) 106

Tire Michael Jackson Look (1983-1984) 109

Madonna Wannabe (1984-1985) 113

"Frankie Say…" T-Shirts (1984-1985) 116

Miami Vice Look (1985-1987) 119

The Rachel Haircut (1994-1998) 122

Spice Girls Style (1996-1999) 125

Nerd Look (2010-2013) 128

5 High-Tech Fashions: Fads on the Cutting Edge

Introduction 133

Mauve (Late 1850s-1890s) 134

Propeller Beanies (Late 1940s-1950s) 136

Helmet Hats (Mid-1960s) 139

Electronic Clothes (1966-1967) 142

Mood Jewelry (1970s) 144

Calculator and Arcade Watches (Mid-1980s) 147

Robot or Cyclops Sunglasses (1982-1984) 150

Hypercolor Clothes (1991) 153

Illuminated Sneakers (1992-1994) 156

Cell Phone Purse (Late 1990s-Early 2000s) 158

FitFlop Walkstar (2007-2010) 161

Mobile Phone Headsets (2006-2008) 164

Headphone Hoodies (2005-2010) 166

Designer and Celebrity Headphones (2013-2014) 169

Google Glass (2013-2014) 173

6 Self-Styled, Reworked, and Re-Imagined: Consumers in Control of Fashion Fads

Introduction 177

Personalized Denim (1960s-1970s) 178

Tie-Dye (1968-1972) 181

Iron-On Letters (1977-1983) 184

Graffiti Clothes (1985-1989) 187

Wide Shoelaces (1982-1986) 190

One Big Earring (1985-1986) 193

Shoes with No Shoelaces (1985-1987) 195

Wearing Clothes Backward (1991-1993) 198

One Pant Leg Rolled Up (1995-1996) 200

7 Old Apparel, New Context: The Fads and Potential Faux Pas of Dressing Outside of Conventions

Introduction 205

Leg Warmers (1980-1984) 206

Glacier Glasses (Early 1980s) 209

Biking Shorts (Late 1980s-Early 1990s) 212

Fanny Packs (1988-1992) 215

Jams (1984-1988) 218

Zubaz (1990-1995) 220

Crocs Clogs (2004-2007) 223

Trucker Hats (2003-2004) 226

Articulated Toe Shoes (2010-2012) 229

Basketball Shorts and Tights (Early 2000s) 232

8 Radical Materials: These Are Such Stuff as Fads Are Made On

Introduction 237

Hairwork Mourning Jewelry (1860-1890) 238

PVC Clothes (1965-1975) 241

Paper Clothes (Late 1960s) 243

Psychedelic Textiles (Late 1960s-Early 1970s) 247

Velcro Sneakers (Mid-1980s) 250

Jellies (Early 1980s) 253

Neon (Mid-1980s) 256

Acid Wash Denim (Late 1980s-Early 1990s) 258

Neoprene (Late 1980s-Mid-1990s) 261

9 Beyond Compare: Iconic and Outrageous Fashion Fads

Introduction 265

Little Lord Fauntleroy Suits (1886-1905) 266

Poodle Skirts (1949-1959) 269

Love Beads (1967-1971) 272

Go-Go Boots (1965-1966) 275

Venetian Blind Sunglasses (1982-1986) 278

Parachute Pants (1983-1985) 280

Slap Wrap Bracelets (1990) 282

Heelys (2001-2005) 285

"Keep Calm and…" T-Shirts (2009-2013) 287

Livestrong Bracelets (2004-2008) 290

Grills (2005-2013) 293

Conclusion 297

Bibliography 301

Index 315

About the Author 327

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