Fashion Is Freedom: How a Girl from Tehran Broke the Rules to Change her World

Fashion Is Freedom: How a Girl from Tehran Broke the Rules to Change her World

by Tala Raassi


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The inspiring true story of how courage, a dream, and some needle and thread can change a life forever...

Since she was young, Tala Raassi knew her fate lay in fashion. But growing up in her beloved homeland of Iran, a woman can be punished for exposing her hair in public, let alone wearing the newest trends. Despite strict regulations, Tala developed a keen sense of style in backroom cafes and secret parties. She never imagined her behavior would land her in prison, or bring the cruel sting of a whip for the crime of wearing a mini-skirt.

Tala's forty lashes didn't keep her down — they fanned the flames of individuality and inspired her to embrace a new freedom in the United States. As she developed her own clothing label, her exploration into the creative, cut throat community of Western fashion opened her eyes to the ups and downs of hard work, hard decisions, and hard truths.

Fashion is Freedom takes us on a journey that crosses the globe, from Colombia to Miss Universe, and inspires women everywhere to be fearless...

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ISBN-13: 9781492635185
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 09/06/2016
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Tala Raassi, an Iranian-American fashion designer, was born in Maryland, USA and raised in Tehran, Iran. Raassi, termed "One of the Most Fearless Women in the World" by Newsweek Magazine, impressed the fashion world with her talent in exclusive swimwear. She is devoted to "celebrating the beauty of a women's body through her designs and empower women all around the world to follow their dreams." For Raassi, "fashion is freedom."

Table of Contents

My Magical Iran 1

Chapter 1 The Crime of the Miniskirt 3

Chapter 2 With Love There Is No Fear 17

Chapter 3 Theater of War 26

Chapter 4 Behind Closed Doors 34

Chapter 5 The Power of Money 44

Chapter 6 Finding Brilliance in Creation 49

Chapter 7 Rock-Star Education 58

Chapter 8 Tehran High 67

Chapter 9 Restrictions Made Me Resourceful 74

Chapter 10 Behind Bars 85

Don't Get Hopeless, Get Empowered 101

Chapter 11 No Change, No Butterflies 103

Chapter 12 First Fashion Stride 114

Chapter 13 Diamond in the Rough 119

Chapter 14 The World's Longest Runway 126

Chapter 15 Collecting Passport Stamps 133

Chapter 16 The Bare Bones of the Craft 141


Chapter 17 Never Trust Capri Pants 151

Chapter 18 Fashion in the Haunted Town House 157

Chapter 19 Naughty Sao Paulo 168

Chapter 20 God Doesn't Have Partners 175

Chapter 21 Starting Over 181

Chapter 22 Born to Design 188

Chapter 23 Think Big 198

Chapter 24 My Mission Published 204

Chapter 25 The Lipstick Revolution 217

Where Is My Crown? 229

Chapter 26 A Golden Opportunity 231

Chapter 27 Living the Dream 241

Chapter 28 Fake Reality 251

Chapter 29 Women in Power 260

Chapter 30 Match Made in Hell 268

Chapter 31 Life and Lemons 275

Chapter 32 The Fragility of Fame 288

Chapter 33 Aftermath and Breakdown 297

Chapter 34 Free and Fearless 303

Acknowledgments 309

About the Author 311

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