Fast 5K: 25 Crucial Keys and 4 Training Plans

Fast 5K: 25 Crucial Keys and 4 Training Plans

by Pete Magill


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Spend two hours with Pete Magill’s Fast 5K and you’ll know how to run your fastest 5K.

In his fast-paced, ultimate guide to 5K running races, celebrated running coach Pete Magill reveals the 25 crucial keys to setting your next 5K PR. Magill shares hard-earned lessons he gained while leading 19 teams t• USA national championships and setting multiple American and world age-group and masters records.

Fast 5K shares Magill’s essential keys to finding your fastest running fitness and race readiness. The 25 keys include optimal training mileage, effective tempo runs, VO2 max workouts, hill repeats, plyometrics that work, ways to prevent injuries, recovery tips, guides to diet and racing weight, choosing racing flats, and much more. Offering three 12-week and one 16-week 5K training plans, Fast 5K is the key to your best 5K running times.

Pete Magill is a world-class 5K runner, personally holds multiple American and world age-group records in track & field and road racing and is a 5-time USA Masters Cross Country Runner of the Year. Now in this distilled guide, you can get world-class advice on how to run your fastest 5K ever.

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ISBN-13: 9781937715922
Publisher: VeloPress
Publication date: 09/10/2019
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 415,096
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About the Author

Pete Magill is a running coach, world-class runner, and contributor to Runner’s World, PodiumRunner, and formerly to Running Times. As a coach, Magill has led his masters clubs to 19 USATF National Masters Championships in cross country and road racing. Currently a coach with Southern California’s Cal Coast Track Club and California Triathlon Club, Magill has worked with athletes of all ages, from youth through masters. He holds multiple American and world age-group records in the sports of track & field and road racing, and he is a 5-time USA Masters Cross Country Runner of the Year. His popular columns, Magill on Masters, The Long Run, and The Performance Page covered training, nutrition, and mental training. Magill is author of SpeedRunner, Build Your Running Body, and The Born Again Runner.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Fast 5K


Key 1: Set a Reasonable Goal

Key 2: Schedule a Sensible Training Volume and Intensity

Key 3: Train All Your 5K Running Muscles

Key 4: Slow Down Your Distance Runs

Key 5: Split Tempo Runs into Repetitions

Key 6: Include VO2max Workouts

Key 7: Schedule Short Repetitions/Intervals

Key 8: Join the Over-the-Hill Gang

Key 9: Schedule Hill Repeats

Key 10: Lengthen Your Long Run

Key 11: Try Downhill Running

Key 12: Perform Goal-Pace Repetitions at the Right Time

Key 13: Run a 5K Tune-Up Race

Key 14: Schedule Injury-Prevention Exercises and Resistance Training

Key 15: Schedule Technique Drills and Plyometrics


Key 16: Eat a Runner’s Diet

Key 17: Run Light

Key 18: Wear Light Racing Flats

Key 19: Sleep, Rest, Recover

Key 20: Review Non-Running Activities and Hobbies


Key 21: Try a Mini-Taper

Key 22: Beat the Jitters

Key 23: Race-Day Guidelines (Pre-Race)

Key 24: Racing Guidelines

Key 25: Assess Your Performance

Bonus Masters Key: Age-Related Adjustments and Advice


1: Warm-Up Routines

2: Length of Distance Runs

3: Training Paces

4: Training Schedules

Beginner’s 12-Week Plan

2-Week Adjustment for 5K Race (Beginners)

12-Week Plan

16-Week Extended Plan

12-Week Low-Intensity Plan

2-Week Adjustment for 5K Race



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