Fast Facts On Islam

Fast Facts On Islam


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Guest More than 1 year ago
Many books of this nature have been birthed since the September 11 2001 terrorist atrocities in the US, as countless people have tried to come to terms with, or perhaps seeking an understanding of, a religion that could so mercilessly and indiscriminately slaughter so many innocent people at a given moment in time. The religion of course is Islam. This is indeed one of the better such books published with that aim in mind. The work shows extensive research and knowledge and is articulate and authoritative, with a deep understanding and comprehension of Islamic politics, theology, beliefs and mind-set. This book is not a diatribe filled with hostility against Islam. Indeed there is no hostility here at all, just a measured approach to many critical issues of this time. In light of recent Islamic terrorism, this book investigates what the writers describe as 'a festering hostility that had been growing around the World for more than a generation', together with the creation of a global network of Islamic terrorist organisations/cells supported by a variety of nation-states such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Islam itself as a religion is examined from it's very foundations including the basic Moslem beliefs & what it teaches about the 'Moslem God' Allah plus the Jewish & Christian faiths. The book examines the Islamic doctrine of Jihad and the connection between Islam and terrorism, studying in some depth what motivates the Islamic suicide terrorists into perpetrating such fundamentally evil terrorist atrocities with often unparalleled barbarism, including their irrational hatred for the State of Israel and the Jewish people. The mind-set of such suicide terrorists is further investigated to uncover the heinous teachings that declare that the murdering of innocent civilians will guarantee such 'zealots' their residence in a so-called 'heavenly paradise' forever. The 'martyr's death' for Islam being revealed as the ONLY Islamic guarantee available for 'salvation' in this life. Other aspects of Islam are also studied including the place of women, their individual rights and how they are mostly classed as 'inferior' in status, deficient in intelligence, religion and legal testimony. The right for Moslem men to beat their wives is also studied together with other practices which many will find questionable. The Islamic claim of 'tolerance' is also studied in view of the severe penalties declared for Moslems who venture to convert to other religions, and also the penalties facing Christians who dare to share their faith in many Moslem lands, both who are often under penalty of death for daring to walk these paths. Towards the end of the book the writers devote sections to describing certain Islamic terrorist groups such as HAMAS, Hizballah, PLO and Al Qaeda. Reference is made as to how much of the Western world has turned a blind eye to modern day terrorism prior to recent events. Special mention being made of Yasser Arafat, the PLO leader, whose vast true history of terrorism and bloodshed has been ignored, with much of the West & the media now embracing him as some form of 'celebrity'. This is indeed a worthwhile & timely addition to anyone's library.