Fast & Grow Young!: Herbert Shelton's Hygienic System Vol. III

Fast & Grow Young!: Herbert Shelton's Hygienic System Vol. III


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Fast & Grow Young (Vol 4 in the Ageless Living series) is Herbert Shelton's classic, Hygienic System Vol III, re-issued for the 21st century.

It offers 470 pages of insight, research, case studies, and anecdotes about the remarkable effect fasting has on the human body.

Nature's FIRST Cure!

Shelton's work underscores the Ageless Living™ philosophy that "the universe is perfect, nature is foolproof and the body is coded to heal."

The concept is simple: allow the body time to rest from the energy-consuming process of digestion and assimilation and divert all its energy toward healing. This is the simplicity of natural cure, and Shelton's research shows the amazing extent to which this is so. There is perhaps no greater, no simpler, no more thorough and no more easily accessible cure than fasting. It is nature's first cure--animals are known to fast when ill.


Much of what you'll discover will appear almost counter-intuitive. We've been led to believe that constant eating is the basis of strength, vitality and energy renewal when, in fact, just the opposite is true.

You'll discover evidence that true cure can and has been achieved without all the unnatural, inefficient and often ineffective offerings of our drug-based paradigm. As one noted author commented quite astutely, "Illness is not caused by a deficiency in drugs," therefore, drugs cannot be the answer to health."

You'll discover, as thousands of others have, that nature has had her cure waiting for you to have the courage and discipline to take advantage of it. You'll discover in great detail how fasting allows the body to engage in the pre-wired, pre-coded processes of:
losing weight, dissolving tumors, eliminating cancer, curing diabetes, mitigating mental illness, fighting epilepsy, curing syphilis, reducing fibroids, improving eyesight, hearing and smell, and reversing the aging process!


1 Definition of Fasting
2 Fasting Among the Lower Animals
3 Fasting In Man
4 A Bill-of-Fare for the Sick
5 Autolysis
6 Fasting Not Starving
7 Chemical & Organic Changes During Fasting
8 Repair of Organs & Tissues During Fasting
9 Influence of Fasting On Growth & Regeneration
10 Changes in the Fundamental Functions While Fasting
11 The Mind & Special Senses During a Fast
12 Secretions & Excretions
13 Bowel Action During Fasting
14 Fasting & Sex
15 Rejuvenescence
16 Gain & Loss of Strength While Fasting
17 Gain & Loss of Weight During Fasting
18 Fasting Does Not Induce Deficiency
19 Death in the Fast
20 Objections to the Fast
21 Does Fasting Cure Disease?
22 The Rationale of Fasting
23 Length of the Fast
24 Hunger & Appetite
25 Contra-Indications to Fasting
26 Fasting in Special Periods
27 Symptomatology
28 Progress of the Fast
29 Hygiene of the Fast
30 Breaking the Fast
31 Gaining Weight After the Fast
32 Living After the Fast
33 Fasting in Health
34 Fasting in Acute Disease
35 Fasting in Chronic Disease
36 Fasting in Drug Addiction
37 Fasting Versus Diets
Bonus 1: Stages of Fasting
Bonus 2: How to Break a Fast

"The best immunity is good health."--The Ageless Adept (on natural immune system boosters to survive the virus)


The S.W.E.A.T. Manifesto
A Clean Cell Never Dies
Fast & Grow Young
The Sun Cure
Fit to Breed...Forever
The Power of Positive Eating...After the Fast
The Power of Positive Eating...For Infants
Coded to Heal
Eye Can See Clearly Now
(aka New Sight for Sore Eyes)
Return to Nature
The Ageless Adept
(aka The Man Who Lived Forever)

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ISBN-13: 9781494413798
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/01/2014
Series: Ageless Living , #4
Pages: 472
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About the Author

Herbert McGolfin Shelton was an American naturopath, alternative medicine advocate, author, pacifist, vegetarian, and a supporter of rawism and fasting. Shelton was nominated by the American Vegetarian Party to run as its candidate for President of the United States in 1956. He saw himself as the champion of original natural hygiene ideas.

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