FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy! Revised and Expanded with Over 200 Recipes: Eat Great, Lose Weight, and Lower Blood Sugar Without Exercise

FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy! Revised and Expanded with Over 200 Recipes: Eat Great, Lose Weight, and Lower Blood Sugar Without Exercise

by Doug Varrieur

Hardcover(Plus CD)

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Doug Varrieur's popular book has expanded…so everyone can get skinnier.

In the original Fat To Skinny Fast and Easy!, Varrieur distilled the “science” behind low-carb eating and laid out an amazingly simple system for eliminating the chief offender in weight gain: sugar. Now, in response to requests from his loyal followers, Varrieur has created an updated edition that combines his successful strategies for lifetime fitness with more than 100 yummy new, low-carb, sugar-free recipes. That makes it even easier to melt away the fat fast while still eating delicious, favorite dishes…and to keep it off for good. For added ease, each recipe has a carb count--and the book comes with an inspirational, motivational CD, too.

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ISBN-13: 9781402788178
Publisher: Sterling
Publication date: 01/03/2012
Edition description: Plus CD
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 590,369
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About the Author

Doug Varrieur battled weight gain his entire life until he found the secret to getting skinny fast at age 50. Though he had built and sold three successful companies over the past 27 years and worked extensively as a business consultant, the only challenge he couldn't meet was weight control. In 2002, Varrieur decided to put all his efforts and time into finding the secret to fat loss and good health. He quickly succeeded and easily lost (and has kept off) over 100 pounds using his own methods. He lives in South Florida with his wife, Sherri, who also has lost over 75 pounds using the strategies in Fat to Skinny Fast and Easy!

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FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy!: Eat Great, Lose Weight, and Lower Blood Sugar Without Exercise 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 59 reviews.
dougvarrieur More than 1 year ago
Hello my friend, I was FAT all my life and no matter what I did I couldn't drop the weight. One day I decided to make it my life's work to discover the answers to weight gain and loss in the human body. I found the secrets and melted off over 100 pounds, reversed my insulin resistance, balanced my blood sugar and cured my type 2 diabetes. That was over 7 years ago and I'm still a 32 inch waist today. Here are a few words from some readers......... *****I have lost 119lbs of FAT in 96 days! FAT TO SKINNY is amazing! Dear Doug, I'm so proud of you for beating your child hood problems with your weight. If you had not gone through that, we wouldn't be reading your book would we? You saved my life and I owe you so much. I was about to give up and have never quit anything in my life. I bought your book on Feb 14th 2009. I lost 119 pounds of fat in 96 days! Fifty people from the club have bought your book ! I will continue to recommend it to everyone I meet. God bless you and your wife.!!!! Shawn Goble Safety Harbor, FL *****Book helps readers burn fat, control diabetes II. "Varrieur writes with a straight forward, simple style. In the 180-page how to book, the font size is larger than that of traditional books, many words are in all caps to emphasize certain points, and pages are covered with graphics and pictures to keep the attention of readers. The author lays out facts in an uncomplicated manner, making this book both readable and understandable. The book is quick and concise". -Justin Waybright, staff writer, THE MOUNTAINEER NEWSPAPER *****On Sept. 10, I began to eat according to your plan. It was fairly easy to stick to the plan, since I didn't get as hungry as I used to when I would be on a "diet". I have now, on December 8, lost 30 pounds and am keeping my blood sugar level below 100 with no medication. At my last lab visit to my doctor, my HBa1c was 6.2 and my cholesterol levels were all great. I am very pleased at how much better I feel (and look.) Sincerely, Clarine G. Best *****Say goodbye to your gut! I lost 50 pounds with FAT TO SKINNY! Thanks Doug! Gary Portesy, FL *****I've been doing it for 4 months now after reading your book in April and have never looked back since. I've lost 51 pounds so far, and the weight keeps coming off. The book was totally worth it!!! Shepherd *****Hey Doug, what you've done for me is priceless, I finally hit my goal weight of 123, I lost a total of 30 pounds and I'm not having a problem maintaining at all, I've totally changed my lifestyle and feel awesome. Cheers, Laura *****My son and I began the Fat to Skinny eating plan and I went down three jean sizes (12 (almost a 14) to a large 6) in just three months! Guess what? I love the new skinny me and all the compliments constantly coming my way! My knees are rejoicing, no longer giving me grief and I feel so much younger and nimble! There is a skip in my step that I didn't even realize was missing. I am a firm believer and everywhere I go I share the eating plan that has given me back a more youthful experience and great enjoyment. Diana L. Flegal PA *****FAT to SKINNY Fast and Easy! is not a gimmick. It's a wonderful healthy eating plan that works with the bodies natural metabolism to burn fat and balance blood sugar. Over 175 full color pages of easy to read information in large print simple to understand and implement. Read it and enjoy your journey from FAT to SKINNY!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was a 30 year old mother of two weighing in at 153, shopping for "old lady" clothes. I was convinced, "I'm married and have kids now; this is what I'm supposed to look like". It's pretty depressing if you think about It, I was only 30. Three years later I heard Doug Varrieur on the radio talking about his book, The radio DJ, Steve Austin lost a bunch of weight on Doug's program so I decided to get the book and see what it was all about. I had never dieted before, but I found FAT TO SKINNY really easy to follow and required just a little discipline and simple changes. WITH NO EXERCISE I lost 31 pounds!! I now weigh 122 and it only took 90 days! Now I just maintain my weight which is very easy with FAT TO SKINNY. I have things with sugar in them here and there, but I've totally changed my life and my routine. I have so much more energy and feel so much better about myself; it's a really easy "weigh" of life. Now my motto is, "I want to be hot, not fat!!" and my husband definitely approves!! The feeling I get when people tell me how great I look and what I've done is irreplaceable. Thank-you Doug!! Laura Kay Barron Dunedin FL
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I purchased this book, and found it to be a great book about weight loss, I bought so many diet books but, none were like this one. I already lost 70lbs and learn through this book the proper way to eat, lower blood sugar, and the inches just came off. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to be and stay healthy in 2010.... Thanks Doug you change my life!!
DoreenB More than 1 year ago
I read this book FAT TO SKINNY By Doug Varrieur..And it kinda all made sense with why its so hard for me to lose weight and keep it off...I know Im addicted to carbs..I love them!..But im also sensitive to them and should look at them as folks do thats allergic to peanuts...I started the plan Jan 6th and 1 week later I have a 7 lb loss and Im not going crazy with withdrawl from carbs and actually Im feeling Great..He has not only motivated me but made me realize it wasnt me not trying hard enough it was me not knowing what was sabotaging me. Thank so much Mr. Varrieur looking forward to your cookbook.
lynette355 More than 1 year ago
Now I have been working hard at losing weight for some time and I promise you it is not easy for me. But it is good to have the tools on hand to help me make the right decisions. This book would be great to use to help your kiddos learn good eating habits from the get go. First there is the Sugar Proof technique. What is that? * Spot the hidden SUGAR * Understand how to read labels * Get your children involved * Act immediately * Remove all the food and drinks that metabolize into blood sugar * Prepare your family meals * Replace the foods that metabolize into sugar with foods that dont * Organize a SUGAR PROOF gang * Offer you help in teaching others wheat you've learned * Forget everything you've been taught It does help to have a "game" with kids. They tend to want to be part of the GANG and to win at what they are doing. So I see how this can help them. I do like the way the book is laid out. Great color and easy to read. Also some fantastic recipes to use too! My favorite was the MacAFoney and Cheese. You might look around and see how much help you can get in aiding to your diet with this great tool of a book.
owensmath-_ More than 1 year ago
I believe that my "accidental" viewing of Doug's interview on the 700 Club was a Divine Appointment. I had recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and my doctor's advice was "eat a lot of lettuce, drink a lot of water, and stay hungry all the time....oh, and take these pills for the rest of your life!" I was not happy with this at all and had prayed for a solution that I could understand and live with. I am only 40 and I want to live a long and healthy life. By getting rid of this poison (sugar) that I was putting into my body, my blood sugar within a few weeks dropped from a fasting level of 244 to 110. I have lost 12 pounds so far, too. This is a lifestyle and mindset change that I can and will live with. There are substitutes for everything that you think you will miss or give up! I am eating better now than I ever did before when I put no restrictions on myself.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book has changed my life. I am a type one diabetic and now because of Fat to Skinny my blood sugars are under control and Ive lost 27 lbs. My doctors are thrilled!
Spookyoyster More than 1 year ago
I had know Idea how much cow food I was eating Doug!!! Thank you so much for the heads up. The way you present the information in your book, plain and simple truly reaches the heart. Now I understand why I could not lose the weight! Dam it! I'm angry and happy at the same time. Thank you for your hard work and your sharing it with us. Andy
Sherlean More than 1 year ago
This book is so motivating, I have readed it twice loss 8 pounds the first week.Two of my coworkers have bought the book and feel the same way.Love the recipes. Check the web Fattoskinny.com
Phil_R More than 1 year ago
The book is fantastic! I have never had the success I am now experiencing with fat loss and increases in energy levels. The book outlines what to eat, and what not to eat in a easy to follow plan. Doug's story is very inspiring. I think I have read about every diet book under the sun this one fills like the right one, and is so easy to understand. Thanks Doug! I am going to follow this and post my success as I go.
The_Whistler More than 1 year ago
I work at the building where Doug Varrieur publisher is located. We spoke in the lobby before he went up stairs. When he came down told me why he was here, and gave me a copy of his book to read. My demon has always bin soda AKA coke classic and the number 2 in my diet. I really didn't think it was going to be so easy but it was the book gives you tools to help you. Mine was just if wanted soda would have coke zero and one bagel not 2. Still can't believe that such a small change in diet would make such a difference. 40 lbs and 2 pants sizes.
FATtoSKINNYguru More than 1 year ago
Want to know more about FAT TO SKINNY and the entire book series? Want to ask readers questions or simply look up recipes and comments from thousands and thousands of choices? Success stories, videos, recipes, answers and FREE weight loss support are all found at the FAT TO SKINNY reader forum located at http://www.FATtoSKINNY.net Come visit and stay a spell :)
Gabrielle_Hewson More than 1 year ago
This book caught my eye on my way out the door of B&N one afternoon and it opened my eyes to some very simple but too often overlooked facts about what we put into our mouths. Simple to read, easy to understand, power and positive results. It will change your eating habits and your overall health in wonderful ways!
snobles More than 1 year ago
Hi all! My husband and I cam across Fat to Skinny one morning watching the 700 Club! We have never watched the 700 Club. Our kids were getting ready for school one morning and we just left it on. And here comes Doug! I have been on several diets my whole life! and crashed and burned! and the weight came back! What makes his book work, is, there's no starving yourself, because they take out all your old foods, and don't replace them, like most diets. They replace them with better foods! Yes fast food is easy, and fast. But have you really loooked inside that brown bag? Nothing but sugar, is what you're eating! My husband and I are firm believers in Fat to Skinny. It's very specific though! You have to cut out ever bit of sugar! Even what you wouldn't think! I was on the change of life plan, still eating those complete dinners and wondering why I wasn;t loosing the weight! Duhhh...Cause I was still eating sugar! But my eyes have been opened, and I read every label in the stores, that I'm thinking about getting! And it does help to read the labels! Labels are sneaky! Well, there's no sugar, but there's "sugar alchol"! Which is just as bad! And just because it says the word "fruit" in it, doesn't necessarly mean it's good for you! So reading the labels is a must! I have been on the lifestyle for a few weeks now, and have lost 7lbs.!! My husband has lost 25lbs.!! So please give the book a chance!! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! I was! There is no "quick fix" to a life long problem! No pills, diets, or even worse, plastic surgeries are going to help you loose the weight AND keep it off! Good luck to everybody!!
garykatary More than 1 year ago
I have been living this lifestyle for 4 weeks and have forever lost 32lbs in that short time,without starving myself or killing myself with physical activity.Doug and his wife (along with other likeminded people) offer all the support one could ask for thru an online forum,any and all questions one may have are answered by the author...if you've failed before...try again and succeed!!>>:)
Yummie More than 1 year ago
This book is simply one word "AWESOME". It is very easy to comprehend and follow and get fantastic results. A person would just have to have their mind made up as this is a change of lifestyle and I do not consider it to be a diet.
CindyS58 More than 1 year ago
A book with a world of common sense, useable and easy to grasp knowledge. Plain and simple. I love this book. Use it all the time.
RichardPhoenix More than 1 year ago
This book Fat to Skinny by Author Doug Varrieur has changed my life. I am in the best health and shape I've been in years. It all started with Doug's simple easy to follow lifestyle change. The book is simple to read yet very informative and motivating. By applying the information, you can quickly be on your way to regaining what wasted time and years have taken from you. I just had my yearly check-up and my doctor says I'm getting in better health each time he sees me. I contribute this directly to beginning the Fat To Skinny lifestyle.
Fernandame on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Hardcover - nothing new in this book - eliminate sugar and carbs.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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IBEJOY More than 1 year ago
Awsome facts and research........easy to follow and not expensive like some ideas can be. Thanks Doug, good job.