Fatal Fortune

Fatal Fortune

by Elizabeth Delisi

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Fatal Fortune by Elizabeth Delisi

No one in Cheyenne, ND believes in Lottie Baldwin’s psychic abilities; especially not Harlan Erikson, Lottie’s boyfriend, and Chief Deputy in the Sheriff’s Office. When a friend’s husband disappears, Lottie can’t leave it to Harlan. Armed with her courage and her tarot cards, she tries to solve the mystery herself, regardless of who attempts to stop her: Harlan, her friend—or the criminal.

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BN ID: 2940033291489
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Publication date: 06/13/2012
Series: Lottie Baldwin Mysteries , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,041,666
File size: 2 MB

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Fatal Fortune 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Having a few tarot decks of my own I found the idea of a fortune telling woman with some paranormal abilities as the main character of this story a pleasant surprise. Lottie is a bright, spirited, fun loving woman who will do just about anything for her friends. She has a man in her life on the police department and has helped him from time to time with her “feelings” and visions. Harry is a lovable guy who tries hard to protect Lottie from her impetuosity fearing it might lead her into trouble. In this story her friend Janet’s husband disappears and Lottie becomes involved in trying to find him or at least find out what happened to him. There are a number of people on the suspect list and some sleuthing to be done. I enjoyed the dynamics between Lottie and Harlan and the friendship between Lottie and Janet. This was a good story with a few twists and turns and one that ends happily for Lottie and her man. 3.5 stars
literarymuseVC More than 1 year ago
Lottie Baldwin knows how to read tarot cards and has an uncanny sense of dire things happening in the past or present. And she's got this awful sense that something terrible is going to happen today and actually knows it is going to happen to Harry, her good friend, Janet's husband, Harry. Sure enough, Harry is reported to be missing. While he won't be found for a while, Lottie and her boyfriend, Harlan are investigating by speaking to everyone who knew Harry. But Harlan is getting upset with Lottie; he grudgingly admits she has a definite gift but doesn't want her interfering with police work. Lottie complies...well, somewhat... The plot moves along with a great deal of repetition, mainly to reinforce the idea that Harry had a past history that leads others to believe he's just faded away for a while but will be back. But Lottie and Harlan know Harry gave up his bad habits years ago and has been entirely reliable and clean for several years now. Others are not so convinced, however. For instance there's one character in a wheelchair because of Harry. Another character is a drunk who thinks he's been duped out of money donated to build the local college, money that he should have inherited. Several characters have motives to hurt Harry and others have motives to destroy the new building project for the local college. How does Harry fit into the latter? Will Harry be found? Fatal Fortune is a slow mover at first but picks up in the second half of the novel to provide an intriguing plot depicted in a mystery-style presentation that draws in the reader into an intense desire to see how this mystery will be resolved. Nicely done, Elizabeth Delisi!
Sherri_Hunter More than 1 year ago
Fatal Fortune by new to me author, Elizabeth Delisi, is marketed as the first in a series. This book was just O.K. for me. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it. While reading, I felt myself being pulled out of the story due to the repeated references of past events. It made me feel like I was missing the beginning of the story and because of that I didn’t feel connected to the characters as much as I would have liked. I did like Lottie and Harlan. Their relationship is comfortable and you can tell they have been together for a while. They are so different from one another, but fit together perfectly, like peanut butter and jelly. They are also both equally stubborn people, though as a cop, I expect Harlan to be. A pet peeve for me in any mystery or thriller or suspense is when characters that are not trained as investigators, go off and investigate on their own. Sometimes, they invite more trouble and danger to themselves, than if they had just stayed out of it, especially when they aren’t that great at it. Lottie narrowly misses becoming another victim because she doesn’t stay out of it. I get she wants to help her friend and in her place, most of us would do the same thing, but were it not for Harlan’s timely appearance, Lottie would be dead. The mystery was decent and held a few surprises for me. I was way off on my pick for the villain, but there were many possible candidates to choose from, which I like. A mark of a good mystery is when the reader is not able to figure out the entire plot in the first chapter. It took me most of the book and I was surprised, not only at who it was, but why. Avid mystery fans will enjoy the mystery, but overall, this book is a rocky start to a series that hopefully will develop into something more with the next book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Fatal Fortune is a thrilling novel with scene after scene that keeps its readers on the edge of their chair and mesmerized by the vivid details and exciting plot. The story begins with Harry Larson conducting a spine chilling meeting with some unknown being. The scene takes place in the cemetery of the small town of Cheyenne and this is the first of many times that the alluring suspense filled plot fills the air with emotions and fear. After Harry¿s fateful meeting, Lottie Baldwin soon appears as the best friend of Harry¿s desperate wife, Janet Larson. Immediately the supernatural powers of Lottie become apparent and this delightful character takes over the plot and makes it her own. She is joined by her boyfriend Harlan Erikson, who is also a sergeant of the local police force. Together Lottie, Janet and Harlan begin a Rollercoaster ride that changes all of their lives forever and plunges them toward disaster. These powerful characters are breathed to life with vivid dialogue and amazing details. Lottie¿s powers, and the love of her friend Janet, force her to engage in a dangerous game of cat and mouse where there are no rules and the stakes are life and death. Harlan tries to protect his beloved Lottie but hindered by the shortcomings of the small Cheyenne police force, and a Sheriff who like everyone else in town fears Lottie¿s strange abilities, he is unable to stop the terrors that Lottie is challenged to face. There is nothing common about this story and what is least expected will always happen. From beginning to end Elizabeth carries her readers into a deep dark dimension of surprise and only the turning of each action filled page will provide the answers to all the questions that lay on their minds. Elizabeth Delisi is a very talented author who has surpassed the barriers of intrigue and suspense with this artistic treasure. She has the exquisite ability to glue her readers to each page and provide them with a story that gently caresses and stimulates the imagination. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your remarkable work with me and providing me with a delicious read. I recommend that everyone sample this intriguing novel and let themselves be carried away by the talents of a true storyteller.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you want to read an excellent mystery that has it all ¿ adventure, romance and thrills wrapped up in a tight, unrelenting and engrossing tale ¿ then Fatal Fortune is a must. Lottie Baldwin, a determined, single-minded psychic, and her police sergeant boyfriend, Harlan Erikson, are pulled into a mystery that involves one man¿s disappearance and a child¿s kidnapping. Only by combining Harlan¿s detective experience with Lottie¿s ingenuity, tarot readings and gift of sight, are they finally able to unravel the truth behind the incidences ¿ a truth that is more horrifying than either dared to expect. This is Elizabeth Delisi¿s first novel, but having already read her second, Since All Is Passing, I knew I was in for a treat. I was not disappointed. Fatal Fortune kept me on tenterhooks into the wee hours. I¿ll be looking forward with anticipation to the next novel by this very talented author.