Fatal Radiation

Fatal Radiation

by Carolyn Kimme Smith


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Fatal Radiation is based on the author's experiences as a professor at UC Los Angeles. She conducted research on radiation and mammography, and contributed much to the standardization of the mammograms. When she retired, she wrote a series of murder mysteries, set at various times in her life. Fatal Radiation is her third; the others are Death in the Tarpit (her childhood), and Memory Murder (working at Bell Labs as a young mother).

Fatal Radiation deals with the death of the department chairman, Arvid Meister. In his short time at the University, he has managed to irritate just about everybody in the department. Ironically, and no small wonder, somebody kills him... with radiation.

Was it the graduate student caught cheating and threatened with expulsion?

Was it the professor being blackmailed for faulty research?

Was it the student insulted for his lack of English skills, and threatened with a loss of a research position?

Was the professor who desperately wanted to be the Chairman, but was passed over?

Was it the professor who created and built up the whole department, and is now being forced out?

Was it the professor who was just fired right before the murder?

Alice, as the primary subject, has to solve the murder before the police arrest her.

But if she did not do it, then who did?

Strange university politics and personalities have nothing to do with this murder. Oh, no.

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