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Fatal Serum

Fatal Serum

by Sam Black


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While working on his doctorate degree, Sam Abbott invents two serums: one to prevent contagious diseases; the other to block the harmful effects of air pollution to lungs and bronchial tubes. He tries to get US drug companies to take an interest in his inventions, but they all sneer at him and turn him down.

Buried in student loans, virtually penniless and weeks away from getting his doctorate, Sam contacts David Holloway, the second wealthiest man in the world. Sam needs financing to build his company.

Three of America’s top drug companies want SAWWS (Sam Abbott World Wide Serum) Inc. slowed down due to the drastic drop in their profits caused by Abbott’s serums. Sterling Shear, a hard-working, corrupt, greedy, and conniving US Senator from Mississippi, is summoned by a law firm in NYC, which represents the three largest drug companies in the US. “Senator Shear, we need your help and we need it, now.”

After ten years of managing the business, the Abbotts schedule a trip to New Zealand for a long-needed vacation. Jennifer comes up missing moments after Sam speaks with her from his cell phone.

With Sam now the prime suspect in his wife’s disappearance, he is on the run from authorities. Sam meets up with a female massage therapist, Cheryl Hanley, who is wanted for murder. They are later kidnapped and held for ransom—BY WHOM? China, Iran, Russia, the Taliban?

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781630473396
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 04/07/2015
Series: Morgan James Fiction Series
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 2.00(d)

About the Author

The author spent time under the direction of a Doctor of English on learning the skills of writing. He has traveled to over thirty countries and spent time exploring all fifty states. He has written articles on his travels for a US newspaper and a European paper, as well and currently resides in Florida.

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I parked the Dodge Hemi in front of the house on our cobblestone, circular driveway. The sky shone blue as sea water, the air nippy. Autumn in Georgia is my favorite time of the year. I love the smell of pecan trees. When we arrive in New Zealand, we will be enjoying spring.

I flung open the door. Our bags sat in the large foyer. “Jen, I’m home. I’ll put the bags in the truck.” No response. She must be upstairs. I grabbed the bags and tossed them in the bed of the truck, which had a roll top mounted.

I ran back in the house. “Jen, are you ready?” No answer! “Jen!” I walked toward the large kitchen. My heart picked up the pace. “Jen, where are you?” SAWWS’s laboratory is the cleanest manmade thing in the USA and Jen’s kitchen is next. “Jen, Jen where are you?” My eyes searched, my throat became raw. I went to the foot of the stairs. “Jen, Jen are you up there?”

I screamed, “Jen! Jen!” I started running through the house. Panic entered the inside of my body causing my skin to chill and a numbness flowed throughout. I covered all four thousand square feet downstairs, my heart racing. She had to be here. I just-I just talked to her. “Jen!” I screamed. I listened—nothing, only the grandfather clock in the den and the pounding of my heart. Where the hell is Rocky? “Rocky. Rocky, where are you?”

I ran upstairs, three steps at a time. “Jen! Jen, we have to go. Jen, where are you?” The eight rooms were empty, except for the furniture. Everything was neatly in its place. My heart pounded harder. She has to be here. She has to be here. “Jennifer, please, Jennifer, where are you?”

I ran down the staircase three and four steps at a time, almost stumbling half way down. I headed toward the basement door. “Jennifer” My eyes burned. “Jennifer, are you down there?” No answer. I raced down the basement stairs. The basement was unfinished, dark, and held no answer. My heart stopped. I had exhausted my search.

The garage, I forgot the garage. She must be in the garage. I ran up the basement stairs, through the kitchen to the garage door, flung it open and gasped. My lungs were out of air. I couldn’t breathe. “What’s that smell?” My ears were burning. “Oh, my God, Rocky, Rocky, what the hell.” I fell to my knees. He was stretched out on the concrete floor, blood oozing from his nose. No pulse. Rocky was Jen’s second love. I searched the entire three-car garage. Jennifer was nowhere to be found.

I ran and stumbled toward one of the six security phones in the house, picked up the receiver and dialed 10, which would alert all security personnel. All I needed to do was dial the number ten and hang up. You talk to no one. My knees started shaking. Someone would be here in less than a minute. The others would be on site within an hour. A chopper would be in the air within ten minutes. The FBI and the CIA would be calling within five minutes. I slumped into the overstuffed chair. The entire five hundred acres would be on lockdown within six minutes. No one enters or leaves until cleared by security and everything and everyone gets checked out.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 October

Chapter 2 Five Minutes Later

Chapter 3 Three Hours Later

Chapter 4 The Same Day

Chapter 5 Ten Years Earlier

Chapter 6 The Investor

Chapter 7 October—The Next Day

Chapter 8 A Few Hours Later

Chapter 9 Twenty-Six Years Earlier—Mississippi

Chapter 10 March, The Previous Year

Chapter 11 Thursday Evening—New York City

Chapter 12 June—Washington D.C.

Chapter 13 October—Lake Champlain

Chapter 14 Father and Son

Chapter 15 October—24 Hours Later

Chapter 16 Three Years Ago—Macon, Georgia

Chapter 17 The Escape

Chapter 18 October 14th—Twiggs County, Georgia

Chapter 19 Following the Escape

Chapter 20 Atlanta

Chapter 21 Somewhere in Tennessee

Chapter 22 Sleeping Together

Chapter 23 New Zealand—Eleven Years Earlier

Chapter 24 Inseparable

Chapter 25 Augusta—Eleven Years Ago

Chapter 26 September Wedding

Chapter 27 First Christmas

Chapter 28 October—Waking Up

Chapter 29 Chicago

Chapter 30 New Identities

Chapter 31 My Heart Froze

Chapter 32 Losing Self Control

Chapter 33 The Lady in Red

Chapter 34 October—Langley, Virginia

Chapter 35 On the Hot Seat

Chapter 36 Thirty Minutes Later

Chapter 37 The FBI is Here

Chapter 38 Meeting with the President

Chapter 39 The Journey

Part Two

Chapter 40 New Zealand

Chapter 41 Third Day in New Zealand

Chapter 42 Two Hours Later

Chapter 43 Back at the Langham Hotel

Chapter 44 Where Am I?

Chapter 45 A Prayer is Answered

Chapter 46 Meeting with the Enemy

Chapter 47 FBI Office—Washington, D.C.

Chapter 48 Brewer and Kelly Meeting

Chapter 49 Breaking News

Chapter 50 The Stock Market

Chapter 51 Holloway’s Response

Chapter 52 FBI Headquarters—Washington, D.C.

Chapter 53 Operation Pinpoint

Chapter 54 On the Ground

Chapter 55 Ramstein Air Force Base

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