by Alexia Gordon


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ISBN-13: 9781635114591
Publisher: Henery Press
Publication date: 02/26/2019
Series: Gethsemane Brown Mystery Series , #4
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 407,635
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.51(d)

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Fatality in F 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
RuthieJonesTX 21 days ago
Fatality in F, the fourth book in the Gethsemane Brown Mystery series, is full of everything that makes a Cozy Mystery, well, cozy. As a music teacher at an all-boys school in Dunmullach, Ireland, and with a flair for solving murders, Gethsemane is quickly earning, albeit begrudgingly, the respect of the local Gardai (law enforcement). But not everything in Gethsemane's Irish world is rosy. Before the annual rose and garden show can officially commence, Gethsemane finds herself knee deep in the fiercely competitive and highly complex world of flowers, including coded messages, high-stake patents, gene therapy, and murder. Gethsemane's ghostly roommate, Eamon, is front and center throughout most of this fourth book in the series, and while his ever-increasing fondness for Gethsemane is oh so sweet, his spectral defense abilities are even sweeter. Add in Gethsemane's inspector friend, Niall, and fellow teacher, Frankie, and this girl has amassed quite the crime-solving squad. As usual, Alexia Gordon's writing, characterization, and plot development are phenomenal, a bit humorous, and entirely enjoyable. Fatality in F offers the expected mystery montage, including back stabbing, red herrings, mistrust, and danger. However, this book (the entire series, actually) offers a truly unique protagonist as well. Gethsemane is a strong African-American woman who lives and works in Ireland (read the first book, Murder in G Major, to find out why) and who isn't afraid to jump in feet first when the murderous game is afoot. Her curiosity, loyalty, affinity for good bourbon, quick wit, and overall likability make Gethsemane Brown, or Fearless Brown as Frankie has dubbed her, a first-rate main character who also happens to be a musical genius. But Fearless Brown isn't completely perfect because she can be a bit tenacious and reckless when she is tackling a mystery, but who can blame her when a friend's life and reputation are at stake? If you love a good mystery series set in Ireland and with endearing and well-developed characters, plots that thrill at every turn and touch on mainstream topics, and a handsome ghost who makes coffee and leaves an aroma of leather and soap in his wake, then the entire Gethsemane Brown mystery series is for you. Fatality in F entertains all the way to the last page, where the first wisps of another mystery swirl and tease the imagination.
Anonymous 22 days ago
This time around, we have a Garden Show, a stalker, and a copy-cat killer. Or in Clue terms, the rose garden, hedge clippers, and redacted for spoilers. I’ve been travelling a lot for work lately and recently found myself stuck in the Denver airport waiting on my delayed flight for way too many hours. During my delay, I read the entirety of Fatality in F. I am ever so thankful to have Ms. Gordon’s characters and mysteries to distract me from the craziness that is being stuck in an airport! I genuinely love the characters in this series and want to insert myself into their stories! Gethsemane is marvelous. Her amateur sleuthing may start out as harmless, but she always seems to end up in the wrong spot at the wrong time. I appreciate her tenacity in unraveling each mystery that comes her way. The men in Gethsemane’s life try their darndest to keep her safe. But “Fearless Brown”, as Frankie likes to call her, is just that. She’s out to solve the case, putting herself in danger on a regular basis. I appreciate how the different characters help each another, keeping each other safe and out of trouble. Or at least trying to keep each other out of trouble. Eamon is developing his ghost skills and is very protective of Gethsemane. He’s also learning about the 21st Century, watching (and quoting) movies and learning about the internet. That internet scene had me chuckling out loud. I definitely get a very Ghost and Mrs. Muir vibe between Eamon and Gethsemane. I’m excited to see how this relationship develops in the rest of the series. The plot of Fatality in F moves swiftly. To use the cliche, it’s a real page turner. My concerns with Death in D Minor are no longer an issue in this novel. I was easily able to navigate the setting and follow along with the characters. The mystery is well designed. I picked up the clues right along with Gethsemane. But, unlike Gethsemane, I never did determine who the perpetrator was! I’m also really glad that Gethsemane has friends, not romantic interests, in the male characters in these novels. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with romance. I’m a fan. I’m just glad to see a female character who is strong and capable on her own. Some side notes: When I read these books, I really feel like I should be taking notes of the music and listening along. Future note for ebook publishers, link or embed the music listed in the plot. That would be a lot easier than my having to stop reading to look up the musical references. I seriously loved the flower symbols aspect of the plot in Fatality in F. It’s a subject in which I have a personal interest. It shows the great research Ms. Gordon puts into her books. "Frankie studied it. “Euphorbia, chamomile, eucalyptus, and spirea.” Gethsemane consulted The Language of Flowers. “Perseverance, energy in adversity, protection, and victory.” I’ve only read two of the books in the series (I KNOW, what have I been doing with my life?); I can safely say that, yes, you can easily start this series at book 4. There is enough explanation and back story to make the plot easy to follow for a new reader. Fatality in F is a cozy mystery worthy of a comfortable chair (or uncomfortable airport chair in my case) and a hot beverage of your choice. Or enjoy a whiskey like Gethsemane and her friends. Just check out this book, and this series!