Father and Son: Wisdom from their Companionship

Father and Son: Wisdom from their Companionship

by Irving A Solomon


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In this moving nonfiction narrative, a son realizes late in life how much of his wisdom ultimately came from the desire of questioning he acquired from his companionship with his father. "My father's presence created within me a desire to be curious, to look beyond and think more deeply on issues," writes Solomon. Father and Son: Wisdom from their Companionship begins with the father resting on his easy chair, staring into the night sky. Later as an adult the son speculates as to what his father is thinking while he is resting on his easy chair, and in so doing he looks back at his father's life. It then moves on to the son putting down his thoughts on issues that affect our lives in an elegant collection of insights.

Told through short sayings, this is the tale of a relationship between parent and child that lies at the very core of human existence. It portrays a son's closeness to his father and their abiding love. It serves as a guide through the good and bad of one's life journey. Solomon encourages us to adopt a realistic attitude toward life, savoring the good times and making the best of the hard and difficult periods. The now-grown son sets down his own wisdom in epigrams and aphorisms. "Life is complex, and there are no simple rules. Look after yourself, your family, do no harm, and be helpful to others are good tenets to start with," reads one saying. When readers need a dose of humility, Solomon offers this: "Laugh at yourself before laughing at others." For moments when a push or handholding is necessary, the author shares his wisdom through other quotes, "Not to try can be failure. However, do think before you act."

Solomon labors to mine his father's life for wisdom to guide him through his own journey. He adopts the practice of questioning. "We may seem to know what we believe, but do we really know why we believe?" writes Solomon. "Beliefs are a powerful force; they not only shape lives, but dominate the politics of many nations." .He tackles the issues of beliefs, superstitions and other social issues candidly, posing provocative questions and giving honest insights.

Inspirational and challenging, the book is a moving testament to the family relationships that transmits wisdom through the ages. Perfect for mature readers and young adults just starting out their lives, it encourages them to pause and reflect not only on the author's ideas but more importantly about their own life, thinking, and relationships.

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ISBN-13: 9781478269472
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/04/2014
Pages: 194
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About the Author

Irving A Solomon graduated with a degree in economics and qualified as a professional accountant. He has travelled widely and worked in Sri Lanka, Zambia, and Australia. His interests include philosophy and astronomy. He lives in Melbourne.

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