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Father Wang

Father Wang

by Jung S Ryu


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Our hero Fr. Matt Wang is the third generation immigrant from China. His grandfather, Good-stone, crossed the Pacific Ocean in 1867 as a railroad construction laborer. He claimed to be the second son of China's rebellious emperor Hung Siu-Tshuen (1813-1864) who had controlled over much of China for fourteen years (1851-1864). He was born in 1852 when his father was on the throne, and received royal education and could read and write Chinese characters. In 1897, in Montana he could pay bride money to the Indians and got his only son Kie-yeong who married to a British woman, Kate Aram, who claimed to be an Eugene Aram's descendent. He found out that Eugene Aram was an excellent scholar, but didn't know that Eugene was hanged after he was convicted as a murderer of his rich friend. He married to Kate, and Matt was born. When Matt was three and his mother conceived the second child, his father confided whereabout of all his money in her. Soon after that, Kate took all his father's money and disappeared. When Matt was 11, Rev. Hughes adopted him and, upon his death, left a substantial money to continues his education. Matt became a priest, deciding to follow Rev. Hughes foot-print.

Our heroin, Patricia Caruso was the third immigrant from Italy. Her grandfather was from the family of Ciano. However, when his second-cousin Gleazzo Ciano married to dictator Mussolini's daughter Edda and became Propaganda Minister in Mussolini's cabinet, her grandfather cursed the name Ciano and changed it into Caruso. When Pat's parents both died with car accident Pat was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Williamson who worked at OSU librarian. She dropped out of the university and moved out to live herself. At age 29, Pat longs for a baby, without marriage, and asks Fr. Wang to be the father of her baby.

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