Favored One

Favored One

by Jennifer A. G. Layte


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When an angel tells her that she is favored because Adonai is with her, Miryam isn't sure she wants such a favor. All the people in the Tanakh who had known Adonai's presence had also known severe suffering as they brought deliverance to his people. As Miryam accepts Adonai's mission to bear the Messiah in the face of her own fears and misgivings, she learns for herself greater joys and suffering than even she had imagined. But she also begins to see the deliverance--not just of her people, but of the entire world.

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ISBN-13: 9780578478425
Publisher: Sanctuary at Woodville
Publication date: 07/16/2019
Pages: 328
Sales rank: 496,786
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

Hailing from a mono-cultural family with a cross-cultural focus, Jennifer A. G. Layte has loved travel and interacting with other cultures from a very early age. As the daughter of pastor/missionaries, she spent six of her earliest years in Honduras, although her own cultural transition there was rather unsuccessful. In college, she traveled to India for five weeks, where she worked mainly with children. After paying off education-incurred debts by working as a nanny in Connecticut, she moved to London, England, to work with refugees and other migrants in the East End. The author's multicultural and biblical background heavily influence her fiction writing. Her themes revolve around finding meaning through physical, spiritual or philosophical displacement.

Now a pastor, spiritual director, and founder of the Pilgrimage, an online spiritual formation community, Rev. Layte provides spiritual mentoring, formation, and direction for any seeking to deepen their relationship with God-or encountering God for the first time-facilitating movement toward wholeness in Christ and participation in local churches.
A writer, teacher, and spiritual caregiver at heart, she loves team building, introducing people to Jesus, and teaching things she is also learning. A lot of that happens via the written word, as in the book you've just read.

Table of Contents



1. There Is a Cliff

2. The Angel Disappeared

3. Shlomit Whispered

4. My Father Changed His Mind

5. We Wept, Elisheva and I

6. They Passed Like a Lovely Dream

7. After That Errand Was Accomplished

8. I Went Out

9. The Next Days Blurred

10. To Move South

11. The Mayhem

12. No One Knew What to Make of Us

13. It Was Past the Time for Commotion

14. Egypt Was Hot

15. So Yeshua Grew Up

16. No One Saw Him

17. On Shabbat

18. Staying Faithful to My Son

19. He Isn’t Even Eating

20. I’m Going to Stay

21. A Farmer Was Planting Seed

22. I Wasn’t Expecting to Go Home

23. Yeshua Stayed in Natzeret

24. Yeshua Was Still Missing

25. To Have Forgiven an Adulteress

26. The Battle Was Against Blindness

27. How the Twelve Saw It

28. But Mothers’ Children Do Die

29. The Miracle of El’azar Did Not Sit So Well

30. It Rained in the Night

31. A Deepening, Darkening Blur

32. Halfway Through the Week

33. Through the Courtyard of the House

34. After the Tremors Finally Stopped

35. On Shabbat, Everyone Waited

36. I Went to the Men in the Upper Room

37. “He’s Alive!” Magdalit Said

38. For a Long Time That Night

39. Up to the Galil

40. There Were Fish to Eat

41. Yeshua Went With Us After All

42. I Have Not Seen It


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