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Favourite English Songs

Favourite English Songs

by Felicity Lott

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  1. So We'll Go No More A-roving, for voice & piano
  2. Queen Mary's Song, for voice & piano
  3. The Wind among the Reeds, song cycle for voice & orchestra, Op. 30: 3. The Cloths of Heaven
  4. Songs (3), for voice & piano, Op. 3: 1. Love's Philosophy
  5. The House of Life, song cycle for voice & piano: Silent Noon
  6. The Shawl, for voice & piano
  7. Fish in the Unruffled Lakes, song for high voice & piano
  8. Poems (5) of W. H. Auden, for high voice & piano, Op. 53
  9. O Waly, Waly, for voice & piano (Folk Songs, Vol. 3)
  10. Sprig of Thyme, The, for voice & piano, BFMS 24
  11. Eight Songs for High Voice: Sigh no more, ladies
  12. Come Sing and Dance for voice & piano
  13. Gavotte for voice & piano
  14. Go Not, Happy Day for voice & piano, H34
  15. My Own Country (from Belloc Songs), for voice & piano: My Own Country
  16. Silver, for voice & piano, Op. 30/2
  17. Early Morning, The, for voice & piano
  18. Songs of the Countryside, song cycle for voice & piano: 5. Sweet Chance, that led my steps abroad
  19. Daisy Chain, The, 12 songs of childhood, for voice & piano: The Swing
  20. Red Roses and Red Noses for voice & piano
  21. Come you not from Newcastle?, for voice & piano (Folk Songs, Vol. 3)
  22. Old Sir Faulk (from "Façade"), for voice & piano

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