FBI Careers: The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Job as One of America's Finest

FBI Careers: The Ultimate Guide to Landing a Job as One of America's Finest

by Thomas H. Ackerman


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ISBN-13: 9781593577308
Publisher: JIST Publishing
Publication date: 12/28/2009
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1FBI Basics1
Chapter 1The History and Organization of the FBI3
The History of the FBI3
Early Expansion of the Bureau4
Gangsters and the Prohibition Era5
The Gangster Era Ends and the FBI Is Born6
The World War II Period6
The Postwar Era8
Civil Rights Investigations of the 1960s9
The FBI and Organized Crime9
The Vietnam War Era10
The Watergate Scandal10
The Aftermath of Watergate11
Drugs, Corruption, and Terrorism in the 1980s12
The Post Cold War Era13
Reorganization and International Cooperation13
Fighting Domestic Terrorism: America's "New War"14
Preparing for the Future15
The Organization of the FBI16
Jurisdiction and Authority16
FBI Field Offices and Resident Agencies17
Headquarters Operational Divisions17
Legal Attache Offices22
Chapter 2Salary and Benefits23
Salary Structure and Rates23
The General Schedule Pay System23
Special Agent Salaries24
Professional Support Personnel Salaries24
Locality Payments25
Paid Leave27
Annual Leave27
Paid Holidays27
Sick Leave27
Family and Medical Leave27
Maternity Leave28
Paternity Leave28
Family Friendly Leave28
Additional Leave Benefits28
Health Care and Wellness Benefits28
Federal Employees Health Benefits Program28
Health Care Programs Unit29
Employee Assistance Program29
Child Care Services29
Life Insurance29
Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance30
Other Sources of Insurance Coverage30
Travel Allowances30
Reimbursement of Travel Expenses30
Death and Disability Benefits for Special Agents30
Public Safety Officers' Benefits Program31
Federal Law Enforcement Dependents Assistance Program31
Funeral Leave for Law Enforcement Officers31
Retirement Benefits32
Basic Annuity Benefit32
Federal Thrift Savings Plan32
Social Security33
Special Retirement Provisions for Special Agents33
Part 2Getting into the FBI35
Chapter 3FBI Special Agent Career Opportunities37
Investigative Priorities38
Applicant Matters38
Civil Rights38
Foreign Counterintelligence39
Organized Crime and Drugs39
Violent Crime and Major Offenders39
White-Collar Crime39
Qualifications for the Special Agent Position39
Basic Qualifications39
Entrance Programs41
Automatic Disqualifiers42
Additional Requirements42
Assignment of New Special Agents43
Location of Initial Assignment43
Probationary Period44
A Special Agent's Work Life44
Squad Assignments45
Beyond the Initial Assignment50
The Special Agent Transfer Policy51
Special Response Teams51
Part-Time Special Agents54
Organizations for FBI Personnel54
FBI Agents Association54
Special Agents Mutual Benefits Association55
FBI Recreation Association55
Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI55
Society of FBI Alumni55
Chapter 4The Special Agent Hiring Process57
FBI Hiring Policies57
FBI Employment Drug Policy57
False Statements58
Veterans' Preference58
Applicants with Disabilities59
Equal Employment Opportunity59
An Overview of Applicant Processing59
Application, Testing, and Final Screening59
Automatic Disqualifiers60
Application Time Frame60
From Application to Appointment, Step by Step60
Step 1The Preliminary Application Process60
Step 2Phase I Testing63
Step 3Application for FBI Employment (FD-140)65
Step 4Phase II Testing66
Step 5Final Screening68
Chapter 5Professional Support Career Opportunities73
Requirements and Qualifications for Professional Support Positions73
Minimum Qualifications74
Experience Requirements74
Education Requirements75
Qualifying for Salary Grade Levels76
Temporary Duty Assignments and Permanent Transfers76
Profiles of Key Professional Support Positions76
Biologist (Forensic Examiner)76
Chemist (Forensic Examiner)78
Computer Specialist80
Document Analyst (Forensic Examiner)82
Electronics Engineer84
Electronics Technician87
Evidence Technician89
Financial Analyst90
Fingerprint Specialist92
Intelligence Operations Specialist94
Intelligence Research Specialist96
Investigative Specialist97
Language Specialist99
Personnel Security Specialist101
Physical Security Specialist104
Police Officer106
Chapter 6The Hiring Process for Professional Support Positions109
FBI Hiring Policies109
An Overview of Applicant Processing110
Step 1Initial Application110
The FBI Vacancy Announcement110
Submitting Application Materials112
Selection of Candidates for Further Processing114
Step 2Written Examinations114
The Clerical and Administrative Support Examination115
Other Examinations115
Step 3The Long-Form Application for Employment115
Step 4The Personal Interview115
Structured Interviews116
Semi-Structured Interviews116
Step 5Final Screening116
Conditional Letter of Appointment116
SF-86 Questionnaire for National Security Positions117
Personnel Security Interview117
Polygraph Exam and Drug Testing117
Background Investigation117
Pre-employment Physical Examinations118
Sources of Job Vacancy Information118
FBI Resources118
U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Resources118
Federal Job Publications119
Chapter 7Standing Out from the Crowd121
Are You Right for the FBI?121
Character Issues122
Experience and Education122
Volunteer Work and Community Service123
Military Service123
Filling Out the Application for Employment (FD-140)124
Using Continuation Sheets or Attachments124
Residence Information125
Educational Achievements and Transcripts125
Employment Information126
Military Record126
References and Social Acquaintances126
Foreign Travel127
Court Records127
Financial Status127
False Statements127
Strategies for Special Agent Phase I Testing128
General Test-Taking Tips128
Managing Test Anxiety129
The Biodata Inventory Test130
The Situational Judgment Test132
The Cognitive Ability Test134
Strategies for Special Agent Phase II Testing141
The Structured Interview141
The Written Exercise144
Strategies for Professional Support Position Applicants146
Tips for Preparing a KSA Statement146
Tips for Professional Support Interviews147
Strategies for Internship Applicants149
Information Is Power149
Make Your Own Opportunities149
Application Materials150
Tips for Internship Interviews150
Chapter 8FBI Training153
The FBI Academy153
FBI Academy Facilities153
Operational Units at the FBI Academy154
Training for FBI Special Agents157
The New Agent Training Program157
Professional Development Training for Special Agents163
Training for Special Response Teams163
Training for Professional Support Personnel166
Biologist (Forensic Examiner) Training166
Chemist (Forensic Examiner) Training166
Computer Specialist Training166
Document Analyst (Forensic Examiner) Training167
Electronics Engineer Training167
Electronics Technician Training167
Evidence Technician Training168
Financial Analyst Training168
Fingerprint Specialist Training168
Intelligence Operations Specialist Training169
Intelligence Research Specialist Training169
Investigative Specialist Training169
Language Specialist Training169
Personnel Security Specialist Training170
Photographer Training170
Physical Security Specialist Training170
FBI Police Officer Training171
Chapter 9FBI Internship Programs173
The FBI Honors Internship Program173
The Application Process174
The Selection Process175
The Presidential Management Internship Program176
Divisions That Presently Employ PMIs177
The PMI Career Path178
The Application and Selection Process179
The NCAVC Internship Program181
The Application and Selection Process182
The FBI Academy Internship Program183
The Application and Selection Process184
Part 3Appendixes187
Appendix AApplication Checklist for the Special Agent Position (FD-869)189
Appendix BPreliminary Application for Special Agent Position (FD-646)195
Appendix CSpecial Agent Qualifications Questionnaire (FD-843)199
Appendix DApplicant Background Survey (FD-804)203
Appendix EApplication for Employment (FD-140)207
Appendix FWorldwide Mobility Agreement (FD-918)227
Appendix GDesirable Weight Ranges229
Appendix HForeign Language Assessment Questionnaire231
Appendix ILanguage Proficiency Self-Assessment Chart235
Appendix JFBI Field Offices and Resident Agencies239

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