Fear, Faith, and the Fiend

Fear, Faith, and the Fiend

by Wayne Connor


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ISBN-13: 9781481757034
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/05/2013
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Fear, Faith, and the Fiend

By Wayne Connor


Copyright © 2013 Wayne Connor
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-5703-4


All was quiet in this usually festive town of Sociatiam. It was this same night about six hundred years ago that a priest named Rolanda Atasa, accompanied by a group of scared townspeople, decided to combine forces to destroy or die trying to destroy an incarnate demon on earth; a ravager of mortals, the very heart of all werewolves. His very name was Lycos, which suggested his evil. For Lycos was the Greek name for wolf. He had planned to take control of Sociatiam and use that as a stepping stone, to plunge the entire world into his darkness. It was not the fact of him being a werewolf that made him seemingly supreme; or the enormous strength and heightened senses that are the usual traits of werewolves, but rather that he could still talk in werewolf form, and not be a mindless creature.

Also he had certain telekinetic powers which enabled him to move objects weighing at most two thousand pounds. He had to just stare at the object for a few seconds and then he was able to mentally move and direct the object's path. He could control the object for about thirty seconds. However he could not control multiple objects. Perhaps the power that made him seemingly supreme, was the fact that he could stay in human form and still retain his werewolf powers. He also had a sickened bloodlust, a human bloodlust. It was so easy for him to satisfy that craving for blood. What could a primitive town do against such an advanced evil? For years he terrorized the country, killing at will. Then after six years he subjected his victims to a destiny worse than dying.

He started turning people into werewolves. They were weaker than him, but nevertheless werewolves, and all of them subjected to his will. At random, he would just make them go out and kill. However, only he could have the twisted pleasure of turning people into werewolves. Rolando Atasa was a devout Christian, even though priests at that time were pictured to be corrupt. He was a proud man and happily married with two daughters and one baby son. The oldest daughter was married to a blacksmith named Matthew. The second daughter lived at home just being happy and go lucky, but the baby was always crying. Rolando loved his family with an unearthly love and would ironically kill for his family.

He always suspected something about the man named Lycos. He was always skulking about, dressed in black. On Sunday, he would always see Lycos standing in front of the church. Yet, he would never venture beyond the church gates. One Sunday, Rolando asked Lycos, "Why don't you ever come inside the church?" Lycos grimaced at him spitefully and then laughed like a madman. After a few seconds of this, he suddenly stopped laughing as though he never started. Expressionless, he looked at Rolando with a cold stare; a stare that could only belong to the unholy, or the dead. He looked at the priest and said, "My light shall always be the night!" When he said that Rolando turned from Lycos, closed his eyes, and looked towards heaven. After he did that, he turned back around, and Lycos was gone. In those few seconds Lycos disappeared.

* * *

For a few weeks, Rolando did not see the man named Lycos. Little did anyone know that Lycos was locked in combat with other creatures of the forest. Some of them didn't like Lycos either, and wanted to be the top monster in the land. A clearing amidst the forest of Sociatiam was the main ring, like the center of a death match. A collection of macabre nightmares were fighting each other. Lycos was in the center of the wickedness, fighting like the only apparent human being. Yet he was colder than any disgusting demon he was tearing apart with his bare hands. Lycos laughed and yelled, "This is my time! Angel or demon it doesn't matter. I will rip you apart!" At the moment Lycos yelled those words, tendrils come up from the very earth beneath the feet of Lycos, and wrapped around his ankles. These tendrils looked like vines with thorns, tearing at the flesh of Lycos. Lycos was caught by surprise as the tendrils began to pull him in the ground. A plant like monster seemed to appear from behind a tree and said, "Now I will rule this land, and the humans will be my prey!" Lycos' arms and body were entangled in the vines, and a particularly thick vine was wrapped around his neck. His eyes began changing colors as his head was almost submerged in dirt and debris. Other more zombie like creatures with fangs were rolling around on the ground next to the plant demon. The large tree the odd plantlike demon stood behind, inexplicably moved like a heavy wind made it stir and the branches collapsed on the zombie like creatures that were rolling around on the ground. A snapping sound was heard out loud but it wasn't from the tree, but rather it was from the backs of those monsters. The plant demon laughed with an ungodly sound. "None of you will leave here, in one piece!" Suddenly, out of nowhere, a long howl resounded like it came from a tomb. The ground erupted and chunks of earth and tendrils flew high into the sky. A large hole revealed a pair of glowing crimson colored eyes through the dust that was all around. The plant creature was in obvious pain by the outburst. A voice spoke from the hole with a snarl to the tone. "I admire your attempt to challenge me, but I am unbeatable." Then a form came up from the hole a lot larger than the one that was pulled underground. A lupine formed creature ran with unnatural speed at the plant demon, and grabbed it's head with what looked like claw like hands. In an instant, more tendrils shot out from the plant monster itself at Lycos, but the vines were covered with a ooze kind of liquid. Lycos growled and motioned to a further part of the forest. When he did that, some werewolves came out to attack the plant demon. Four of them ran to the creature, but were wrapped up by more tendrils covered with thorns and ooze. Lycos glanced over at the four werewolves, and the head of the plant demon shifted out of Lycos' hands in a moment. "You cannot defeat me Lycos. I am stronger than you ever hoped of being. You are not for this time!" Lycos spun around to see all the werewolves seemingly writhing in pain, but unable to break free of the vine's grip. "Enough of this," yelled Lycos. He began ripping the vines to shreds with inhuman speed. The plant demon cried out in pain, then tried to go into the ground like a serpent. Lycos tore the tendrils off the other werewolves, and saw that they were crushed. They were healing automatically, but they were certainly hurt really bad, "What kind of form did you take?" Lycos seemed to know the plant demon. He continued, "Such a ridiculous creature you have chosen to take over the land." After Lycos said that, he began laughing uncontrollably while leaning on a huge tree. He then motioned to the other werewolves to leave. Instantly, they ran back into the forest growling under their breath. "I control them with a thought," Lycos said. "I will destroy everything, and you included" He pointed to a small area of bushes near the tree he was standing by. The bushes rustled then the plant demon leaped from the bushes toward Lycos. Lycos caught him in midair by the tendrils he was leading with to attack him, and slammed him against the tree. The beast cried out in pain as Lycos laughed. "I am unbeatable creature!" Lycos grinned as he spoke those words. Over and over, Lycos slammed the plantlike being against the tree. There was no hope for the creature at all. Lycos lastly grabbed the head of the beast and pushed it with such force into the tree, that the tree fell over with the force of Lycos' power. He howled in victory and celebration. "My form is perfect for the plan to take over this world." He inhaled deeply the night air, as he began to change back into human form. There was apparently no other monsters that were going to challenge Lycos. As Lycos looked at the hole he erupted from and the carnage of the battle, he heard a voice. "This is very good Lycos, but I think I am better suited for the master's plan." Lycos turned slowly around wondering what other creature he would have to destroy, when he saw another human being. He grinned and said, "No human can challenge me! Flee, and I will make your death a quick one, instead of slowly!" Lycos thought for a moment that he recognized the voice, and then realized that the person could see him clearly in the night. This person wasn't one of his werewolves, or even a werewolf herself. Lycos seemed stunned when he recognized the person fully. "Mala Cron!" Lycos snarled human teeth revealing hidden fangs. "Why are you here? Your time is not yet. This is my time now." The lady smiled and said, "This is not your time either Lycos. You are not at full strength." Lycos became enraged and growled, "Nonsense!" He then changed into werewolf form looking up at the full moon. The beautiful lady faintly smiled and got into a fighting stance. Lycos ran at her howling. The lady continued talking while fighting. She blocked Lycos' attack and said, "I am beyond your level of power Lycos." MalaCron landed a blow to Lycos' face that sent Lycos spinning around into another tree. Lycos steadied himself and darted forward toward MalaCron. His speed surprised her and he caught her in a bear hug. "Now you die MalaCron!" As Lycos brought down his lupine jaws to bite MalaCron, she broke out of Lycos' grip and caught his jaws. A twist sent Lycos flying to the ground. Lycos didn't miss a beat, as he swept her off her feet with one of his legs. The apparent woman snarled at Lycos from the ground. Lycos grinned wickedly and grabbed her legs, and threw MalaCron fifty feet through a group of small trees. "You are no match for me MalaCron." "Go back to your area of the world. Go back to heat and the jungles!" MalaCron came out of the broken trees and shrubbery with her beautiful golden skin changed. There seemed to be leopard colorations all over her body. She looked like an impossible combination of leopard and human. Lycos growled then motioned to the forest yet again. The four werewolves came back out of the forest, with four more werewolves this time. Lycos pointed at her and said, "Rip her apart!!" The werewolves howled and ran at MalaCron. She roared and ran at them too. The first werewolf to reach MalaCron, jumped on top of her, but she ripped him in two parts. The next werewolves hit her in the shoulder and neck area at the same time. MalaCron shrugged them off like lint, and sent them both flying into trees. Lycos sneered at MalaCron's power, but was not intimidated at all by her. "This is your final chance to leave here MalaCron!" Lycos yelled the words with a wicked conviction. MalaCron smirked at Lycos but didn't respond to his comment. The other werewolves that were left had crazed looks in their eyes. The stench of death was in their mouths, as though they had already fulfilled a macabre mission given to them by Lycos. "You don't have the strength yet Lycos," said MalaCron. "There is nothing that you can do to stop my power MalaCron," responded Lycos. "It is my time because I want it to be my time. Now leave this forest and this country for good." Lycos motioned towards MalaCron while he boasted. She grabbed one of the werewolves, and snapped it's neck. "I could kill you this easily, but I think I will leave and return to my lands. This country is too primitive for me, and so are you Lycos. At your end I might return though" MalaCron spoke with an almost disinterested tone. Lycos began to laugh uncontrollably for a moment then stopped as quickly as he started. He then said, "Next time I see you MalaCron, I will end you completely!" The leopard woman reverted to human form as she walked away. The other werewolves with Lycos, stopped pursuing MalaCron when she walked away. Lycos looked around at the air as though it was filled with more creatures. He put one of his claws on his chest as he turned back to human form. There was a look of visible pain on Lycos' face. The werewolves with him, were mindless and not comprehending anything apparent. Lycos grimaced and said aloud, "The prayers still are out there, trying to hinder my efforts. I have to crush the priest, and then there wouldn't be a challenge to me at all! This land will fall, and then the world!" Lycos walks away followed by four werewolves, and other unseen minions. Weeks go by, and the forest grounds seemed to have heal itself from the demon trials. No signs remain of the fighting except the broken trees, and scattered branches everywhere. Further in town, there was uneasy grumblings about some unexplained murders. Yet, another week passed by, and Lycos wasn't seen anywhere by Rolando. He realized there was tension in the very air of the country. Yet, Rolando had to continue on with his church duties. One of his co-pastors approached Rolando one Saturday at the church, and said, "Pastor. Have you heard about all the murders going on in town?" "Yes I have Jim. We have to pray for God's protection on us and our families. There is something wicked trying to invade our country, and we have to pray like never before. The co-pastor nodded his head in agreement to the pastor's words. Rolando walked out from the main foyer, to the front doors of the church. As he opened the doors of the church, the air outside seemed thick, and very windy. Rolando stood there for a few minutes and surveyed the scenery. Then one Sunday, Rolando saw Lycos outside the church again. Rolando had enough of the cat and mouse games by Lycos, so after service he followed Lycos, who was still dressed in black. Rolando stealthily followed him to an old abandoned church with a cemetery in front of it. He watched him go into the morbid looking place, and then waited by a tree for about three hours. The tension within Rolando, was stifling. His heart pounded like a drum. Scriptures came automatically to his mind. Something was wrong about the whole situation. An urging inside Rolando's soul, wanted him to flee from that place. He fought those feelings with scriptures of protection. He continued whispering, "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high, shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty." The third time Rolando whispered those words to himself, Lycos came back outside. He looked somehow satisfied, or full somehow. He walked back in the direction of Rolando's church. After he was clearly out of sight, Rolando went inside the morbid looking church. Once inside the place he noticed a certain pungent odor. It was a rank smelling scent, like the smell of a decomposing body. The odor seemed to be in his very chest. What was Lycos doing inside of the old church? There were tons of questions creeping up inside Rolando, but he still ventured on, fighting the urge to flee the stench. The inside seemed to be like any other church, except for the fact that the altar was covered in what seemed to be a red blanket. Hesitantly, Rolando approached the altar whispering more verses from the Bible. As he came upon the altar, he realized what seemed to be a blanket, was actually red paint. He touched the altar with a finger, much to his horror; he knew it wasn't paint, but blood. The smell seemed stronger closer to the altar, maybe behind the altar. As he looked behind the altar he saw what seemed like human remains. Half eaten, half mutilated, and so on. As he looked around more closely, he noticed parts scattered all over the place.

With that he ran from the place like a thing gone wild. He was thinking, "What kind of sadistic lunacy had he stumbled upon? What kind of fiend was Lycos to eat human flesh and then leave the remains in church?" The police had to be informed about this sickened person and his actions. The adrenaline was pumping so fast that he reached the police in a day. In such a primitive town the so called police were always busy. He told them of what he had found and where he found it. After another day or so, Rolando and the police arrived back at the church. The cold feeling in the area was still there was inside the church, the smell was not there, like it just vanished, or was never there in the first place.

Captain Alexander asked him about the smell, and he had no explanation for its disappearance. The other five officers that came with them, starting laughing at Rolando, as though he was crazy. Even though Rolando knew what he had seen and smelled, he still seemed embarrassed about the whole situation. He remained consistent about there being remains behind the altar. The captain himself looked behind the altar, and he gave an expression of amazement. Upon seeing that, Rolando thanked God for helping him justify himself. The captain looked at him and said, "Father, I think you have been overworked, because there is nothing here." Rolando pushed past the captain and sure enough there was nothing there.

The priest was offered some companionship to his house, but he politely refused. In some sick way, he realized he was set up, and Lycos knew he was following him. As he went outside, and was about to pass the same tree he was hiding behind, he heard a short chuckle accompanied by a low growl. Rolando looked in the direction of the sound, and saw Lycos standing there with a part smile, part frown on his face. Rolando asked him, "What manner of man are you?" He felt afraid for his life as he asked the question. Yet pressing through the fear he confronted Lycos.

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